Profits Run Review – Viral Scam Operation or The Real Deal?

Hosted at, Profits Run functions as an investment advisory operation.

Supporting investment programs, varying day trading services along with VIP services, it is difficult to imagine Profits Run being anything but a good-natured service.

However, if our experiences have taught us anything it would be to be wary of investment endeavors that appear too good to be true.

With this in mind, we openly invite you to learn more regarding Profits Run by continuing to read our unbiased review.

What is Profits Run?

Profits Run is a multi-faceted investment outlet the renders a number of investment programs and financial advisement services.

According to the About Us page, the goal of Profits Run would be to teach regular people how to become better, smarter, and safer investors and traders in any market.

Whether it’s stocks, options, exchange-traded funds or foreign exchange, there is some sort of educational training or software available to all.

Who are Bill Poulos and Greg Poulos?

Bill Poulos and Greg Poulos are a father and son team that founded Profits Run in 2001.

Apparently Profits Run got the name after the saying ,”cut your losses and let your profits run.”

Profits Run, Inc, which is their corporate entity, was incorporated in Michigan on January 1st, 2001 according to the Better Business Bureau.

The location of Profits Run, Inc is disclosed as 28339 Beck Rd Set F6, Wixom, MI 48393-4753.

Profits Run reflects an A+ BBB rating and has been BBB accredited since December 4th, 2009.

For consumers who are looking to touch base with Profits Run they can do so by emailing or by calling their number at (248) 733-4343.

How does Profits Run Work?

Depending upon the areas you are looking to improve when it comes to day trading there are several options available for you at Profits Run.

Offering publications, trade alert softwares along with VIP services below are some of their top-rated offers:


20/30 Wealth Trader

This daily advisory service selects the “best” trades from a pool of the top 20 markets where your time commitment is 30 minutes or less per night.

Crypto Profit Alert

The alleged goal of this service is to identify the highest potential and lowest risk investment opportunities in the cryptocurrency markets.

Instant Options Income

Weekly advisory service that exploits a 16-day “profit window” that gives day traders the potential to earn extra weekly income.

Gold & Silver Trend Trader

Daily advisory service that aids investors to conduct more lucrative commodity investments.

Trade Alert Software

Options Income Engine

An options program that includes trade alert software with “groundbreaking filtering capabilities” that automatically finds the options with the highest profit potential and lowest risk every night after the markets close.

Options Profit Mastery

Allegedly Profits Run most complete option training program, that covers 12 different option strategies and includes trade candidate scanning software to help find the “best” potential opportunities.

Market Mastery

Stock trading program for identifying ongoing profit potential in the highest potential stocks on a short-term, end-of-day basis.

Forex Profit Accelerator 2.0

Foreign exchange trading program designed for better profit potential.

VIP Services

Personal 1-on-1 Coaching

Just as it sounds, Profits Run offers personal 1-on-1 coaching.

Profits Run Alliance

A lifetime memberships that gives you access to specific programs to benefit from.

Domain Insight was a privately acquired domain that was registered through the NameCheap, Inc registrar on August 1st, 2000.

According to SimilarWeb, does not appear to be that popular of a domain. Reflecting a global rank of 2,393,526 with a US rank of 745,029 as of November 15th, 2018.

Given their lack of respectable web rankings, no further insight could be found regarding their traffic breakdown but all-in-all it appears that Profits Run receives minimum sums of traffic.

What Others Are Saying

With Profits Run experiencing a significant hit in popularity over the years it is difficult to find relevant feedback pertaining to Profits Run.

According to Forex Peace Army, Profits Run reflects under a 2 out of 5 star rating.

Among the biggest complaints found in the Forex Peace Army threads would be how Profits Run  scammed day traders, how bad customer service was along with outlandishly high up-sells.

Here is some of the most recent feedback we found pertaining to Profits Run:

“its a scam… i cant even report a problem right now or get into to see the latest complex trade they want me to put in….. i thought i was signing up for something that was 300.00 instead it was over 2000.”

“I paid the 7 dollars, and then paid the 77 dollars and then expected some education before i paid more. only more webinars. I have not received any login information via email.”

“I have to say I was totally disappointed with bill poulos and his software.Espically the one to one mentor system which cost me €5000 back in 2014.. I contacted him directly and he didn’t have the manners to respond to me after giving him €8000. Stay away from profit Run and bill poulos.”

Is Profits Run Trustworthy?

While Profits Run appears to be functioning as a transparent corporation, the overly abundant sum of negative user reviews is something that is hard to overlook.

Given their most relevant community feedback we do not feel that Profits Run is a trustworthy business venture.

Profits Run Review Conclusion

Profits Run may be the perfect educational investment outlet you have been seeking.

Offering many trading publications, investment softwares and select services, Profits Run has much to offer.

Having been in existence for over 17 years, it is becoming obvious that Profits Run is slowly becoming a victim of operational decay.

While their site appears to be losing popularity monthly, whether or not this investment advisory platform turns things around in the future is a different story entirely.

Due to their relevant and applicable negative consumer feedback lately, we do not recommend any consumer to participate with Profits Run.

Instead stick with more legitimate investment alternatives that not only reflect open transparency but perhaps more importantly a positive community consensus.

If you possess any insight, feedback or experiences we ask that you share them in a comment below!


  1. George Keough

    Profit Runs is a legit company but they have limits to what they can do. However, they offer dozens of option trading programs, though most of them revolve around Credit Spread Options and Buying Calls and Puts. They provide trade recommendations but they do NOT show their members ‘how to select the right companies to make trades. Usually their trade recommendations are on the wrong side of the market… losers. Bill is a perma-bear and his track record shows it. He and his tight-knit clan make their $$$ from selling memberships.

  2. Alex

    I looked at reviews before going with them but did not listen and gave them the benefit of the doubt. They are very knowledgeable about options. However, there are two major things you need to consider. One is that they do not state up front is that you need to be given the option level two from your broker before you can use their present recommendations. Learning this takes more than 30 minutes a night. The other which I am recently concerned about is that the IRS can tax your entire IRA account if you use the IRA account as a margin for options. But you should check this out for yourself. If this is true, I may never be able to use options. Let me know if you found otherwise.
    They give you time to get a refund if you request it within a certain time period. But I did not use it because I figured I just needed more time to figure it out since I have a full time job which limits my time.

    I appreciate this website and the comments. They may help others that are less knowledgeable like myself.

  3. Bill in NJ

    Simply stay away. If you take a look at their video that’s all over social media, you’ll find that it is very substandard. Anyone can produce shit and it’s evident here/

  4. Kenneth S Rosen

    I have closed out my account which was in effect for 5-6 days. I wish a refund of the money I spent on the newsletter. Reasons are I have had a cerebral bleed and lost ability to think and analyze, thus your letter will not be used and will be a waste of time and money. Please respond ASAP.
    Kenneth S Rosen ( My credit card company advised me to contact you first before they get involved and refund my money. Thus if there is no response my card company will intervene. Kenneth S Rosen.

  5. Ba Nguyen

    after listening to Bill Poulos’s presentation online about his Instant Options program, I paid $ 49, $77 with my credit card, but 0n 07/18/2019, not only I did not get any information about his option program as promised, my bank statement showed a debit of $49, $77 and an additional $294. The next day on 07/18/2019, I was charged with the same amount $49, $77 and $294 without my authorization and knowledge. My complaint and contact by phone were not answered.

  6. Edward Donie

    Some of their strategies entail extraordinary risk and I would not recommend for anyone. Possible losses could be devastating. They seem to me to be primarily marketing education that I find questionable.

  7. David Middlekauff

    I find Bill Poulos of Profits Run to be excellent in the educational services rendered. I have been involved in his options income course, his instant options income course, his gold & silver precious metals course, his Premier Income course & his Cryptocurrency course. I find everything to be above board & excellent in training with abundant videos to learn & for some products monthly webinars where the student can ask pertinent questions. I hope in the future to take his FOREX course to learn that also. My only complaint after almost two years of paper trading with good results is that I didn’t know how difficult it would be to trade real money with a broker. I have been using TD Ameritrade’s Think or Swim platform for paper trading & even took TD Ameritrade’s Options Course & passed with a 92% overall result & certificate, but still can’t trade real money. I only hoped that Bill would give us the very best advice on how to overcome broker’s evaluation obstacles to real money trading.

    • Jonathan Shieh

      Go ETrade, they will give you OPTION level-2 service

  8. Michael Jackson

    I participated, for 5 months, in the Instant Options Income program. Profits Run does not tell you everything when you join the program. They have no phone number for you to ask questions or complaints. They give you three to five options to buy every week. The pitch is that these options will make you money more that 50% of the time. I tracked their recommendations and found it to be true. What they don’t tell you is that you may place the order but it will never get filled. My experience was that the orders that I was able to fill made money rarely and I lost $6500 in 5 months following their buy orders. Their system on weekly options is flawed and they know it but they keep on peddling it.

    • James Duffy

      I have mixed feelings about Profits Run. Some of their recommendations, particularly calls in an uptrend market, perform as expected (which you might expect anyway), but many recommendations do not, particularly those involving puts in a downtrend market. Often these put recommendations get stopped out on the same day or the next day, at a loss, of course. Also, many recommendations do not take into account earnings announcements, even though Bill Poulos usually recommends not taking a position shortly before earnings. Apparently, his Options Income Engine recommendations ignore this advice. Also, the recommendations do not represent actual trades, and they often cannot get filled at the recommended price; thus, the performance data is not accurate. When you do a little research into the headquarters in Wixom, MI, it is very concerning to see the Google street view for the address given. There is a building in Wixom that looks similar to the one on the Profits Run website, but the Profits Run name is not on it, and another business is listed as being there, not Profits Run. Also, customer service is extremely poor. Thus, one should proceed with caution, and, if you decide to go forward with Profits Run as a screening tool, look at it as only that. It is a factor to be considered, but do not rely on it as the determining factor.

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