Lori Outlet Scam Review: Cheap Formal Wear for Prom? (Think Again!)

Lori Outlet (LoriOutlet.com) is trying to serve as every shoppers one-stop shop for all formal wear relating to prom, homecoming and bride-to-be ceremonies.

A quick glance at the featured inventory will reflect drastic online savings up to 55% off but what’s the catch?

The catch is that you may never receive your purchases to begin with, or you may receive a product that does not resemble in the slightest bit what was promised with your purchase.

To learn if Lori Outlet is cut from the same cloth as other retail scams we invite you to read our honest review.

About Lori Outlet

Lori Outlet is structured as a minimally invasive discount retail site.

Upon landing at LoriOutlet.com, site visitors are confronted with immediate retail offers in bold letters that state 55% off, fast shipping & easy returns along with many pixelated product images that don’t necessarily fit the mold of the site.

Back-tracing product images will reveal that many of the images incorporated to Lori Outlet stem from other online retailers and social networks such as:

Formal gowns once retailing at $339.99 can be found marked down to $169.99.

Allegedly Lori Outlet houses long, short and plus-sized homecoming dresses.

A multitude of homecoming dress selections can be found while the Prom 2019 inventory selection reveals stunning, charismatic and playful dresses.

It is evident, and obvious, that Lori Outlet is targeting young women.

Clicking on products will deliver site visitors to a product shopping page that is accompanied with a product description, size options, style/color along with quantity option.

Copying-and-pasting product descriptions into Google will reveal how sections of the product descriptions used at Lori Outlet actually stem from templates used on other retail sites (like Amazon, for instance).

Authenticity is a trait not found worthwhile to Lori Outlet is appears.

Contacting Lori Outlet

Email: support_service@gamplaces.com

Phone: +86 18349705883

Contact: Hu Chaojun

Office Address

118 Zhongguancun East Road, Haidian District, Beijing City, 100098 China

We were unable to verify the authenticity of the office address in a GoogleMaps search query, while the location comes up as a real place no images could be found to verify a location associated with ‘Lori Outlet.’

Additionally, you may have noticed how the email address has nothing to do with LoriOutlet.com – while both the contact and telephone numbers provided are unverified.

LoriOutlet.com Reviews

Lori Outlet does not possess much of a consumer review presence – yet.

We found one review at TrustPilot, but it was more or less an accusation:

Mark Smith – “Fraud online store claiming to sell SE Brand bikes that cost over $400 for only $89. There is NO WAY you can get these for $89..They are trying to trick you with the low price so they can steal your credit card information. Its a SCAM. They will have your credit card blocked and they will not send you anything.”

Atleast Mark is aware of the old saying that if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is because Lori Outlet certainly fits that bill!

Background Check

LoriOutlet.com was a privately acquired site that was registered on September 2nd, 2019 through the GoDaddy, LLC registrar.

Lori Outlet was not a reputable site according to a SimiliarWeb market intelligence report ran of October 18th, 2019.

Lori Outlet is a trending retail scam making rounds through social networks.

Pinterest and Facebook are the main network you may see Lori Outlet illicitly and deceptively advertised through – if you encounter an ad make sure to report it.

Red Flags & Questions Marks

  1. Lori Outlet operates (anonymously) without disclosing a verifiable entity
  2. Lori Outlet steals sections of product descriptions from other retail sites
  3. Product images featured at LoriOutlet.com stem from other online sites
  4. Lori Outlet promotes retail offers that are Too Good To Be True
  5. LoriOutlet.com is set to expire 09/02/2020, so they don’t intend to be around long

Is LoriOutlet.com a Trustworthy Retailer?

No, Lori Outlet has shown through their lack of transparency that they are not a trustworthy online retailer.

LoriOutlet.com Scam Review: Our Thoughts

Lori Outlet is a deceptive retail hoax targeting young women looking to acquire good deals on glamorous formal wear for special events in their life.

The site, LoriOutlet.com, suffers severally from a lack authenticity.

Pixelated and unmatched theme images, spelling errors and copying segments of product descriptions are firm indicators that the retail site you are viewing may not be legitimate.

As you’ve undoubtedly put together, Lori Outlet is cut from a similar cloth of discount retail scams.

Our suggestion?

Avoid Lori Outlet like the plague that it is!

Do yourself, and others, a courtesy by shopping with only verified online retailers!

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  1. Suzanne Leveck

    I purchased a Harry Potter LEGO building set for a significant savings only to now not find it at all on the site & have not received it. Wish I had researched it myself instead of trusting & wanting to give my grandson his gift of choice through the link he sent me. Just wanted to make him happy by giving what he wished to receive. Want it to come!

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