OluarrGoods Review: A Hazardous Discount Retail Site (And Why..)

OluarrGoods operates without transparency and targets unsuspecting online shoppers.

To most, OluarrGoods.com may appear as a legitimate discount retailer but further investigation will reveal a volume of discrepancies that cripples the credibility of OluarrGoods.

To learn more about the discrepancies we unraveled during our investigation process we invite you to read our honest review.

About OluarrGoods

OluarrGoods is structured as a minimalist online retailer offering a variety of discount consumer goods, odds-and-ends, knick-knacks, home goods and much more.

Their categories alone expand over 2 dozen industry niches while their product selection appears expansive.

According to their About Us page, OluarrGoods can be defined as:

“We pride ourselves on the quality and consistency of the products and services we offer to our customers and we are here to make your online shopping experience exceptional. In our online store, there is a good choice. We have years of experience building direct relationships with suppliers and manufacturers’ customers and we always demonstrate our experience to make you feel better when you shop here.”

No identifying information is found disclosed at OluarrGoods.com.

No physical addresses, reference to a corporate entity nor even a telephone number.

There are social widgets integrated into the framework of OluarrGoods but they lead solely to the root social network [Facebook, Instagram, YouTube & Twitter.]

OluarrGoods does not go out of their way to build brand recognition.

This could be because they potentially may be a drop-shipping site.

Therefore brand recognition is not deemed as critical.

If this is the case, however, OluarrGoods fails to inform their shoppers of this.

Contacting OluarrGoods

As mentioned earlier, no identifying information could be found at OluarrGoods.com.

The only contact method we found would be the following email address located within the bottom left-hand corner of OluarrGoods.com.


Notice how the URL in the email address is not affiliated with OluarrGoods.com.

We browsed the sites Privacy Policy but no identifying information was disclosed.

Shipping & Payment

Visa, MasterCard and JCB are accepted payment methods.

Delivery of products are estimated between 5 to 7 days.

No history of consumers receiving their orders have been reported.

Allegedly OluarrGoods may charge you “transaction fees” of 3% to 4% for international customers.

No reference to refunds or exchanges are found.

Not that you would have an address to send your returns too anyway.

OluarrGoods Reviews

There isn’t much consumer feedback regarding OluarrGoods yet.

We did come across a consumer complaint on the web.

“Purchase of a T2 digital terrestrial dvb for a car paid € 33.61 payment made on 19 July, one at 8.33pm and one at 9.20pm, both payments for the same order accounted for on 21 July, the order is pending from July 19, various written email no answer must report them”

Site History

OluarrGoods.com was a privately created site registered on November 26th, 2018.

Over 30% of the sites traffic stems from referral and social media based sources.

Approximately 50.24% of the sites social traffic stems from YouTube while the remaining originates from Facebook.

Therefore we believe that OluarrGoods operators are relying upon misleading advertisements though Facebook and YouTube to attract prospective online shoppers to their site.

This is a trait commonly exercised by shady online retailers.

Is OluarrGoods Trustworthy?

Given the lack of transparency regarding OluarrGoods we do not find them to be trustworthy.

OluarrGoods Scam Review

OluarrGoods.com is one of the many shady online retailers we’ve investigated.

OluarrGoods operates without transparency and with intentional anonymity.

At first glance, OluarrGoods appears as a legitimate and trustworthy online retailer.

Their prices are enticing and discounted cheaper than what one may believe would a fair price for that product.

OluarrGoods is trending on Facebook and YouTube – if you encounter an OluarrGoods ad make sure to report it – ASAP!


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