NTB.Red Scam Exposed: ‘Rare’ North Face Rip-Off!!

Ntb.red is a ridiculous fraudulent retail operation based overseas.

Pretending to offer up to 80% off their North Face products, NTB.Red asserts affiliation with the North Face brand but this would be a deceptive lie.

To take matters worse, this is not the first North Face rip-off that we’ve encountered by this notorious scam network, oh no, we’ve exposed over several dozen of these name brand retail scams.

To learn the truth regarding NTB.Red and what measures you can employ if you have been scammed we invite you to read our unbiased review.

About NTB.Red Scam

NTB.Red is structured as a straight-forward and minimalist retail site.

Immediately upon landing at NTB.Red we can see the North Face logo engraved into the header of the site followed by the following proclamations:

“Rare Discounts on The North Face”

“Up To 80% OFF”

“10% OFF” (an additional coupon code)

“up to 70% to 90% off sale”

As you can see for yourself, there is an exceptional amount of emphasis placed upon making sure that the site visitor is fully aware of their “sales.”

The sad reality of the matter would be that none of the items that you see depicted for retail are actually for sale.

Hundreds of consumers have had their money swindled by these various discount retail scams, NTB.Red is no different in this case.

NTB.Red claims to be a UK Company (as disclosed in their Shipping & Return Policy) but this is the same template that has been used in several dozen scams launched by these con-artists.

Contacting NTB.Red

Credibility stems from transparency which NTB.Red fails to render.

No reference to this “UK Company” is disclosed.

Additionally there are no telephone numbers, email addresses or physical addresses of any kind shared.

This has been the case over-and-over again in regards to these retail scams.

Collectively, NTB.Red operates with intentional anonymity.

Payments, Shipping & Returns

Accepted payment methods include credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

No reference to processing times or shipping durations can be found.

Within their Return Policy would be a blatant lack of a return address, so even if by some miracle you did receive something from these con-artists you’d have a REALLY difficult time returning said purchases.

In the past these retail scams stole tracking numbers from various shipping carriers and pawned them off as their own, we imagine that NTB.Red may be employing similar practices.

Linked Retail Scams

NTB.Red reflects the same site template of over 50 retail scams.

Their page policies are identical and replicated from one scam iteration to the next.

Shared below are a ten of the most viral scams launched and linked with NTB.Red:

  1. NKCP.Red (Nike)
  2. KeenKT.com (Keen Footwear)
  3. WoentzSale.com (Generic Wholesale Scam)
  4. NorPD.com (The North Face)
  5. NikeKW.com (Nike)
  6. KeenTK.com (Keen Footwear)
  7. NikeBS.com (Nike)
  8. VansAA.com (Vans)
  9. NorCX.com (The North Face)
  10. VansBB.com (Vans)

As you can see, the operators behind these scams have made it sort of a speciality of theirs to create name brand rip-off scams.


NTB.Red was created a little over two weeks ago on November 27th, 2019.

Unfortunately the site was privately registered so we are unable to see who the registrar behind the site may be.

NTB.Red is currently trending in China but we imagine it won’t be long until they target primarily US and UK consumers (a trait that affiliated scams in the past have reflected many times).

Many consumers who fall victim to these discount retail scams report first encountering these retail offers through advertisements seen on social networks like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube – so be careful and don’t let your guard down while navigating social outlets.

Red Flags & Question Marks

  • Operates Anonymously
  • Divulges No Contact Methods
  • Shares a Rich History of Linked Scams
  • Can be classified as Too Good To Be True
  • Site reflects incomplete shopping policies
  • Pretends affiliation with The North Face brand

Is NTB.Red a Scam?

Yes, NTB.red is a discount retail scam ripping off the North Face brand.

NTB.Red Scam Review

NTB.Red is a retail trap pretending to offer discounted North Face outerwear.

Affiliated with well over 75 retail scams to date, NTB.Red existence amounts to nothing more than just another discount retail hoax.

None of The North Face products you see featured for retail are really on sale.

A few other commonly targeted brands include: RayBan, Birkenstock & Adidas.

If you have been scammed we encourage you to visit Our Chargeback Guide nested the page menus of our site.

Please share any insight, feedback or experiences you may have!

Outcome: NTB.Red is a SCAM!


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