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VivaLoan ( is a matching service that matches prospective loan applicants with loan providers. This informs us that VivaLoan is not a direct lender and their main mission would be to aid potential applicants by helping them connect with interested lenders that have approved their loan request. While some greedy review sites are unwilling to disclose the truth behind VivaLoan, we feel this is borderline treason and therefore will be leaving no stone unturned while we reveal the malicious and deceptive nature behind VivaLoan.

What Exactly is VivaLoan?

VivaLoan is an online platform that allows loan applicants to request loans, where if approved, will be matched with a variety of lenders. In addition to offering payday loans, VivaLoan also enables potential borrowers to request short-term installment loans. Loan requests can fluctuate between $100 to $15,000 although hardly any applicants are approved for a request that equates to over $5,000.

It is important to keep in mind that VivaLoan solely acts as an intermediary, whose main responsibility is to acquire your personal, financial and sensitive information and provide it to their network of lenders for commissions as potential leads. While VivaLoan is persistent with the storyline that all prospective applicants should apply regardless of their credit history, we have found reports of users with poor credit being denied several times for loans for even $100.

Who is Behind VivaLoan?

Many discrepancies, which we will further disclose soon, begin to materialize when researching into the authoritative foundation behind VivaLoan. No information regarding founders, operators or alleged corporate supervision are disclosed at While the alleged address of VivaLoan provided to the Better Business Bureau disclosed 801 W. Bay Dr. Ste 489, Largo, FL 33770-3269 as the alleged physical address, it appears that information was falsified.

In a statement later publicized at the VivaLoan BBB profile, the Better Business Bureau asked Viva Loan to substantiate that it maintains Florida Department of Financial Services licensing required to offer their services, while VivaLoan replied with that “VivaLoan is not based in Florida and operates out of Canada.” Apart from answering the summon from BBB, VivaLoan has failed to comply and settle consumer complaints filed against their operation at the BBB site.

How does VivaLoan Function?

The application process at VivaLoan operates almost identical to other loan matching services. While the only set eligibility requirement would be that you are 18 years of age or older, applicants are required to provide sensitive personal and financial information such as full name, physical address, telephone number, social security number, and driver’s license number to name a few. After you submit that information, you will be directed toward the employment portion of the application where you must disclose employment history and provide financial banking information.

Question Marks and Discrepancies

VivaLoan is allegedly a member of the Online Lender Alliance, yet their operation does not operate in accordance to the requirements set forth. VivaLoan provided a fictitious address to the Better Business Bureau to later admit they were based out of Canada and not Florida. VivaLoan does not disclose lender or approximate APR information and fails to enlighten applicants upon the risks of payday and short-term installment loans.

VivaLoan Spec Report

  • Created December 1st, 2006
  • Anonymously owned and operated
  • Supports consumers of all credit types
  • Not a Better Business Bureau accredited business
  • Offers online loans ranging between $100 to $15,000
  • Possesses a F rating and only negative feedback at BBB
  • Not available to residents of New York, West Virginia or the District of Columbia

Can VivaLoan be Trusted?

VivaLoan is not a trustworthy loan matching service, for more disturbing evidence against this operation, just read the complaints shared at their Better Business Bureau profile. Even a peek at their privacy policy will let potential applicants know that VivaLoan has the right to share your disclosed information with their “collaborators” and affiliates, not with trusted and verified lending platforms.

Popularity reflected a SimilarWeb global rank of 74,492 with a US rank of 13,610 as of January 17th, 2018. Ranking 91st among the credit, loans and mortgage niche, this site has experienced a surge in traffic where over 97% of all traffic is derived from visitors within the United States. Over 73% of the sites traffic originates from referral or email based sources, which undoubtably accounts for the rise in monthly visitors. Review Conclusion

No one can know for certain where your vital personal and financial information may end up if you request for a loan through VivaLoan. Consumer complaints can be traced throughout the web that report verbal harassment, solicitations and more illicit business practices. When it comes to acquiring a loan online, consumers should exercise caution and only divulge sensitive information with verified and authenticated platforms.


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