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NorPD is a fraudulent North Face retail site.

Official Site:

Pretending to offer up to 90% off select North Face outerwear for men, NorPD is part of an ongoing series of online discount scams that have been plaguing the consumer marketplace.

Soliciting consumers through Facebook and other social media outlets, NorPD is affiliated with over 30 retail scams to date.

We invite you to learn more about the NorPD Scam along with their affiliated scam sites by reading our comprehensive review.

What is NorPD?

NorPD is a fraudulent online site posing as a discount North Face retailer.

Upon landing on the homepage of, we are confronted with various promotional texts such as rare discounts and up to 90% off.

There is no reference to the site’s history or how they became incepted.

During the time of writing this review, NorPD reflected 20 different men North Face jackets that varied from parkas, jackets, down jackets, hoodies, shell jackets, thermal jackets and more.

North Face outerwear once retailed at €520.00 can be found marked down to €44.12.

As many of you already know, the ‘online savings’ featured at NorPD are fake while their sole implementation would be to better entice consumers to purchase through their retail site.

Nothing is really for sale at NorPD, just like with all their other rip-off discount ‘retail’ scams we shared for you below.

Who is Behind NorPD? does not disclose any ownership or identifying information.

Sure, they reference that that are a UK company with regional warehouses based out of the United Kingdom, Germany and Spain yet they fail to share a corporate entity, company number, physical addresses or telephone numbers.

The only way that site visitors have to reach out to NorPD would be through the following 2 email addresses:

  • Support@JDOnline.Info

These contact methods can be found disclosed within the footer of

As we’ve made well-known in our previous scam reviews, the operators affiliated with the contact email never deem it necessary to reply to any emails sent to them so virtually these contact email addresses are useless.

As a whole, (like every affiliated scam of theirs) operates with blatant anonymity.

Known Scam Sites

The list of discount retail scams are growing by the week.

At first the operators behind these sites launched a handful of generic scam sites that pretended to retail hundreds of discounted consumer goods but the scammers have since then altered their approach.

Instead it just appears that the operators are targeting reputable name brands and pretending to offer ridiculous discounts with the intentions of fleecing consumers out of their money.

With that being said, shared below are the known scam sites affiliated with the network:

Generic Discount ‘Retailers’

  1. ZZPlus.Shop
  2. HexPress.Shop
  3. GoodTop.Shop
  4. BTMD.Online
  6. WaShoes.Club

Discount ‘Name Brand’ Sites

  1. ZaShoes.Club
  2. ToClassic.Top
  6. Salomon.Site
  14. ElectronicsStoreT.Me

Targeted Name Brands Include: HP, BotHop, Nike, Adidas, The North Face, Birkenstock, Ralph Lauren, Salomon, Converse, RayBan, Garmin, Kipling, Vans & Keen.

Domain Insight was privately registered on June 25th, 2019 through the NameSilo, LLC registrar.

As of July 2nd, 2019 failed to reflect any SimiliarWeb web rankings.

This coincides with most of the affiliated scams that we’ve exposed to date by this network where they lack organic site traffic and rely nearly entirely upon Facebook to lure in unsuspecting consumers into their deceptive marketplace.

Is a Scam?

Yes, is a scam!

NorPD Review Conclusion

NorPD, hosted at, is a rip-off ‘North Face’ retail scam.

Pretending to offer preposterous online savings and discounts on North Face outerwear, NorPD is yet another pawn of the scam network.

Don’t believe the hype surrounding these illicit and unethical discount scams, they are make-believe while like many of its predecessors we imagine that NorPD will rely nearly entirely upon Facebook to solicit unsuspecting consumers into their marketplace.

If you have been scammed via credit or debit card, make sure to contact your financial institution, request a chargeback while seeking a replacement payment card to prevent unauthorized transactions (which has been reported multiple times with previous scams associated with NorPD).

For those of you who used PayPal, it is important that you file a complaint while later escalating the complaint to a claim at the earliest available moment.

The more proactive you are regarding recovering your stolen funds the more likely you’ll be able to recoup them.

Verdict: NorPD is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Site: NorPD

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