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Net Loan Express ( is an online 3rd-party solution that functions by connecting consumers with financial lenders. As most individuals can relate to from one time to another, occasionally unexpected financial burdens may arise throughout the period of one’s life. These financial burdens tend to present themselves in the most inopportune times which is where the utilization of a loan matching service may come in handy to bridge the financial gap between paychecks.

While there are thousands of financial lenders to choose from, finding a solid starting point can sometimes be difficult to those who are new to the payday loan process. This is where lending connection platforms emerge into the fold, which are structured to navigate the tumultuous offers generated by hundreds of lenders within a few minutes of time.

However, finding a promising and verified loan matching platform is a process entirely within itself. This is where Net Loan Express comes into play, as you begin to steer your way through our impartial review, you will learn not only the operating basics employed with this platform, but you’ll accurately be able to determine whether this platform is most appropriate for your loan seeking needs.

About Net Loan Express

Net Loan Express operates as a 3rd-party platform that connects borrowers with a network of financial lenders. Operating in compliance with the Online Lender Alliance (OLA), Net Loan Express asserts their operation as a superior loan connection destination that is designated for applicants who reside within the United States. Loan amounts vary between $100 to $5,000 and all consumers are emboldened to apply despite their credit history. The application process is relatively submissive and only requires 5 minutes to complete. appears to be operating as their own overseeing authority. No information regarding the founders, operators or a corporate entity are shared anywhere on their site. Despite NetLoanExpress being privately registered and disclosing no ownership information, their platform was still able to receive a membership with the OLA, which adds credibility to their operation.

How does Net Loan Express Work?

In order to begin the loan process, applicants must first select how much capital they are wishing to obtain while disclosing their monthly income and approximate credit score then selecting “Start Here.” After prospective borrowers have been redirected, they will be prompted to disclose personal information, such as first and last name, address, available contact methods and the last 4 digits of your social security number.

All applicants must be 18 years of age, reside within the United States as a citizen or permanent resident and show proof of active employment over past 90 days. While a minimum monthly income of at least $1,000 per month after taxes is encouraged, consumers are still eligible to apply if they earn less than $1,000 per month.

Question Marks and Discrepancies

While most operations lose credibility due to operating as an anonymous entity, Net Loan Express has gained credibility from being an active member of the Online Lender Alliance. Having been in operation for just under 6 years, surely there would be some relevant consumer feedback regarding unethical business practices being conducted but to date there are relatively minimum amounts of feedback available.

Net Loan Express Spec Report

  • Available online 24/7
  • Created on February 18th, 2011
  • Active 256-bit encryption technology
  • Consumers of all credit types are supported
  • Operates as a 3rd-party loan matching service
  • Certified member of the Online Lender Alliance
  • Not a Better Business Bureau approved business
  • Not available for residents of New York, West Virginia or the District of Columbia.

Can Net Loan Express be Trusted?

Perhaps if there were negative consumer feedback to consider, we would classify Net Loan Express as an untrustworthy destination, but weighing the disclosed information above we are left with the only option of concluding that Net Loan Express is trustworthy.

Popularity had a SimilarWeb global rank of 248,184 with a US rank of 50,711 as of January 17th, 2018. Experiencing a respectable increase in monthly visits, Net Loan Express has had a 37.72% increase in monthly visitor traffic from last month. Approximately 78.97% of traffic sources are referral based, while email equates to roughly an additional 14.23% of visitor traffic. Review Conclusion

Net Loan Express is a dependable and verified loan matching service structured towards aiding US consumers with obtaining quick payday loans. The application process is user-friendly and standardly invasive to ensure that borrowers receive the best loan offers possible. Connecting loan applicants with a network of approved lenders, Net Loan Express is a viable solution to those in need.


  1. kimberly crowson

    Total scam!!!! I was just screwed out of $250 after they told me i was getting it back!!!! If i don’t send them another $500!!!!!

  2. Darrell

    I would like for some one to call me back please and thank.. ASAP Darrell Shelton

    • Sharon Bodenhamer

      I was approved for a loan with NetLoanExpress,I have not signed the contract for this loan yet, for reason, I don’t know what my monthly payment will be, I’m in limbo and confused. I looked for a number to contact NetLoanExpress to get clarity, I need to know what my payment is going to be a month before I sign the contract.My contract is on hold until I know fore sure what my payment is, and I tried to find a place to login,there is no place to login.I don’t want to be blindsided. Dose anyone out there know what the number for NetLoanExpress is?? HELP!!!

      • Admin

        Dear Sharon,

        This is their email address:

        As for your concern about the monthly payment, this would typically be provided in the loan agreement itself or be calculable based on the loan amount, interest rate, and term of the loan stated in the agreement. I would advise you to not sign any contract until you have a clear understanding of all the terms, including your monthly payments. If possible, consider consulting with a financial advisor before making a final decision.

        Remember, transparency and clarity are key in any financial agreement. If a lender or loan matching service isn’t providing the information you need to make an informed decision, it might be worth exploring other options.

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