TinderFox Scam Alert | A Tinder App Scam Gone Viral

Do not register or provide your information to the TinderFox scam.

TinderFox, hosted at TinderFox.com, is a deceptive phishing scam in heavy circulation.

When you go to visit Tinder Fox you are redirected to daterverified.com, which is where the TinderFox scam takes root from.

To get the full scoop regarding the TinderFox scam we invite you to read our honest review.

Why TinderFox is a Scam

  • Acts a data harvesting scam
  • No identifying or contact information
  • The site reflects a horrible online trust rating
  • Claims to be seen on CNN, CBS & MSNBC but that is not true
  • The site claims to be trusted since 2002 but was created on 02/28/2020

About TinderFox Scam

The TinderFox scam has been deceiving a large volume of Tinder users since it was launched into existence a little over a month ago.

Acting as a redirection phishing scam, when you go to visit TinderFox.com you will be automatically redirected to a different site found at daterverified.com/tinderbee/.

The premise behind TinderFox is to verify that the people you meet on Tinder are who they actually are and have ‘nothing to hide.’

Allegedly, you can browse their site to find gorgeous women and smoking hot babes and by providing your credit card information they can conduct a ‘background’ check on you before unlocking her address along with providing women a ‘safe code.’

The entire scam model of TinderFox is absolutely ludicrous.

They claim that they need your credit card information to verify your age along with running a “software background check,” but both you and I know that this is certainly not the case.

The sole intention of the scammers behind this site is to gather information about you.

Information such as your first and last name, address, and more specifically, your credit card information where you can bet that these scammers are leveraging the supported credit card information to conduct unwarranted transactions.

They claim that their service is 100% free and private for the Tinder community but think about TinderFox for a second, will you?

Tinder is run by a transparent corporation and is credible, what TinderFox and TinderVerify are trying to do is act as an affiliated party of Tinder but truth be told they are in way, shape or form affiliated with Tinder.

Additionally, the site claims to have been featured on CBS, CNN, and MSNBC but after checking all three news outlets we can confirm that is a downright lie.

Also, TinderBee/TinderFox/TinderVerify’s only hope of making the news would be when they get exposed as the scam they are, not with endorsement or hype.

The TinderFox scam is so idiotic I almost can’t believe I’m spending the time to expose this scam but truth be told, these are the times we live in and many people have already fallen for this scam so it’s time for the truth to be revealed on a larger scale.

Who is Behind TinderFox

TinderFox is anonymously operated and there is no identifying information.

No reference to a corporate entity or physical address can be found.

You can’t even find a contact method, like an email address, disclosed on their site.

While it is implied that they are affiliated with Tinder we can tell you with utmost certainty that this is NOT the case.

Site Background

DaterVerified.com was a privately registered site created on February 28th, 2020.

The site was registered on a private server and with a privacy package, therefore, we have no possible way of finding out who is at the helm of the TinderFox scam.

Additionally, we conducted a market intelligence report on the TinderFox scam and we discovered that the site not only receives minimum traffic but they do not have any direct ties to Tinder.

Is TinderFox a scam?

Yes, TinderFox is an online phishing scam!

TinderFox Scam Review

TinderFox is a corrosive phishing scam that pretends to be affiliated with the #1 online dating app, Tinder.

There are multiple sites that you can find variations of the TinderFox scam (also referred to as TinderBee scam and TinderVerify scam) so just understand that there are multiple variations of this scam and will likely continue to be until the sites are shut down by a governing or regulatory body.

If you have provided your credit card information with the TinderFox scam it is important that you contact your financial institution immediately, request they lock your account and wait for a replacement payment card.

We are already confronted with difficult and unprecedented times from the COVID-19 pandemic, don’t subject yourself to more difficulties by letting your guard down for ridiculous scams such as TinderFox.com.

Outcome: TinderFox is a scam.

Blacklisted Site: TinderFox.com & DaterVerified.com/tinderbee/

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  1. Dylan Navratil

    +1 (213) 261-0988 Is trying the same thing saying in town for meetings. Goes by the name “Kimberly”

  2. Big boy

    5872086911 tried me saying they wanted their trip to end in a bang😂thought they had a pluck. I already knew what was up just wanted confirmation by coming here

  3. Jake

    213-319-1155 as well. Someone saying they are just visiting their sibling and leaving soon. And wants to end their trip with a bang.

  4. Mark

    Just got contacted by a tinder fox scammer. Phone number 1-213-348-7154

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