Bealoving, hosted at, is amongst the latest line of phony online retailers targeting budget-conscience shoppers.

Taking advantage of the holiday swing, scam marketers have been targeting deal-seeking consumers with fake online retailers reflecting out-of-this-world savings.

These fake retailers, upon further analysis, indisputably end up being scam operations that are aimed to steal your hard-earned money along with personal information.

As you will learn, Bealoving is no different than this latest plague of fake online marketplaces.

To find out more intel regarding, we invite you to read our unbiased review.

About Bealoving

Bealoving is presented as an online retailer that offers a wide range of clothing goods for woman.

The most commonly featured clothing articles at would be dresses, sweaters, and outerwear.

Bealoving supports a limited inventory only featuring around 60 to 70 clothing articles.

Most of the print on the dresses reflect vibrant, flowery patterns that reflect savings ranging between 40% to 90% off of the original retail value.

These drastic price reductions is where consumers instantly start to become at risk.

To find out how the whole Beloving scam works continue reading on.

Contacting Bealoving

Shenzhen Weidu Electronic Technology Co., Ltd is the corporate entity presented on the Bealoving Contact page.

Address: 7/F, Building C, No. 4, Road 1, Shangxue Technology Zone, Jihua Road, Bantian Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen City.

Telephone: +86 17695191886


A contact submission form is featured on their Contact page and an entity referred to as Itsfashion is disclosed on the Terms & Conditions page as their overseeing entity.

Cross Referencing Data

When researching the disclosed address of ‘Shenzen Weidu Electronic Technology Co., Ltd in Google Maps only certain segments of the address were legitimate addresses.

When we researched the disclosed entity of Itsfashion from the Terms & Conditions page of we came across their website

When researching through the Privacy Policy of we noticed that they disclosed The Cato Corporation as their overseeing entity.

Itsfashion is set up as the parent organization behind Bealoving, both of which are online retailers.

Bealoving is quite unlike Itsfashion though; Itsfashion does not disclose huge price savings on all their consumer goods and is a secured platform unlike Bealoving.

How the Scam Works

The way Bealoving scam works is quite simple.

They structure their site as an online retailer that targets a very specific demographic of consumers.

In this instance, the demographics would reflect that Bealoving is aggressively targeting young females between the ages of 18 to 40 with what appear to be trending, vibrant and eye-catching clothing sales.

These clothing sales reflect online savings ranging between 40% to 90% off what Bealoving discloses to be the retail value.

These exclusive online savings tend to attract online shoppers who are looking to get a great deal online or gullible consumers.

As with most of these scams, they reflect some overseas corporations that oftentimes when researched come up as fictitious and phony.

In the matter of Bealoving it is no different.

We literally had to follow the breadcrumbs left behind by Beloving to gain a picture of who a legitimate overseeing entity was.

In the Bealoving case that would mean Itsfashion.

These phony retailers are structured to appear as sharp, captivating online marketplaces that offer consumer goods and products that are “almost too good to be true.”

It isn’t until you strip away the deceptive layers of Bealoving that you begin to notice that their information is faulty and relays liability.

The corporate entity that is implied as the company behind does not actually exist, research will confirm that.

Community Feedback

Most review portals have declared to be a scam.

“Beloving in an Untrustworthy Online Store”

“Beware of Bea Loving!”

These are the titles of some of the top ranked review regarding for the time being, as you will notice their findings were similar to our owns.

Is a Scam?

Bealoving is a scam online retailer.

Concealing their true identity while rending a non-secure platform, holding no real inventory along with incorporating fictitious contact information it is obvious that cannot be trusted.

Bealoving Scam Review

Bealoving is another fake online retailer targeting consumers looking to save money through online shopping.

Hosting desirable woman attire with savings averaging from 40% to 90% it is no wonder that Bealoving has become a trending scam platform worth investigating.

Privately registered on August 20th, 2018, Bealoving receives approximately 80.50% of their traffic from social media sources with Facebook contributing for 99.53% of the total social traffic.

Giving these findings it is obvious that Bealoving has spread through Facebook and will likely scam many online consumers who are only looking for ways to save money online.

Stealing online consumers hard-earned money and personal information is unacceptable and an unethical business model at the very least.

If you have been scammed by Bealoving, we invite you to share your feedback below.

Among a couple courses of action that could be advisable if you have an experience with Bealoving would be to report your case with you financial institution and request a chargeback or contact your local authorities.

Outcome: Bealoving is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Site:

We invite you to share your insight, experiences and feedback below!

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  1. Kay Evans

    I ordered an electric scooter for my kids. Luckily I realised this was a scam and changed my bank account . Now I have to try and claim my money back.

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