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Forskolin is another plant extract which has received a lot of attention lately, on account of its fat-burning, metabolism-stimulating effects. These effects result in spectacular weight loss in the obese and apparently an interesting bone-mass and lean muscle-mass build-up in all those who resort to this supplement.

What is Forskolin?

Also known as coleonol, forskolin is a compound produced by the Indian Coleus plant, which is a member of the mint family. Forskolin has been known in biochemistry for a while, as an agent that raises the levels of Cyclic AMP, thus being useful in the study of cell physiology. The actual manner in which forskolin is biosynthesized is well known too, as are the biochemical processes through which its effects are exerted. Without jumping into high-level scientific talk, we can safely state that forskolin and its effects have been well studied and are thoroughly understood by biochemists.

Forskolin for weight loss?

Definitely. While at first glance, forskolin is but another dull member of the large diterpene family of natural compounds, it contains some truly unique functional elements, and herein may lie the keys to the effects that it exerts over human adipose cells. Indeed, the research in this regard is quite plentiful, and while we shall acknowledge that television celebrities like Dr. Oz have promoted the compound at one time or another, that’s not what we shall base our opinions on regarding the efficiency of forskolin in fat burning.

The science

One of the top scientific resources in regards to the effects of forskolin on body composition and hormonal adaptations in obese men, is a study done by the Department of Health of the University of Kansas. The reason why we believe this study to be the most relevant in this sense is that it doesn’t just explain the fat-burning effects, it elucidates the mystery of how a mint-family plant can actually stimulate lean muscle build-up. Those who know a thing or two about plants and their effects on various functions of the human body, understand why this concept is so outrageous. Mint (both peppermint and spearmint) has been found to have adverse effects on serum free and serum total testosterone levels in human males. This explained why mint extract has been proven to inhibit some secondary male characteristics, like the growth of facial hair. While further studies are obviously needed in this regard, mint has always been considered an inhibitor of testosterone. Now then, it’s clear that in order to stimulate bone mass and lean muscle mass growth, testosterone (in its various forms) has to be stimulated and not inhibited. The hormonal path is the only reasonable one a compound like forskolin can take to stimulate muscle-growth.

The above said study, which was conducted in a scientifically accepted manner, featuring 30 subjects, 15 of whom received 250 mg of 10% forskolin twice a day as the other 15 participants were given placebo, has actually proven that serum free testosterone levels were increased significantly in the forskolin group. The experiment was a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled one, which took 12 weeks to complete.

Its findings on body composition, metabolic rate and blood pressure were equally interesting and supportive of the above detailed theories. Body fat percentage decreased significantly, while metabolic rates increased, together with bone and lean muscle-mass, indicating that taken orally, forskolin is indeed an efficient weight loss and lean body-mass promoting solution.

What’s more, the compound apparently works topically too. According to a different study, done by the UCLA School of Medicine, topically applied colforsin (forskolin) cream, had a dramatic effect on the thigh-girth of women treated with it, against placebo. The conclusion of the study was that increased fat-cell lipolysis resulted from alpha-2 adrenergic inhibition and beta-adrenergic stimulation. In layman’s terms: the forskolin cream proved suitable for safe and side effect-free local fat reduction.

Yet another study (done in Turkey, at the Necmettin Erbakan University), concluded that lipolysis was stimulated by oral forskolin, thorough the increase of cAMP levels (as stated at the beginning of this review). This study was done on rats, so it is somewhat less relevant than the above mentioned studies.

The bottom line of all this is that forskolin works, and that this whole forskolin-fever currently sweeping the world is actually solidly anchored in scientific proof.

Side effects and Possible Interactions

Like most plant-derived compounds, forscolin isn’t free of side effects either. Though the human organism tolerates the compound well when taken orally, there is actually a lethal dose, established through studies with rats, which has been set to more than 2,000 mg/kg of body-weight. Obviously, to hit that limit, one would have to ingest massive amounts of the compound.

Although studies haven’t been done yet in regards to the safety of forskolin in pregnant women, it is currently recommended that it be used with caution or avoided altogether.

Forskolin is known to interact with some drugs targeting high blood pressure. In this category, we have calcium channel blockers, beta blockers and Hydralazine among others. Forskolin shouldn’t be taken with anti-platelet drugs or blood-thinners either.

The general rule in this regard is that everyone considering forskolin should first consult with his/her doctor.

Pure Natural Forskolin

Pure Natural Forskolin is manufactured in the US, but it has to be noted that its production isn’t overseen by the FDA in any shape or form. It is classified a supplement and as such, it isn’t subject to the strict regulations governing the making and sale of drugs. Pure Natural Forskolin isn’t intended to cure or to treat any diseases. For the best results, Pure Natural Forskolin should be combined with a healthy lifestyle, diet and exercise regimen.

Unlike some other forskolin-based products out there, Pure Natural Forskolin contains 20% of the compound. That is quite a jump from the 10% that most other formulas contain. Whether one really needs this extra forskolin content is debatable though. As the above cited studies have shown, a 10% concentration is indeed enough to trigger the effects concerning weight-loss and muscle-gain.

The forskolin in Pure Natural Forskolin is an extract from all-natural forskolin root. It comes in 250 mg servings.


According to some user testimonials, Pure Natural Forskolin can have a visible impact on one’s waistline in as little as a couple of weeks. The scientific evidence supporting the efficiency of this product is certainly there. It bears repeating that for the best possible effect, one should combine Pure Natural Forskolin with exercise and a sensible diet. One should always talk to his/her doctor about the possible risks associated with the use of forscolin before beginning to take the supplement.

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