HealthyWage Scam Review: Money for Dieting? A Scam?

Can you really earn money for dieting or is it all a scam?

Now we know what you may be thinking, getting paid for dieting!?

Really, it must be a scam!

We thought so too, which is why we decided to take a further look into HealthyWage!

Operating as a legal business entity, our investigation into Healthy Wage was a process that was not only illuminating but also eye-opening.

To learn the facts regarding Healthy Wage AND what Healthy Wage users are saying we invite you to read our honest review shared below.

About HealthyWage

HealthyWage has innovated creative and incentive-based wellness challenges for consumers and corporate clients which facilitate weight-loss efforts.

Optimizing their wellness challenges by the utilization of financial incentives coupled with team accountability (depending upon member account type), HealthyWage members can accrue compensation through their efforts.

How does HealthyWage Work?

HealthyWage’s business model is straightforward and effective.

Consumers can wage a personal weight loss bet, get their friends to participate for a team weight loss challenge or compete in a corporate wellness program.

HealthyWage accrues revenue from corporate and government clients along with people who sometimes lose their personal weight loss bet.

Getting Started with HealthyWage

  • Visit HealthyWage
  • Name Your Own Prize Entry
  • Select How Many Pounds You Wish To Lose
  • Duration of Plan (6 to 18 months)
  • Select Monthly Bet Amount ($5 to $995)
  • Choose Your Sex/Height/Weight
  • Create An Account (Email/Password)
  • Verify Account/Payment Details
  • Get Kicking Ass To Beat HealthyWage!

Site Analysis

Transparency does not appear an issue with HealthyWage. was openly registered by Jimmy Fleming of HealthWage, LLC on March 16th, 2009 and has a set expiration date not scheduled until March of 2026.

Healthy Wage appears quite reputable on the web.

Healthy Wage is ranked as the 261st top nutrition and fitness hub.

The site averages well over 150,000 monthly visitors and appears to be growing in viewer base over the past 6 months.

Given the positive reviews, strong business model and over a decade of impeccable business standing we predict Healthy Wage to be around for some time to come.

HealthyWage (In the Press)

Good Morning America

“Good Morning America recently featured HealthyWage. ABC’s Abbi Boudreau discussed the success HealthyWage participant (and $2,000 winner!) Brenda Krattinger experienced when she bet on her weight loss to help her lose over 40 pounds. The GMA piece also featured an interview with HealthyWage Co-Founder, Jimmy Fleming. View the whole clip above, and see first hand how good it feels when our participants gamble on themselves and win!”

NBC News

“Determined to slim down, Calvin Gardner opted to put his money where his mouth was: He bet $300 that he could drop 50 pounds in six months… It was a gamble, but the odds were good. If he succeeded, he’d more than triple his money. The only downside: he’d lose his cash if he didn’t lose the weight. The unusual betting scheme Gardner chose is offered by the HealthyWage company, which essentially has become a bookmaker for the fat and  flabby.  Of course, like any good odds maker, the company seems to come out in the black.”

The New York Times

“Individuals and corporations aren’t always able to give these contests the structure they need for people to take them seriously.  Enter HealthyWage.  The company, which is less than three years old, started by paying people $100 if they moved from obesity to a healthy weight. Individuals and corporations aren’t always able to give these contests the structure they need for people to take them seriously.  Enter HealthyWage.  The company, which is less than three years old, started by paying people $100 if they moved from obesity to a healthy weight.  (It makes money through partnerships with companies and advertising to dieters.) Paying individuals didn’t work very well — but team competitions did.  So now in HealthyWage’s most effective program, people form groups of five.  Each person pays $60 to enter the team in a three-month weight loss contest.  Any loss greater than 1.5 percent of body weight per week isn’t counted, to discourage rapid weight loss that is so often not sustained.  Teams compete against others in their city or region for substantial prizes: $10,000 for the team that loses the highest percentage of body weight.  What’s important is that the team wins as a group, so every member has a stake in other members’ success.”

Fox News

“In an effort to reduce health care costs, a growing number of companies are offering cash to overweight workers who lose weight.”  Fox News covered HealthyWage’s corporate weight loss competitions, including an interview with co-founder David Roddenberry.”

ABC’s NightLine

“HealthyWage has been featured twice on ABC News’s Nightline. In the latest coverage, anchors Dan Harris and Lindsay Davis introduce HealthyWage participant Christina Maher and then lead the audience through her challenge journey to lose 40 pounds and win $7,310 for her success. HealthyWage Co-founder Jimmy Fleming is on hand to award Ms. Maher her winning check!”

The Wall Street Journal

“Employer-sponsored weight-loss contests are booming. Joy Global sales assistant Jennifer Colosimo joins Lunch Break with her own corporate weight-loss success story, and WSJ Work & Family columnist Sue Shellenbarger takes stock of the national trend.”

HealthyWage, LLC

HealthyWage, LLC appears to dot their I’s and cross their T’s.

At the Better Business Bureau, HealthyWage, LLC reflected an “A+” BBB Rating.

HealthyWage, LLC reflects over 10 years of good business standing and an incorporation date of May 4th, 2009 in Delaware.


CEO – David Roddenberry

Vice President – Diana Fleming

Criss Eaton – Operations Manager

Location of HealthyWage, LLC

1234 S. Dixie Hwy #1071, Coral Gables, FL 33146-2902

Contacting HealthyWage


Fax: (651) 965-3499

Phone: (888) 636-3832

HealthWage Reviews

Shared below are the 2 most recent reviews pulled from the following review sources on October 7th, 2019:


Katie M. – “Nothing like a little competition against yourself to keep you motivated! HealthyWage facilitates a fun way to help you achieve your goal. I lost 60lbs in 6 months and loved every minute of the challenge. I won $709 y’all!!!! If your asking yourself if you really get paid. Yes, yes you do! I highly recommend signing up for a challenge and would pick HealthyWage over their “competitors”. More money in your pocket if you hit your goal!”

Crystal S. – “I bet $600 that I would lose 50 lbs in 8 months. When I did it, they sent me a check for $2165. That is a $1565 return on my initial investment. Where else can you make that kind of money, lose weight and create healthy habits? Nowhere!”

Better Business Bureau

Todd D. – “Thumbs up, exactly as advertised and no issues receiving payment. My wife and I each did a main healthy wage challenge, and quite a lot of individual jackpot challenges over the course of the last year. Between us we put up a couple thousand dollars total and ended up receiving back more than three times what we put in. We submitted around 70 verified weighins total, and never had any issue. You still need to put in the work to lose the weight, obviously, but I found HealthyWage to be a great accountability tool. They also have excellent customer service, with prompt email replies to all my inquiries. My one word of caution to anyone considering it–be sure you play with the calculator a LOT before you commit. Their algorithm for calculating payout is not always intuitive–sometimes increasing your bet amount will actually reduce your payout.”

Marisela T. – “I won $1037 after losing 68 lbs with a bet of $50 for six months with healthywage.”

Google PlayStore

Tonia – “My entire experience was amazing. Betting your own money sure gives you the motivation to accomplish your goals! I am not going to stop now that I know the healthy way to lose the weight. Thank you Healthy Wage for giving me the motivation to achieve my goals!!!”

Elizabeth Goodwin – “Love this app! I especially like the way you can chat with your team. Would also like to have the ability to chat with other teams at my school that we are in a friendly competition with. That would be a fun feature! 🙂”

You can find hundreds of additional positive reviews at the AppStore for iOS Devices.

HealthyWage Social

Is a Scam?

No, is not a scam.

HealthyWage Scam Review

HealthyWage is waging conquest on many wellness challenges that has been responsible for cultivating one of the most consumer-centric, empowering and innovative fitness incentive packages for the upcoming 2020 New Year.

Don’t forget, HealthyWage, LLC has been around for over a decade with good business standing, a rare trait.

If you’ve been on the ropes regarding HealthyWage or need that extra push, or incentive, then HealthyWage may be the application for you.

Curious to see how much you could win with a $20 bet per month?

Have feedback or experiences to share? Drop a comment below!


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