Zakka Online Scam Review: What Our Investigation Uncovered! (A Peculiar Retail Operation)

Zakka Online is an interesting retail offer that we’ve been requested to investigate.

The ‘online retailer,’ as our review will reveal, lacks authenticity and uniqueness.

Nearly every item featured for retail at can be traced back to, a high-end and verified online retailer.

However, we aren’t confronted with the normal outrageous discount rates that we tend to come across when investigating similar shady retail entities.

To learn WHY are not advising consumers to shop with Zakka Online we invite you to continue reading our brief, honest review.

About Zakka Online

Zakka Online is a peculiar online retail site.

The featured images used by the site are rough, not well pixelated and don’t really serve a purpose apart from potentially rendering site visitors of a ‘visual’ of the interior of Zakka Online (which is  NOT a confirmed retail store).

Retail services such as alterations are allegedly provided while shoppers can browse an ample selection of high-end men and women casual clothing and accessories.

Accessories include but are not limited to belts, scarves, wallets, bags, and hats.

The products allegedly featured for retail at Zakka Online reflect firm, and even steep, price tags.

Nothing is discounted nor could a reference to any consumer incentives be found.

Whether Zakka Online is still in its creation process we are uncertain.

All of the site pages seem to be developed while the sites pages integrate well into the others.

We bring this up because it is most peculiar.

You see, when we back-traced a dozen varying inventory selection in Google, the majority of images originate from Brooklyn Denim Co (

Not only that the but the price tags are nearly identical to that of Brooklyn Denim Co and other retail stores that have had product images utilized from their site.

However, you will NOT find a product featured at Zakka Online for cheaper than you will at Brooklyn Denim Co or the other sites that Zakka Online takes product images from.

Zakka Online marks up certain inventory selections on their site.

Analyzing the product descriptions at Zakka Online is enough for any consumer to imply that Zakka Online are creating their own authentic line of clothing but as we have revealed that is certainly not the case.

Contacting Zakka Online


(same email as the shady Lori Outlet retail hoax)

Phone: +86 17888478216

Contact: Ma Huadong

Office Address

Building 2, No.113 Mengshan Avenue, Lanshan District, Linyi City, Shandong Province, 276007 China

The site structure of Zakka Online is nearly identical to a the Retail Hoax we exposed just a few short hours ago [visit review here].

Meaning that these two ‘retail’ entities may be affilaited with one another.

Background Check was a privately registered domain that was created on September 2nd, 2019 through the GoDaddy, LLC registrar.

Zakka Online reflects an expiration date of September 2nd, 2020 (identical to

In our Lori Outlet review we shared how their site was likely funneling traffic from social media outlets such as Facebook and Pinterest, we suspect Zakka Online to be conducting similar practices.

[Many retail scams have taken to social media to promote their scam sites without back lash – be on your guard!]

Zakka Online Reviews

Zakka Online failed to possess much of a review presence on the web.

A couple review sites have gone to provide minimalist reviews only to incorporate a heavy abundance of affiliates link to sway you to their so-called “legit offers.”

No investigation is truly taking place in those ‘reviews.’

We will update this section should shared consumer reviews come to light.

Shipping, Returns & Payments

Zakka Online discloses USPS as their primary shipping carrier.

Processing times can take upwards to 48 hours while estimated delivery is within 5 to 8 business days, allegedly.

Shipping costs of $5.00 are applicable on all purchase orders it would appear.

Returns must be unworn, unwashed, undamaged, unused and have all original tags.

30 days is the cut-off for returns and exchanges.

Zakka Online does not reference covering return/exchanges so we suspect that will fall onto the consumer to cover (which could be VERY pricey since they are allegedly headquartered out of China).

PayPal appears to be the only accepted payment method.

DO NOT believe Zakka Online is legitimate because they use PayPal!

Hundreds of consumers have made this mistake with retail scams and since many of these illicit and fraudulent retail sites are stealing tracking numbers and pawning them off as their own, many victims have been unable to get their money back DESPITE PayPal’s Buyer Protection.

Is Zakka Online a Trustworthy Retailer?

Given the volume of discrepancies that we unearthed we do not believe Zakka Online to be a trustworthy online retailer.

Zakka Online Scam Review: Our Thoughts

If Zakka Online is a scam they take a rather peculiar approach with attracting consumers because they don’t reflect astronomical online savings like many of the fake rip-off retail sites we’ve been exposing lately.

Every product featured at Zakka Online stem from other retail sites – nothing is original nor authentic as implied in Zakka Online product descriptions.

Additionally, Zakka Online reflects many correlations with the Lori Outlet retail hoax we’ve just warned the public against.

Our suggestion?

Avoid Zakka Online and only shop with reputable and transparent online retailers.

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  1. Victoria Clark

    I also ordered from this company with no way to get in touch with them! Only placed my order 4 days ago so my bank says I have to wait!

  2. Lauren

    I am currently trying to get in touch with zakka. They responded to one of my Facebook messages, but no subsequent messages or emails. My order was placed on October 12, 2019 and I have yet to receive my order. It went through my credit card immediately! I plan on calling my credit card company and reporting fraudulent charges.

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