PerfectLiker Review – Why Others Say It Is a Scam!

Did you stumble upon PerfectLiker when researching for ways to obtain additional Instagram followers?

If so, you aren’t alone.

PerfectLiker, which is found at, is an online platform that claims to render Instagram followers and likes free of charge.

Launched in July of 2018, there are a number of red flags relating to PerfectLiker that we feel you should be made well aware prior to committing to their service.

To find out more information regarding PerfectLiker, along with what other users are saying, we invite you to continue reading our unbiased review.

What is PerfectLiker for Instagram?

PerfectLiker is an online platform that renders social media based services for consumers who engage with Instagram on a day-to-day basis.

In short, PerfectLiker claims that users can acquire free Instagram likes and followers free of charge.

Which sounds a little too good to be true, don’t you think?

Well at the least we thought so, which prompted us to conduct an investigation into

Apart from offering free social media services, PerfectLiker also goes on to state that they provide premium services for consumers who are looking to take their Instagram to new heights.

What PerfectLiker doesn’t wish for you to know though would be that their platform is not as enticing and honest like they appear.

Who is Behind PerfectLiker?

That is a question for the ages, considering the fact that PerfectLiker does not render any information relating to current operators or owners.

According to their Terms of Service, is functioning as their sole entity and no reference to a corporate entity can be found.

Even a WHOIS domain report came up negative, since the creators behind this domain registered their site on July 19th, 2018 with a privacy package.

How does PerfectLiker Work?

PerfectLiker doesn’t work in a manner that most people would assume.

While many people may believe all they have to do is provide their Instagram username to receive Instagram likes and followers, that is certainly not the case.

In order to start receiving free followers and likes, users have to hand over their own Instagram credentials to PerfectLiker.

By handing over credentials we mean that users must login into their Instagram account through their site (where they claim that passwords won’t be stored).

After a user has login they will be redirected to a user menu and they will have the option to choose between getting likes or followers.

Allegedly, users earn 20 likes and 10 followers every 30 minutes as a free member.

By inviting friends with your referral link, you’ll earn an additional follower and like for every successful login request.

Sounds pretty good, right?

Well here is what they DON’T tell you upfront.

While PerfectLiker goes on to state that you can receive free likes and followers as a free member, what they don’t openly share would be that their services function more along the lines of an exchange service.

Where in order to obtain followers, you must follow other users back.

Which you don’t even have the option of choosing since PerfectLiker does it automatically on their own behalf.

Furthermore, if you decide to unfollow one of the users that PerfectLiker makes you follow then you will be banned from their service and likely lose most of the followers you have acquired.

Domain Insight

As we briefly touched upon, was a privately acquired domain that was created on July 19th, 2018 through the NameCheap, Inc registrar.

According to SimilarWeb, PerfectLiker appears to reflect sporadic and inorganic signs of site growth.

As of November 25th, 2018, reflected a global rank of 54,124 with a Brazil rank of 18,932 while nearly 10% of their traffic is derived from referral and social media based sources.

What Others Are Saying

The community feedback regarding PerfectLiker is not encouraging.

Some users have reported that their accounts were stolen, that PerfectLiker wasn’t safe to use or that the service hardly performed as advertised.

Below are some relevant reviews we found at TrustAdvisor about PerfectLiker:

“I have had terrible experience with Perfect Liker. I got their VIP package but after I paid for the first month, they didn’t deliver any likes or followers to my account. I contacted the customer support regarding this issue and they replied telling me to wait but they never delivered.”

“this site deserves 0 stars cause they hijacked many accounts as they were preying on the ignorant , remember never to share your password !”

“This service stole my Instagram account! They wanted me to login with my username and password. I know that other services require that too so didn’t suspect anything. But once I signed up with my Instagram account, they took over it and I can no longer access it! Please, be careful!”

Is Safe to Use?

Given the information shared above we do not feel that PerfectLiker is a safe service to use.

PerfectLiker Review Conclusion

PerfectLiker may render valuable social media services but due to their lack of transparency and the excessive complaints regarding their service we are NOT advising their service.

Perhaps if they operated with more transparency and resolved the ever-building compilation of complaints filing against them then we would open to reevaluating our verdict.

In the meantime though, we advise consumers not to hand over their information to PerfectLiker.

Outcome: PerfectLiker is NOT Trustworthy!

Site to Evade:

We invite you to share any insight, experiences or opinions you may in a comment below!


  1. Maria Aliano

    Come faccio ad annullare la registrazione?

  2. Vuz

    I frankly don’t see any genuine points here. The app helps boost followers and the negatives are premised on probabilities. Celebrities have been using and enjoying the app. So, why not?

  3. Lilly

    Perfect liker some how got my account user and pass…i never gave it to them and now i follow random people…ive been trying to contact them 5 times now…bo answer…do you have any ideas about making sure there site/app is gone.

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