WoentzSale.com Review | Deceptive Retail Scam!!

Woentz Sale is a phony discount retail site pretending to offer an expansive array of everyday consumer goods.

Official Site: WoentzSale.com

Affiliated with the Support@JdOnline.Info network, which is affiliated with nearly 40 ‘discount’ retail scams to date, it is obvious that WoentzSale is NOT a legitimate retail site.

To learn more regarding the WoentzSale SCAM along with the scam sites that we’ve exposed in affiliation with this network to date we invite you to read our unbiased review.

What is WoentzSale?

Woentz Sale is structured to appear a legitimate discount retail marketplace.

Supporting hundreds to thousands of ‘discounted’ items that cover over 50 categories of retail products and goods, Woentz Sale offers a bit of everything on their site.

No reference on their site can be found in relation to the online savings but consumers who visit their site will be able to identify within moments that the price points reflected on their site are remarkably low.

Compared to many of the targeted name brand discount sites employed by the JDOnline network that has, on multiple occasions, pretended to offer up to 90% off, WoentzSale.com operates under a much more tame and modest capacity.

While Woentz Sale doesn’t claim any outrageous online savings (instead they just pretend to retail each product at low price points) they do, however, try to entice consumers through different claims.

Claims such as Free Shipping over £15.00 and our personal favorite: “Guaranteed delivery in 24 hours!”

Obviously the operators behind this site have no way to guarantee delivery within 24 hours, that shipping practice simply doesn’t exist yet.

Who is Behind WoentzSale?

Woentz Sale operates with intentional anonymity.

For a ‘retail’ site not to disclose a physical address, telephone number or ANY identifying information is a firm indicator that the retail site in question in likely not legitimate!

The only contact method found on their Contact Us page would be a contact submission form while nested within the footer of the their site we see the notorious email address support@jdonline.info.

Although it won’t do you any good to try to contact that email address because MULTIPLE complaints can be found from those deceived by affiliated scams that the operators never deem it within their moral compass necessary to respond.

Shipping & Refunds

So nested within the header of the site is the BOLD claim that Woentz Sale will have all your orders delivered within 24 hours yet when you visit their Shipping & Return page we are provided the following information:

Processing times are estimated between 3 to 4 business days.

No reference to actual delivery times is mentioned.

Refunds are said to be eligible within a 14 day period but as we made known moments ago the site fails to disclose a physical address or ownership information so it would be nearly impossible for consumers to manage a return or exchange.

According to their payment page, they accept VISA, MasterCard and JCB credit and debit cards.

To add, it is disclosed that the customers may be charged a small international transaction fee by their credit card company (ranging between 3% to 4%).

Now here’s yet another discrepancy that we came across, so on their payment page they mention that they accept a few different credit card providers but when you visit their FAQ section allegedly they only accept Visa Credit Cards and Bank Transfers.

Contrary claims can be found littered throughout Woentz Sale.

Linked Scams

Disclosed below is the extensive list of illicit retail scams that we’ve exposed in affiliation with the Support@JdOnline.Info Network:

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It appears that the operators behind these illicit retail scams have once again diversified their scam approach.

When we first encountered this network the operators incepted and launched generic retail marketplaces that pretended to offer highly discounted consumer goods.

From there and over the past 3 to 4 months they appeared to be targeting name brands and pretending to offer rare discounts on select name brand goods for up to 90% off.

Now, however, it appears that these con-artists are launching both types of discount retail scams once again.

Domain Insight

WoentzSale.com was registered on May 5th, 2019 by an entity disclosed as Mercedes Wise.

Detailed in the WHOIS report would be the following registrant contact information:

Name: Mercedes Wise
Street: 280 Tavern Place
City: Wheeling
State: WV
Postal Code: 26003
Country: US
Phone: +1.3042189093
Email: i.srubshchikova6@gmail.com

According to SimilarWeb, WoentzSale.com reflected a UK rank of 874,102 as of July 5th, 2019.

Over 22% of the sites traffic stems from referral based sources while we know from exposing dozens of affiliated scams previously that most of the operators behind these illicit retail sites rely significantly upon misleading advertisements conducted through Facebook.

Is WoentzSale.com a Scam?

Yes, WoentzSale.com is a scam!

WoentzSale Review Conclusion

Woentz Sale is a BOGUS scam posing as a credible discount marketplace.

None of the items featured for sale at WoentzSale.com are really for sale while this site is directly affiliated with a malicious scam network that is responsible for nearly 40 discount scam sites that we know of to date.

If you have been scammed by Woentz Sale please share your experiences with us, your experiences and insight may prevent others from falling victim to this ridiculous discount scam site.

Verdict: WoentzSale is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Site: WoentzSale.com

Feel free to share any insight or feedback you may possess!

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  1. Brian Bowness

    Ordered Creda cooker knobs from woentzsale.com having paid £35.19 but it became obvious that this was a scam when I received a cheap necklace from China of no value and no replies to my emails requesting a full refund.
    woentzsale.com said it would show on my debit card transaction as “Anttshop”

  2. Neill

    Hi Tim,

    Same thing happened to me a few days ago. Unfortunately came across your review too late, had actually typed in woentz scam to do a quick google search but nothing came up. Too late for myself although trying to see if my debit card provider will refund me the transaction as (only after making the purchase) classic signs of woentz being a scam.

    They charged my account as Epl*Hafzuoo LTD and with it being CNY, realised it was a chinese supplier which is 99.99% a sign that it’s a scam

    Anyways just wanted to say a massive thank you for writing this up, not for myself but anyone who is considering buying from them and hopefully reads this post.

    All the best!

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