– An Anonymous Discount Shopping SCAM?

Is a retail SCAM?

To get the full scoop regarding the ProdStop scam please read our honest review.

Why ProdStop Is Untrustworthy

  • ProdStop LLC cannot be verified
  • Too Good To Be True Pricing
  • Does not reflect ANY Positive Reviews
  • Reflects an Abysmal Online Trust Rating
  • No Verifiable Contact Methods are Disclosed
  • Has been declared untrustworthy across multiple review portals
  • Shipping, Return & Refund Policies Do Not Protect Shoppers

Contacting ProdStop

ProdStop makes reference to ProdStop LLC being their corporate entity in their Terms of Service page.

We’ve searched the US, UK, European, Australian, African, and multiple business registrars trying to validate the legitimacy of this corporate entity but every search query we conducted resulted in no returns.

The likely answer?

ProdStop LLC is a fabricated entity – which given the nature of ProdStop would make sense and as experience has taught us, is a common occurrence.

Why else would the operators blatantly leave out a contact address?

Allegedly their original customer service number was (631) 240-3852 but they say that phone support has been suspended “due to shutdowns.”

Since there is no corporate address, a verifiable corporate entity and while the phone number cannot be traced back to a legal entity that leaves consumers with only one alternative, which would be their email

As multiple consumers have pointed out already though, no matter how many emails they send they never receive a reply.

The operators already have an excuse for this and they blame it on high volume but after conducting a SimiliarWeb market intelligence report on their site it is revealed that their site generates a minimum volume of traffic – nothing that would suggest that they are receiving a “high volume of customer service requests.”

Additionally, you can run a WHOIS report on and you’ll notice how the site was created less than 2 months ago on February 14th, 2020.

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  1. Katie

    I figured this place was a scam since I noticed their Nintendo Switch listening had false UPC and EAN numbers, and the “Package Dimensions” would have been just for the joycons and not the whole console. It’s posted in a way that you can tell it’s just the joycons if you read VERY carefully, which I’m sure would get them out of any legal trouble without someone spending a ton to really go after them. Definitely a big fat SCAM.

    • Admin

      Thank you for confirming our suspicions. The owner of PRODSTOP actually filed a false complaint against us to our hosting for phishing. They took the site down for 3 days because of that until they were able to verify it was a false complaint. It was very upsetting.

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