KayleeandTepid.com Review – [Home Goods Hoax]

Do NOT purchase any of the home-warming goods from KayleeandTepid.

Created less than 3 months, Kaylee and Tepid is the latest retail hoax to invade the online marketplace with unfounded home goods.

Operating with blatant anonymity the home goods featured for retail at KayleeandTepid reflect online savings between 30% to 50% off.

To learn more regarding WHY you should avoid the KayleeandTepid hoax we invite you to read our honest review.

About KayleeandTepid

Kaylee and Tepid operates as a minimalist retail site.

The site does not delve into their mission statement, who they are or what their alleged purpose may be within the retail niche.

Upon landing at KayleeandTepid.com, consumers are immediately visually engaged and able to see the varying sales featured across their “Best Selling Products.”

From there, consumers can scroll down the page and see a variety of home bedding sets and welcome doormats on sale.

These varying home goods are split up into 6 broad categories:

  • Animal
  • Sea Animal
  • Sport
  • Camping
  • Book
  • Guitar

Those categories can be further broken down into varying home-enriching goods.

Back-tracing products images from KayleeandTepid.com, will reveal that most of the images match product images from previously established online retailers.

This is not the first time we’ve encountered this practice, in fact, it is used by the vast majority of retail scam sites that we’ve previously had the pleasure of exposing.

So while you may see “products” featured for retail at Kaylee and Tepid, nothing is actually for sale.

Contacting KayleeandTepid

Kaylee and Tepid fails to provide identifying information on their site.

Their only form of verifiable contact embodies a contact submission form.

No reference to a corporate entity or telephone number can be found.

Located in the footer of the site is the following address:

24 Rue Jean Moulin, 94260 Fresnes, France

A Google Maps search of the physical address will reveal that the address provided is amongst residential or apartment complexes, we were unable to see any reference or entity referring to Kaylee and Tepid.

Email: kaylee@kayleeandtepid.com

Shipping & Returns

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal are accepted payment methods.

Many consumers have appeared to adopted the ideology that since an online site supports PayPal that they then, in turn, must be legitimate.

Sadly, as hundreds of consumers have been finding out the hard-way, that is not the case.

A refund policy of 30 days is mentioned in the Return and Refund Policy.

Shipping Times

Product Time: 5 to 7 business days

Processing Time: 1 to 3 business days

Shipping Time: 5 to 10 business days

Order tracking allegedly comes with each purchase order, although as we made known in the past, many similar retail scams have pawned off stolen tracking numbers as their own – we are uncertain if Kaylee and Tepid does this practice but it is best just to be on alert!

Site History

KayleeandTepid.com was privately registered on July 23rd, 2019.

As of October 11th, 2019, KayleeandTepid.com failed to reflect any SimiliarWeb rankings.

This suggests that despite KayleeandTepid’s relatively recent creation that the site, as a whole, does not receive much incoming visitor traffic.

In the past, we’ve seen countless similar discount retail sites funnel hundreds of consumers from social media outlets before really making a notorious name for themselves, we predict that if Kaylee and Tepid does turn out to be a scam that they’ll likely employ similar consumer-attracting practices.

Red Flags & Question Marks

  1. Product images originate from other online sites
  2. No reference to a company or verifiable entity
  3. The physical address is unable to be verified
  4. The site fails to disclose About Us information
  5. Refunds are only accepted if products are “defective”
  6. Kaylee and Tepid possesses no consumer feedback on the web (yet)
  7. KayleeandTepid charge a 20% order cancellation fee
  8. No reference to shipping carriers or warehouse locations are made
  9. The sites operates with intentional anonymity
  10. Upon checkout on product pages, KayleeandTepid engrave an Accredited Business page from Better Business Bureau with a BBB rating of A+ but BBB has no record of KayleeandTepid.com

Is KayleeandTepid.com Trustworthy?

No, KayleeandTepid.com has revealed they are not trustworthy.

KayleeandTepid Scam Review

Kaylee and Tepid (KayleeandTepid.com) could be an elaborate discount retail hoax!

We do NOT advise shopping with Kaylee and Tepid until more consumer feedback can be found, evaluated and verified.

It is dangerous to shop online with unverified shopping entities BUT it is even more dangerous to shop with unverified and anonymous entities like Kaylee and Tepid, tread and shop with caution!

Have you been scammed or have an experience to report?

Please share your feedback with us below!


  1. Yvonne Walker

    Same thing happen to me order 3 small rugs totaling 150.00 1-25-20 never received them. In the process of contacting my financial intuition at this time. They are not replying to my emails totally a scam

  2. Michelle Lee Curtis

    Ordered the 8 x 5 lion rug. over a month ago. now the email address and website are uncomtactable. I did receive my quilt cover, however very poorly made and did not look like the picture.

  3. Sanny Veloo

    This company is an absolute SCAM. They ripped me off!!! I ordered something as a Christmas present and never ever received it. They do not reply their support emails either. Eventually they CHANGED their email address so I could not write to them any longer and now i’ve lost over 100 bucks buying a rug and have to go through the hassle of getting my credit card changed. These people SICKEN me… imagine having Christmas promotions and STEALING money from people and delivering NOTHING. Yep… welcome to Kaylee and Tepid! ABSOLUTE WORST online experience of my entire life!

  4. Jill Evans

    My son had ordered a Fox duvet cover, saved his money to finally get the one he wanted and today I tried to email this company and no such address!!! I even had an email :
    [Important info about your order] Corona Virus Delay

    Hello, Oscar E….!
    This is Kaylee, here to share an important update about your order at KayleeAndTepid.com.
    As you may know, a recent outbreak of the Corona virus reached a critical level, and the national warning of health hazards has been issued in many countries.
    Due to this unfortunate situation, we’re forced to close our warehouses and let all workers out for a brief period of time.
    Your order is in processing, and it will be dispatched in about 5-7 business days’ time.
    I am very sorry for the inconvenience Oscar Exxxx, and I’ll try my best to finalize your order ASAP, but in situations like these, there’re factors that impact the production that we cannot control.
    Thank you very much for your understanding.
    Kaylee Jackson,
    Founder of KayleeAndTepid.com

    Sooooo disappointing ( I have crossed out his surname) and a very upset boy learning a very expensive $82 lesson

    • Deborah Robinson

      I got a similar response now they are MIA

    • Jean Barker

      I got the same response for a duvet cover.

  5. Mildred Metts

    This company is a fraud and scam. They show pictures of items that are not the items you will receive. I purchased two rugs from an online company called lushgood.com to be delivered before Christmas. The company’s website lists their address as 1939 Allison Ave, Des Moines, Iowa, 50314, United States. I did not receive my order and complained to paypal. Paypal gave me a different email for the company that is provided to their office. A few weeks later in January 2020, I got an email from KayleeandTepid.com and Acozy.com indicating that my item was shipped but I did not get a shipping confirmation number. After a few days, I was informed that the item was tied up in customs and I did not know it was coming from overseas. I got a package a few weeks later and it was not what I ordered. I again contacted paypal and was told that I now have to send the item that I received to Hong Kong in order to get my money back. So not only did I lose the money that i paid to get my item before Christmas, I am required to pay to send two rugs back to Hong Kong which would cost much more than the rugs that I paid for in order to get the money back for the item I never received. So I feel scammed because the website doesn’t disclose this on their website and paypal allows sellers to provide their office with the right address in another country despite the buyer being given an US address implying that the return would be made in this country. Because buyers are suprised by the return to Hong Kong request, it is impossible to get your money back because it costs more than the original item. Further, the company can’t send the buyer what they ordered because they don’t have the merchandise as listed on their website. The pictures on the website are fake and the buyer does not receive that. Paypal would not refund my money and I have filed a complaint with my bank. This company goes by many names and sets up a new name once negative reviews start to show up online, such as lushgood.com, kayleeandtepid.com, acozy.com, and possibly other names to avoid detection.

    • Kim Hunter

      Turns out, through some legal “discovery of evidence”, this thief runs about 30 of these anon. print on demand sites. Shut 15 down, 15 more pop up. Facebook, Wish, Shopify, Amazon, Alibaba, print on demand sites, etc., all these “service provider sites”, absolved of liability, has made things 10 000x worse. My own career as an artist is being gutted by these pariahs.

  6. D Gibson

    I ordered a cute three dimensional applique throw with an animal theme. Once it came I realized that they had taken a picture off Pinterest of a real quilt, printed it on a cheap throw and mailed it to me. An elaborate pr effort was conducted while I waited for the product. Your product is now being completed, now being inspected, now being packaged, etc. A new email everyday encouraging me to buy additional piece. When it came I was so disappointed, I immediately wrote them to find out how to send it back for a refund. They offered a discount on the cost; they offered a different quilt; they finally asked for pictures to see why I was dissatisfied. I took a picture of their website quilt and pictures of mine and marked specific areas where you can see the elaborate quilting, applique, etc. and the cheap machine stitching over a print in theirs. I received a note saying that I received the quilt I ordered. When I told them that I would be getting in touch with my credit card company, they sent me an address to send the quilt to in China to get a refund. From the post office, I learned that the package will have to go through customs, will cost $75 to ship, and will probably not reach its destination. A hard learned lesson.

  7. Anonymous

    I order what I thought was a quilt at Christmas time. I did finally receive the product but it wasn’t anything like what I ordered. The coloring was off and the quality was very poor. I contact them for a return and refund but nothing received yet.


  8. Sharon Pendergrass

    I ordered 2 bedspreads /quilts kaylee-97895 also a na e lisa Edward’s dragonfly hm 150708 0n they keep saying it is ready to ship so far nothing just hope I can get my money back

  9. Lisa Harmon

    I ordered what appeared to be a lush thick rug for my living room. What came was a folded large bathmat type item with a picture of something similar to their ad but not even close to the rug I ordered. They will not respond to my emails. I will be going through paypal to see if I can get results from them, but they haven’t been any more helpful in the past. I wish I had researched the company ahead of time. DON’T waste a dime on this company and research everyone you plan to buy from! They were an ad on Facebook and I fell for it. That won’t happen again! Negative 100 stars!

  10. Milenic

    These scammers are constantly making new pages on Facebook and launching massive paid campaigns. I urge anyone who sees their Facebook ad to report their page and it will be closed.

    • Arlene McCall

      They got me too sorry to say. Totally duped . Everything about them is a scam . Product is nothing like what they portrayed in their photos. Lesson learned but the hard way .

  11. Chelsea

    I ordered a rug and it never came in. The USPS tracker said it was delivered but I never received it! I tried to contact them and they haven’t been responsive. It was $90! How would I go about getting my money back. Can I dispute the charge with my bank even though the money was taken out 2 months ago?

    • Danita louison

      Same I ordered and did not receive my rug paid threw credit card never received it and the first one is like a bath matt I ordered them days within each other have been emailing them but no response

  12. Mildred

    Kaylee and Tepid now calls themselves: “Lushgood.com” and lists its contact information as:

    Address: 1939 Allison Ave, Des Moines, Iowa, 50314, United States

    When I did not receive my order, I contact paypal. On December 27, 2019, I got the following shipping confirmation:

    Kaylee here, from KayleeAndTepid.

    Good news!

    Your order has been shipped out, and you can track it here:

    En Route
    Fri, December 27, 2019 at 9:01 AM

    Nantong, 190 518000

    COLUMBIA, SC 29210

    I would have never ordered this as a Christmas gift if I had known that this is not a legitimate company, but a factory in China. There is no way to track the item unless it actually makes it to the United States.

    • Kim Hunter

      This thief now runs about 12 different free print on demand sites. I have found my work stolen on most of them, all mirrored links from past DMCA reports from their original site. They are one of this biggest artist gutting pariahs on the web.

  13. KJ

    Cheap cheap cheap materials that you do not even want to use it, I love cats I did order 5 bedding set, 2 rugs, 1 blanket, all products use very bad materials, I think they products even on sale still expensive but I love cats that why I am not mind the pay for it, but even have cats in the real products still look too ugly for me, it is not look nice same as the pictures in their website and they say 30 days return it is not true …. its a scam bad company…… do not waste your money

  14. KJ

    0 star for this company and products, cheap cheap cheap materials that you do not even want to use it, I love cats I did order 5 bedding set, 2 rugs, 1 blanket, all products use very bad materials, I think they products even on sale still expensive but I love cats that why I am not mind the pay for it, but even have cats in the real products still look too ugly for me, it is not look nice same as the pictures in their website and they say 30 days return it is not true …. its a scam bad company…… do not waste your money

  15. Karen Milton

    I’m an owner of Amish Spirit Quilts. This company has illegal obtained and is fraudulently using images of our products to sell cheap subpar “blankets” – Amish Spirit Quilts will NEVER sell product on the venue.

  16. LA

    I paid $80 for a quilt (item # CL070638) from Kaylee & Tepid. I just received it exactly 3 weeks after ordering. Once I saw that it was shipping from China my heart sank but I still had hope. Well, what I received is not a quilt at all. It is two solid thin printed pieces of fabric that have been machine sewn together with a ribbon edger that was poorly sewn on. Hugely disappointed and feeling ripped off! This “blanket” is maybe a $30 item. UGH!

    • Julie Jindrich

      Same here! Exact scenario, but I wouldn’t have paid $14.99 for it. I’m so angry.

  17. Anne

    I ordered a “rug” for the entrance to my home. It was a felt piece of crap that smelled like it too! $50! I could have gone to Macy’s and bought something nicer! And there is no phone number to call, just an email to submit a form to. I am calling my cc company and fighting the charge.

  18. Lynn Ink

    I knew this company was a fraud when I found a picture of a quilt that I had made and displayed at a quilt show as one of their “offerings”. Total rip off . They are liars.

  19. C Clark

    I just ordered before researching the company! I reported my card as being used as fraud/scam and blocked/closed the card out permanently! Stop pay has been issued from my institution. Hope you see this review before ordering and if you JUST placed and order, you can do what I just did.

  20. Barry Ormsby

    I just bought the 9×3 guitar rug, what a piece of shit, it was all scrunched up and creased and crap quality.
    I was also offered a 30% discount off my next order when I complained, scamming scumbags.

  21. Barbara M.

    Darn! I saw a really funny giant cat duvet cover and pillow cases on my Facebook feed that I would have loved to have had for our guest room, but I came looking for reviews because I had a horrible experience buying from a Facebook ad for a shop called Dresslily – another Chinese rip-off merchant whose product – a denim jacket with a scraggly fur collar that looked nothing like the voluptuous collar in the ad – was an overwhelming disappointment. The thing also had a disgusting smell and none of the buttonholes had been sliced open. And their return policy sucked. But that’s about Dresslily. I’m disappointed that Kaylee and Tepid sounds like the same kind of company because that duvet cover and pillow cases look fabulous.

    What’s with Facebook accepting ads from places that rip people off like that?

  22. Sophie

    I’m very disappointed by their product. I ordered a duvet cover with an Indian elephant print. It didn’t look and feel as a $100 product… first, the print on the fabric looks like it’s been magnified too much, so when you look at it, it’s blurry, like you would need glasses for it to look good. Second, there is a awful bright construction orange line on one of the pillow covers, that had no business being there. Third, the fabric feels cheap, like something you could have bought in a Chinese discount store. The stitching doesn’t look too good either. It looks like if you wash it a couple of times, it’s going to fall apart. It’s flea market quality. Worth maybe $25. Oh, and last but not least, I ordered a king size, and my duvet doesn’t fit. It’s too small. 🤯
    This is what I wrote to them. And then it the “send” button, without anything happening…🤣
    I got scammed.

    • Kim

      That’s because Kaylee and Tepid are stealing low quality images off the web and posting them to generic free print on demand sites without quality safeguards. Repeated reports for unauthorized sales for the numerous facebook pages set up solely to sell these stolen images go on. Facebook, maybe because they make money for all their sponsored ads, says Kaylee and Tepid are not violating facebook terms. >:(

  23. Chuck Hamlett

    Ordered a bedspread. Not great quality. Moose picture isn’t bad. Took forever to get here. It’s for camp and fortunately i don’t make the bed very often. Won’t order again.

  24. Kim

    Nothings but stolen low quality web images, stolen and posted to print on demand sites. KAYLEEANDTEPID IS A THIEF AND A SCAMMER! They have many facebook pages buying sponsored ads to sell stolen art and gutting artists, including me. >:(

  25. Linda

    Kaylee and Tepid ( they use other names but the products shown in the ads are the same) is a scam company. Stay away! I purchased a carpet with a sewing machine picture on it. I was
    so excited because my daughter is a seamstress and I knew she would love it, and her birthday
    was coming up. Like other people I saw an address for this company was in France, so thought
    it would be fine. I only wish I had done a search on them first, like I usually do, but my emotions took over and I just knew my daughter would be so surprised.
    When I received it, it was in a bag not much bigger than 8×10, not a rolled up 5x 3’carpet that I thought I was receiving. Not only was it paper thin, not anyway resembling a carpet, the picture was blurry and there were white drip marks on the black areas. It was so defective!
    I immediately sent an email to the company with pictures. After many emails later they offered me 30% refund and 20% discount on future purchases. No way was I going to make another
    Purchase from them. I asked for a total refund and was told I needed to send the rug back at my own cost to get a refund. The address they gave, to send it back was in China. I found out the
    cost of sending it back was more than I paid for it, and with no guarantee I would actually get
    a refund, I declined. Many emails later, they have stopped replying to me. Again the product
    was totally defective and not usable as clearly shown in the pictures I sent them.
    Every time I see one of their ads I report it to Facebook and a Buyer Beware comment attached to their ad. My only recourse was to get in touch with my bank because I had used my debit
    card to buy this piece of junk. They are doing an investigation and a possibility of recouping my money. The bank informed me it could take a couple of months with no promises for a refund. I just knew my chances of a refund were somewhat better with my bank than with Kaylee and Tepid.
    I have learned my lesson, research the company thoroughly before buying, better yet stick with companies like Amazon etc.

    • Selina

      Linda , I an feel your frustration. I was lucky as I found this site before I made a purchase.
      Like you I have reported it to FB where I saw the advert. However I am now seeing the ads again. It’s all about the money not about protecting consumers.

  26. Bonnie Skoropad

    I just ordered the Christmas red truck rug. Then I got the notice they were a scam company and credit card company says transaction is pending but they can’t do any dispute til it goes through what’s up with that? I emailed as they told me to cancel which I did now waiting for reply they say it takes a day to get back to me. Sadly I think I’m going to be stuck trying to cancel. We’ll see how it goes ? Too bad that the info on this site doesn’t have a warning attached from BBB so you are warned about bad reviews.. warning came too late for me from somebody.

  27. Lynn

    Ok so after reading this report I was very worried about my order. However they company gave me regular updates on my purchase and it arrived 5 days before the expected date of Nov. 26 2019. The rug is A smooth canvas that could be used in door or out not a plush carpet It is thin but has a non slip back, does not bunch up or slide around on the floor, if you want it more plush put a pad under it. The workmanship was excellent the colours vibrant . Not exactly the pile carpet I expected but am very happy with it . It will work even better in the area I bought it for.

    • Selina

      If this is a genuine review,you are one of the lucky customers, Lynn. Since to send it back to China would cost more than the refund.

    • Greg gillies

      Are you insane its garbage

      • Barbara Jacobs

        Mine isn’t good enough to be called garbage.

        • Sharon

          I did not research before ordering. I placed my order Dec. 19th and still have not received it. I attempted yesterday Jan 1st, to cancel my order. The company at that responded saying it has shipped and gave a tracking #. I haven’t been able to get any info on an eta as of yet. This was supposed to be a christmas gift for my granddaughter. I am broken hearted over the whole deal.

    • Robin

      Bull shit!! How much did you get paid for that lie??

  28. Mary

    I posted earlier about a duvet cover I ordered. I filed a complaint with Paypal, and found that in order to get a full refund I would have to mail the items back to China, with tracking, and I had ten days to get it there! This would cost more than the refund. I have a hunch they copy high quality designs onto their crappy fabric.

    • Selina

      Mary, That’s exactly what they do. I saw their lovely pictures on FB and I was instantly excited with the beautiful design. So I thought I would check out the reviews since I had a bad experience in the past ordering on line. Too good to be true and it was just that. I reported it to FB and no longer see their advertisements. Sorry you were scammed.

  29. Joanne

    Worst company I’ve ever dealt with. Wish I had see this before ordering. Issued a complaint through Paypal. Seller demanded to get product back before issuing a refund. Cost to send it back to China was more than I paid for the item. Horrible company to deal with. DON’T BUY FROM THEM!

  30. Sandy Lankford

    Hopefully Paypy will be able to resolve my dispute with this company. They sent me duvet that is cheap garbage. When I filed a dispute with PayPal
    I received an email from Kaylee and Tepid stating I could return the product for a full refund if I shipped it to Shanghai , China.
    It came from New Jersey.
    We’ll see what happens. They are definitely selling cheap copies of other home goods offered by legit companies and scamming people.
    Don’t do business with them.


  31. Pam

    I orded a duvet cover and it was wrongly addressed even thought the company had confirmed my address by email. I received emails demanding that I contact the courier firm to arrange delivery. This couldnt be done as the parcel ended up as a return to sender due to this wrong addressing from Kaylee and Tepid. Ive sent numerous emails, every 2nd day, asking what is going to happen to my order to no avail. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY THEY ARE NOT TRUSTWORTHY.

  32. Roxanne

    I ordered a queen bedspread for 110 dollars …. it came yesterday after 1 month. When openeded the delivery inwas so upset! This thing is so thin, and the quality is so bad ! Like its a real joke to sell products like these !

  33. Judy

    I sure wish I would’ve done my due diligence on this company. I ordered a rug and when it arrived, it was wrapped up in a package, instead of a roll, I knew something was wrong. It was a good size rug! I didn’t even take it out of the package; I just opened it enough to see the material and knew this was more of a mat and not a carpet type rug. I immediately sent them an email wanting a refund and an address where to send this rug. After several days of emailing back and forth, I finally got them to give me a 100% refund but I had to send it back or they would give me a 25% refund and I wouldn’t have to mail it back. They sent me another email(always a day later) to mail it to them in China. I asked if I could mail it to the return address on the label instead, which was California. I asked why China and not California and (day later) their response was that the California address was the warehouse. They wanted it back in China! So off to the UPS store thinking this is not going to be cheap to mail back and sure enough it would cost $108! That’s a little shy of the purchase price. Even if I do the flat rate box at the US Post Office, it would still cost me $60. So, I’ve asked them for the 25% refund and not to have to mail it back. We’ll see if I get that. I think I will reach out to PayPal. They should be aware of this company not want to be associated with them in handling their payments. I would not recommend buying anything from this company.

  34. Julia

    Thank you, everybody, for posting! I really appreciate everyone sharing their bad reviews. It’s sad to have my dream of an gorgeous elephant duvet blown to shreds, but far better than dealing with the stress and anger of falling for a scam.

  35. Diane Kennedy

    I, too, purchased a “rug” and “king size bedspread” from this company. Their website referred to an address in France and the items came from China. Had I known that, I would have passed. I emailed them yesterday to demand a refund and, based on these posted comments, I doubt I’ll hear from them. I paid for this purchase via PayPal and have already registered a dispute. I was taken by the dragonfly option and, the “king size spread”: 1. doesn’t cover my bed 2. the dragonfly image is blurry suggesting a blown up image from somewhere 3. It’s so thin and cheap looking, I will not use or display in my home, couldn’t if I wanted to, it doesn’t fit. The “rug” is about as thin as something you’d change a baby’s diaper on with plastic-looking material as the backing. I so wish I had seen this review and everyone’s comments prior to ordering. Both items came separately, maybe 2 weeks apart, and both were folded up into small plastic shipping bags. I didn’t realize the 1st package I received was the “rug” as, even folded up, it’s so thin I was shocked to find the “rug” in the bag. Same thing with the “bedspread”. On another note, I purchased a “pair of sunglasses” from an online website that didn’t mention China, but, guess what?, came from China and is also plastic junk. No more for me. I’ll support online sites I have a history with that I trust. Otherwise, I’ll go physically shopping to see what I’m buying.

    • Diane

      Update: I’ve been emailing back and forth with the company. I was asked to send pictures of what I received and I did that. I was offered a 30% refund and 30% off my next purchase, as if I would do business with them again. After many replies to them stating what they offered (and what they sent) were unacceptable, I was offered a full refund if I shipped returns to China. I’ve never done business with a company that expected the customer to pay shipping to return a defective product (blurry “bedspread”). The return shipping to China would be too exorbitant to justify, given the poor quality of the items. I, too, offered to return to the US addresses on the package shipping labels (one in NJ, the other in CA – my 2 items came separately). I, too, was told no they must go to China. I went to the DHL website just to see what shipping would be and the site kept telling me the address in Shanghai provided to me by the “vendor” was invalid. So, just entering Shanghai, 1 package @ 4 lbs would cost $114.00. I’m aware now this China thing is part of the scam. They know customers will not pay that much to return, therefore, no refunds. I’m waiting for the final outcome of my PayPal dispute. Will update again when final decision is made. And, oh by the way, there was originally a French address for this company on their website. Last night, I no longer see France but now Singapore?

      • Julie Jindrich

        I am filing my complaint with PayPal today!

  36. Deb Jacobs

    I ordered a bedspread and the quality was terrible! It was no thicker than a sheet and the sewing was awful. I definitely was scammed by Kaylee and tepid. Once they get your money they stop communicating with you because they know they sent you garbage and they don’t want to hear about it.

    • Jenny

      I had my rug all folded up in a bag and it flips up almost every time you trip. I’m not happy with it at all . I also ordered a bedding quilt a deer design. The print is stretched and thin. I thought they forgot my blanket but that’s how thin it is.
      I got scammed.. will never order before checking ratings.

  37. Erin

    Total bait and switch …What arrived was a hand-sewn duvet cover featuring the design I thought I purchased blown-up, stretched and reprinted on a sheet. What you see is not what you get.

    • Melissa

      I just had the same thing happen to me. I immediately asked for a refund. Have a feeling I won’t get it.

  38. Fran

    I bought the 3D forest rug and was very disappointed when it finally arrived. It doesn’t look 3d at all, totally out of focus and it’s really thin- paid $89 for this #&$#!

  39. Jade Manz

    Just received a duvet cover I ordered a month ago. The pattern is gorgeous but the Queen size is not the typical Canadian queen size and the material is cheap quality. I probably won’t order from them again.

  40. Angelique Bernal

    Well I ordered a bedding set from them then saw some bad reviews and heard they were a scam! My order took FOREVER to come but im happy with my purchase and I dont feel like I got scammed at all!!!!

  41. Brenda Nestor

    I also got taken by Kaylee&Tepid. Received the rug but certainly not the pattern I ordered. My 10×6 rug came all folded up in a usps bag.
    i am definitely going to try and get it off my account..
    Mine also came from Irwindale, CA. Cost them 13.68 to mail to me. They want me to spend close to 60.00 to ship to them.
    My own fault. As someone else said to good to be true!

  42. Ann Taylor

    I ordered a sunflower sherpa large throw and had it sent as a gift to my sister in a different state. She called me and asked what it was. She thought it was a table cloth. It was so thin you could see through it. No sherpa just a thin piece of cloth. I contacted the company. They wanted pictures. I sent them a video. They offered me 30% back after I nagged them numerous times. I paid $70.00 for this. SCAM SCAM SCAM

  43. John Valentino

    Gianna, Obviously your unwillingness to work with me in order to resolve
    this matter only further supports the negative reviews your company has
    received. No where in your return policy does it state that the merchadise
    MUST be returned to China when it was originally shipped from Irwindale,
    California which, ironically would cost one third versus Shanghai, China.
    As a former business manager of 34+ years, I understand the importance
    of customer service, and that sometimes you have to stand your ground vs
    “bend” the rules to satisfy your customer. The Octopus 8X5 rugs description
    was totally deceiving seeing that it claimed that it had a ‘soft pile’ texture
    which indicates that it’s created with a short yarn. What we’ve received is
    nothing more than an oversized bathroom rug with a foam-like texture!
    Unless this matter can be resolved today, I will have no further recourse
    than to pursue having the charge revoked from my Visa account in the
    amount of $99.90 along with filing a complaint with the Better Business
    Bureau, and posting my interactions with you and your company!

  44. Stephani Stewart

    Add me to your list of duped consumers! Ugh. I ordered the cute bird print “King size” bedspread from my phone (1st mistake and 1st/last time I did that) and my order did have several notices by e-mail that it was coming. It arrived within the 30 days, about 3 weeks, and was not a bedspread as I imagined, but a thin duvet cover that barely hangs over the edges of the bed. When I contacted them by e-mail someone named Mary got back to me immediately, asked me to send her photos of what I ordered, which I did, showing how the pillow case didn’t even fit to the end of the King size pillow along with an image of an actual King size bedspread on the same bed. Then I got another email asking me to send them the dimensions of the product I received, pointing out that I ordered the “King sized” bedding and that the dimensions were listed as smaller than usual bedding. Silly me, I didn’t measure or look up what King size bedding is supposed to be, I just fell for the pretty picture and ordered it to the tune of about $80. Thanks for these reviews. I will certainly check them BEFORE ordering in the future. Not exactly sure what I’ll do next, but I don’t expect to get my $ back or any type of satisfactory customer service. My bad.

  45. Fred

    Ordered Octapus bedspread for a double bed. Hangs over the edges about one inch and does not reach the pillows. Super light weight. Way way too small.

  46. Cassie

    I just got my 8×5 rug that was $130 and it is lighter than a bath towel. No decent area rug is that light and flimsy. At the most, a product of this quality should be $50 I had ordered the rug after seeing a “money back guarantee – no questions asked”, but when I looked further into the policy it had a bunch of loopholes listed like: if the rug is on sale you cant return(they are all listed as being on sale); or if its removed from it’s original packaging(you have to remove it from packaging); or only if its defective(you can only see if its defective if you remove it)
    The business says its France but they ship from China. There is no phone number listed, you have to pay for returns and you have to return within 30 days of ordering. I sent them a message but I have no hope they will help me, so I contacted paypal and I’m hoping so hard that they can work this out for me. I am so incredibly disappointed.

    • Selina

      Cassie, I am sorry to hear you got scammed by these people pretending to sell quality products. Having seen some reviews, the pictures they dangle to trap our sense of art made me realize they were selling poor fakes of beautiful original designs.
      It is my reality that any favourable reviews here or elsewhere are fake also.
      I have ordered a lovely rug here in Canada from Wayfair.ca They are also in the USA. They have a great selection and offer good value for money. I talked to a customer service agent and I have been very happy with the items I received. Not sure where you are but my advice is don’t order on line unless you can verify the source of the products. I got scammed by a company in China. Received a jacket that was nothing like the picture advertised and in a cheap nylon type material. It was simply useless even asa duster. Good Luck to you in the future.☘️

  47. Martha

    Maybe before you trash a company based on a theory but no hard evidence, you should try ordering something from them. I ordered a rug from them a few days before I happened upon this article, and was in a panic for over a week that I’d been ripped off, but could only wait and see if the rug was delivered. It was, surprisingly quickly (I believe only about 2 weeks after ordering), and is as lovely as advertised. I was sent tracking info by both DHL and Canada Post, and was able to see when the item reached Canada and then was delivered to my home.

    • Selina

      Martha, I asked a number of questions in order to find out if the company was legitimate or not. I didn’t receive any response to my questions. I find it hard to believe you received your rug in 2 weeks. The reason for my disbelief is that on their website they say different timing with regard to production, shipping etc.
      It even takes longer than two weeks for items using post from the USA. My only order from China took 3 months and it was a small jacket squashed into a small Jiffy bag. A large rug would certainly take more than 2 weeks.

  48. Janice

    Has anyone bought the mandala carpet? I really had my heart set on. Now I’m afraid it will be crap and I won’t be able to return it

    • Martha

      HI, I just received mine yesterday. While it’s not the thickest, highest quality rug (I didn’t expect it to be, given the price), it is as lovely as it looked in the picture, really gorgeous colours. I figure if it lasts me a few years, given the people and animal traffic in my home, I’ll be happy.

    • Cindy

      I bought two of them and they are cheap crap and not worth the $50 each that I paid. I have been emailing them about a return and am getting no where. These come from China and they are NOT individual made. Pure junk.

  49. Anonymous

    Compre una alfombra 9×6 y lo que mandaron fue una frazada 8.5×5.5ft una porqueria,lamento está compra.un error.

  50. Cynthia MacKay

    I also ordered the bird duvet which looked really pretty on line.(a rendition of an actual painting that I like. Super cheap and hideous in reality. I definitely got scammed. Never again!

  51. Mary

    Stay away! I ordered a “duvet cover” and pillowcases – the picture in the ad was a very cute bird pattern. They arrived several weeks later. The pattern was the same as pictured, very cute, but the fabric was this cheap shiny stuff, kind of like a shower curtain, nothing you would want next to your skin. And the duvet cover was 62″ x 68″, too small to fit over a standard twin duvet insert. Absolutely unusable.

    • Selina

      How very annoying, Mary. I was seeing their ad on Face Book and I let them know it was a scam. I’m not seeing any now. The pictures just trap your attention and clearly they are not what you receive.

  52. JaM

    I actually had a good experience. Ordered bedding. A style i couldn’t find other places. Not cheap. But what we wanted as a gift. Received shipping info and tracking #. No issues.

    • lbrey

      Hey, thanks for posting this. I actually did the same thing and ordered some bedding, and they’ve sent me confirmation of my order, a discount code for follow up orders, explanation of their process and a receipt. I just ordered with them so no tracking or shipping info yet. When did you order from them?

    • Selina

      Did the item actually find it hard to believe they can be scamming others and appear genuine with you.

  53. Pat

    I bought a rug( if one could call it that,)
    60 euro,
    Rubbish quality.
    Intended returning to get refund ,but I don’t think I waste money on return postage.
    Scam artist.

  54. Kat Webber

    I ordered a rug and got this weird-ass mat. when I asked to return it they asked me to send pics of it which I did immediately and have never heard back they got my money, they gone
    Stay away from this company

    • Selina

      Sorry to read this. If you paid by Pay Pal you may be able to recover your money.

  55. Dwight Byron

    I bought one of these 8 x 5 carpets I haven’t seen it as its a gift for a friend of mine, he was my caregiver during the Edmonton Blues Festival , in Alberta Canada.

  56. Selina

    Thank you for your valuable information on KayleeAndTepid. I so wanted it to be genuine, but had my doubts. Too good to be true usually means it is just that.

  57. Sophie

    J’ai eu peur de ne pas recevoir ma commande. Je n’ai jamais eu d’email de confirmation de commande et ni état de commande. J’ai du communiquer avec le service à la clientèle pour savoir où il en était rendu avec ma commande. Ils ont dit qu’ils m’envoient un email pour le tracking mais je ne lai reçu qu’après avoir ouvert un litige sur paypal. Finalement selon le tracking ma commande était proche d’arriver et je lai reçu. C’est un beau produit mais la compagnie doit absolument travailler sur la communication avec les clients

  58. Phillip Steiner

    In addition to your research, at least one item offered by Kaylee and Tepid is a copyright violation. The Mandala DD0309086R is a rug based on an original, award-winning, and internationally known quilt design by Ricky Tims who holds a copyright on this design.

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