KayleeandTepid.com Review – [Home Goods Hoax]

Do NOT purchase any of the home-warming goods from KayleeandTepid.

Created less than 3 months, Kaylee and Tepid is the latest retail hoax to invade the online marketplace with unfounded home goods.

Operating with blatant anonymity the home goods featured for retail at KayleeandTepid reflect online savings between 30% to 50% off.

To learn more regarding WHY you should avoid the KayleeandTepid hoax we invite you to read our honest review.

About KayleeandTepid

Kaylee and Tepid operates as a minimalist retail site.

The site does not delve into their mission statement, who they are or what their alleged purpose may be within the retail niche.

Upon landing at KayleeandTepid.com, consumers are immediately visually engaged and able to see the varying sales featured across their “Best Selling Products.”

From there, consumers can scroll down the page and see a variety of home bedding sets and welcome doormats on sale.

These varying home goods are split up into 6 broad categories:

  • Animal
  • Sea Animal
  • Sport
  • Camping
  • Book
  • Guitar

Those categories can be further broken down into varying home-enriching goods.

Back-tracing products images from KayleeandTepid.com, will reveal that most of the images match product images from previously established online retailers.

This is not the first time we’ve encountered this practice, in fact, it is used by the vast majority of retail scam sites that we’ve previously had the pleasure of exposing.

So while you may see “products” featured for retail at Kaylee and Tepid, nothing is actually for sale.

Contacting KayleeandTepid

Kaylee and Tepid fails to provide identifying information on their site.

Their only form of verifiable contact embodies a contact submission form.

No reference to a corporate entity or telephone number can be found.

Located in the footer of the site is the following address:

24 Rue Jean Moulin, 94260 Fresnes, France

A Google Maps search of the physical address will reveal that the address provided is amongst residential or apartment complexes, we were unable to see any reference or entity referring to Kaylee and Tepid.

Email: kaylee@kayleeandtepid.com

Shipping & Returns

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal are accepted payment methods.

Many consumers have appeared to adopted the ideology that since an online site supports PayPal that they then, in turn, must be legitimate.

Sadly, as hundreds of consumers have been finding out the hard-way, that is not the case.

A refund policy of 30 days is mentioned in the Return and Refund Policy.

Shipping Times

Product Time: 5 to 7 business days

Processing Time: 1 to 3 business days

Shipping Time: 5 to 10 business days

Order tracking allegedly comes with each purchase order, although as we made known in the past, many similar retail scams have pawned off stolen tracking numbers as their own – we are uncertain if Kaylee and Tepid does this practice but it is best just to be on alert!

Site History

KayleeandTepid.com was privately registered on July 23rd, 2019.

As of October 11th, 2019, KayleeandTepid.com failed to reflect any SimiliarWeb rankings.

This suggests that despite KayleeandTepid’s relatively recent creation that the site, as a whole, does not receive much incoming visitor traffic.

In the past, we’ve seen countless similar discount retail sites funnel hundreds of consumers from social media outlets before really making a notorious name for themselves, we predict that if Kaylee and Tepid does turn out to be a scam that they’ll likely employ similar consumer-attracting practices.

Red Flags & Question Marks

  1. Product images originate from other online sites
  2. No reference to a company or verifiable entity
  3. The physical address is unable to be verified
  4. The site fails to disclose About Us information
  5. Refunds are only accepted if products are “defective”
  6. Kaylee and Tepid possesses no consumer feedback on the web (yet)
  7. KayleeandTepid charge a 20% order cancellation fee
  8. No reference to shipping carriers or warehouse locations are made
  9. The sites operates with intentional anonymity
  10. Upon checkout on product pages, KayleeandTepid engrave an Accredited Business page from Better Business Bureau with a BBB rating of A+ but BBB has no record of KayleeandTepid.com

Is KayleeandTepid.com Trustworthy?

No, KayleeandTepid.com has revealed they are not trustworthy.

KayleeandTepid Scam Review

Kaylee and Tepid (KayleeandTepid.com) could be an elaborate discount retail hoax!

We do NOT advise shopping with Kaylee and Tepid until more consumer feedback can be found, evaluated and verified.

It is dangerous to shop online with unverified shopping entities BUT it is even more dangerous to shop with unverified and anonymous entities like Kaylee and Tepid, tread and shop with caution!

Have you been scammed or have an experience to report?

Please share your feedback with us below!


  1. Yvonne Walker

    Same thing happen to me order 3 small rugs totaling 150.00 1-25-20 never received them. In the process of contacting my financial intuition at this time. They are not replying to my emails totally a scam

  2. Michelle Lee Curtis

    Ordered the 8 x 5 lion rug. over a month ago. now the email address and website are uncomtactable. I did receive my quilt cover, however very poorly made and did not look like the picture.

  3. Sanny Veloo

    This company is an absolute SCAM. They ripped me off!!! I ordered something as a Christmas present and never ever received it. They do not reply their support emails either. Eventually they CHANGED their email address so I could not write to them any longer and now i’ve lost over 100 bucks buying a rug and have to go through the hassle of getting my credit card changed. These people SICKEN me… imagine having Christmas promotions and STEALING money from people and delivering NOTHING. Yep… welcome to Kaylee and Tepid! ABSOLUTE WORST online experience of my entire life!

  4. Jill Evans

    My son had ordered a Fox duvet cover, saved his money to finally get the one he wanted and today I tried to email this company and no such address!!! I even had an email :
    [Important info about your order] Corona Virus Delay

    Hello, Oscar E….!
    This is Kaylee, here to share an important update about your order at KayleeAndTepid.com.
    As you may know, a recent outbreak of the Corona virus reached a critical level, and the national warning of health hazards has been issued in many countries.
    Due to this unfortunate situation, we’re forced to close our warehouses and let all workers out for a brief period of time.
    Your order is in processing, and it will be dispatched in about 5-7 business days’ time.
    I am very sorry for the inconvenience Oscar Exxxx, and I’ll try my best to finalize your order ASAP, but in situations like these, there’re factors that impact the production that we cannot control.
    Thank you very much for your understanding.
    Kaylee Jackson,
    Founder of KayleeAndTepid.com

    Sooooo disappointing ( I have crossed out his surname) and a very upset boy learning a very expensive $82 lesson

    • Deborah Robinson

      I got a similar response now they are MIA

    • Jean Barker

      I got the same response for a duvet cover.

  5. Mildred Metts

    This company is a fraud and scam. They show pictures of items that are not the items you will receive. I purchased two rugs from an online company called lushgood.com to be delivered before Christmas. The company’s website lists their address as 1939 Allison Ave, Des Moines, Iowa, 50314, United States. I did not receive my order and complained to paypal. Paypal gave me a different email for the company that is provided to their office. A few weeks later in January 2020, I got an email from KayleeandTepid.com and Acozy.com indicating that my item was shipped but I did not get a shipping confirmation number. After a few days, I was informed that the item was tied up in customs and I did not know it was coming from overseas. I got a package a few weeks later and it was not what I ordered. I again contacted paypal and was told that I now have to send the item that I received to Hong Kong in order to get my money back. So not only did I lose the money that i paid to get my item before Christmas, I am required to pay to send two rugs back to Hong Kong which would cost much more than the rugs that I paid for in order to get the money back for the item I never received. So I feel scammed because the website doesn’t disclose this on their website and paypal allows sellers to provide their office with the right address in another country despite the buyer being given an US address implying that the return would be made in this country. Because buyers are suprised by the return to Hong Kong request, it is impossible to get your money back because it costs more than the original item. Further, the company can’t send the buyer what they ordered because they don’t have the merchandise as listed on their website. The pictures on the website are fake and the buyer does not receive that. Paypal would not refund my money and I have filed a complaint with my bank. This company goes by many names and sets up a new name once negative reviews start to show up online, such as lushgood.com, kayleeandtepid.com, acozy.com, and possibly other names to avoid detection.

    • Kim Hunter

      Turns out, through some legal “discovery of evidence”, this thief runs about 30 of these anon. print on demand sites. Shut 15 down, 15 more pop up. Facebook, Wish, Shopify, Amazon, Alibaba, print on demand sites, etc., all these “service provider sites”, absolved of liability, has made things 10 000x worse. My own career as an artist is being gutted by these pariahs.

  6. D Gibson

    I ordered a cute three dimensional applique throw with an animal theme. Once it came I realized that they had taken a picture off Pinterest of a real quilt, printed it on a cheap throw and mailed it to me. An elaborate pr effort was conducted while I waited for the product. Your product is now being completed, now being inspected, now being packaged, etc. A new email everyday encouraging me to buy additional piece. When it came I was so disappointed, I immediately wrote them to find out how to send it back for a refund. They offered a discount on the cost; they offered a different quilt; they finally asked for pictures to see why I was dissatisfied. I took a picture of their website quilt and pictures of mine and marked specific areas where you can see the elaborate quilting, applique, etc. and the cheap machine stitching over a print in theirs. I received a note saying that I received the quilt I ordered. When I told them that I would be getting in touch with my credit card company, they sent me an address to send the quilt to in China to get a refund. From the post office, I learned that the package will have to go through customs, will cost $75 to ship, and will probably not reach its destination. A hard learned lesson.

  7. Anonymous

    I order what I thought was a quilt at Christmas time. I did finally receive the product but it wasn’t anything like what I ordered. The coloring was off and the quality was very poor. I contact them for a return and refund but nothing received yet.


  8. Sharon Pendergrass

    I ordered 2 bedspreads /quilts kaylee-97895 also a na e lisa Edward’s dragonfly hm 150708 0n they keep saying it is ready to ship so far nothing just hope I can get my money back

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