RepoedCarsForSale Review: Red Flags of a Scam?

Bringing an interesting and curious business model into the fold, RepoedCarsForSale claims that consumers can bid on hundreds of auctions per week online from home.

Found at, Repoed Cars For Sale operates with blatant anonymity and all around neglect to what constitutes transparent business practices.

Claiming to possess over 25 years of experience in salvage and damaged car sales, consumers are allegedly able to acquire cars, trucks, boats, RV’s, motorcycles and more.

To learn what shady red flags we uncovered throughout our investigation process we invite you to read our honest review shared below.

About RepoedCarsForSale

Repoed Cars For Sale claims to bring you the business model suggested in their naming.

Repoed Cars, for sale, among various other makes of automotive and recreational vehicles.

Immediately upon landing at RepoedCarsForSale, we noticed how the site was NOT secured.

Meaning that any information (personal/financial) submitted is at risk of unknown affects.

The site claims that you can browse their platform for cars, trucks, boats, RV’s and more yet when you visit their site they fail to reflect any offerings despite claiming that there are over hundreds of auctions per week.

Why anyone would blindly invest into a repoed or damaged automotive vehicle is beyond us.

We imagine consumers would feel much more comfortable investing and spending their money while under a capacity to tangible see what kind of damages and quality they are purchasing with their hard-earned money.

Sure, the concept has theory and may work for some, but for most we don’t imagine so.

Interestingly when you visit the About Us page of, we are hit with the following:

“ is a division of Northwest Auto Group that brokers salvage and damaged RVs and motorhomes. Most of the items listed on our site do not belong to us, we broker items for companies like Copart Inc, and which offers brokerage services for a wide varity of insurance companies, finance companies, and other organizations.”

As you can see, no mention of RepoedCarsForSale.

Upon visiting, the site failed to load due to the IP address not being able to be located – likely indicating that the site owners are hiding their site from search engines.

Regardless there is still a considerable void of information missing for RepoedCarsForSale.

Contacting RepoedCarsForSale

This biggest void of information we found lacking with RepoedCarsForSale would be their minimum contact methods and lack of transparent business information.

They state on their site that they are open from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. yet they fail to disclose a physical address or something as simple as a telephone number.

The email address on file is unaffiliated with the site URL and is

No other contact information is disclosed.

The sites Terms of Service makes reference to but, somewhat expectedly, that site also failed to load due to the same issues as

How does RepoedCarsForSale Work?

The short story would be that RepoedCarsForSale does not work.

However, here is how they intend for it work:

  1. Consumers Visit Their Site
  2. Create a RepoedCarsForSale Account
  3. Deposit $400+ via bank wire/credit card
  4. Browse Their Online Auctions
  5. Win Auctions

Remember, RepoedCarsForSale is not a secure site, meaning information submitted is at risk to an unknown multitude of threats while the site fails to provide any transparent and verifiable ownership information.

RepoedCarsForSale Reviews

There isn’t much consumer feedback regarding RepoedCarsForSale, which we find to be good due to how less consumers have been exposed to the risks of

On Quora, there is a question:

“Is RepoedCarsForSale a scam, or can you actually buy repossessed cars and boats online?”

There are a few answers but no one discloses a personal experience while some believe the site may be legit but didn’t really “check it out.”

As the red flags will reveal to you below, RepoedCarsForSale does NOT appear legitimate.

Site History was privately registered on March 6th, 2019.

As of October 8th, 2019 failed to reflect a SimiliarWeb web rank.

Indicating to us that the site is not reputable.

Red Flags

  1. No ownership information
  2. Site is NOT Secured
  3. No Ownership Information
  4. No Repoed Cars In Auction Catalog
  5. Possesses a Clone Site (
  6. Fake User Testimonials Are Used (see below)
  7. No telephone number or site affiliated email address
  8. RepoedCarsForSale “requires” an upfront deposit (similar to advance fee scams)
  9. RepoedCarsForSale may be operating as a phishing scam, where consumer information is harvested

Is a Scam?

Yes, we believe is a scam.

RepoedCarsForSale Scam Review

RepoedCarsForSale is NOT your one-stop destination for all opportunities relating to the acquisition of repoed and damaged automotive/recreational vehicles.

Operating with intentional anonymity, why would the operators behind the site try to hide their information from you unless what they were offering wasn’t legitimate?

The red flags speak for themselves in the case of

If you have been scammed or have an experience to share we invite you to share your feedback with us below.

Outcome: RepoedCarsForSale is a Scam!

Blacklisted Site: &


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