Rapid Tone Review | Scary Complaints – NOT FDA Approved!

There is quite a bit of intentional confusion and deception revolving around the weight loss supplement Rapid Tone.

Rapid Tone, which can be purchased at Amazon.com, is a popularized weight loss supplement that has been cleverly organized and structured to appear as an exceedingly beneficial and ‘worth penny every’ type of supplement.

More or less, Rapid Tone is presented as a game-changing supplement.

To find out more regarding Rapid Tone and the undisclosed truth behind Rapid Tone, we invite you to read our insightful review.

What is Rapid Tone?

The hype surrounding Rapid Tone is uncontroversial.

However, how much of this ‘hype’ is actually real?

Deception is littered ruthlessly across the supplement industry – everyone knows this… but have you ever considered the possibility that Rapid Tone maybe fits that same mold?

Claiming that there are absolutely no side effects is a strong assertion to throw out for a supplement that is not even FDA approved.

Yeah, that’s right, Rapid Tone does not appear to be evaluated and approved by the Food and Drug Administration, meaning that the quality of the ingredients used to create Rapid Tone are not verified as legitimate.

Is Rapid Tone a Scam?

We lack the evidence needed to classify Rapid Tone as a scam.

Besides there aren’t enough negative user experiences to carry enough momentum to eradicate any legitimacy that Rapid Tone may possess.

Don’t Let “Real” Reviews Fool You

Rapid Tone has a cleverly organized promotional concept behind their campaign.

Review sites that are classified as “legitimate review sites” approach Rapid Tone with what appears at first as an unbiased demeanor.

It isn’t until later on in their publications that you notice that the reviewers are nothing more than online marketers who are likely getting compensated for your sign ups and purchases.

If you search “Rapid Tone scam, Rapid Tone reviews, or is Rapid Tone a Scam,” in search engines, you will notice how many of the organic search results are review sites that all strongly suggest that they have some unknown secret regarding Rapid Tone only later to heavily endorse Rapid Tone.

It is a sophisticated marketing approach, let us just get that straight.

Rapid Tone Reviews

Among the main complaint rendered at the Better Business Bureau would be consumers wanting their 60 Day Money Back Guarantee to be fulfilled only to later be unsuccessful.

However, over the past 3 years Rapid Tone, while they may have received 22 complaints over the past 3 years, it also appears that all complaints have been resolved over the past year too.

Could this be a sign that Rapid Tone is trying to legitimize their operation or just be sheer coincidence?

“If you do a Web search for “Rapid Tone Reviews,” you will come up with a dozen or more fake “health” sites praising the product…This is the usual marketing ploy for a consumer scam – release a phony product accompanied by praise from phony Web sites and you rake in the cash from naive consumers looking for a miracle weight loss solution. I cannot believe the government allows this type of scam to repeat itself time and time again!!!”


“Only took one pill and my heartbeat and stomach were jacked up for three days. There went $40 in the trash”

These reviews were found at Amazon.com (2/5 Star Rating).


Over the past few months the negative user experiences coming to light regarding Rapid Tone are finally starting to show some sign of progress.

As we previously mentioned, Rapid Tone was cleverly orchestrated and heavily marketed with a sophisticated marketing tactic.

It is evident that the network of marketers behind Rapid Tone are in cahoots with the creators behind Rapid Tone and the fact that their product reflects such negative experiences across non-manipulative platforms such as Amazon.com makes it easy to deduce that Rapid Tone may not be legit.

Our Consensus

Rapid Tone holds such a strong SEO position that ‘real’ reviews can be found littered in the organic search results through nearly search criteria.

This indicates that there is a strong network in place to affiliate and advertise for Rapid Tone.

These real reviews come off as unbiased at first and as if there are some hidden secrets nested inside their composition but you’ll be bitter with resentment later when you learn that the review portal is nothing more than a sophisticated affiliate funnel.

Rapid Tone is the epitome of this unraveling sophistication.

Is Rapid Tone FDA Approved?

Rapid Tone is not an FDA evaluated supplement.

This is a scary discovery since it further alleviates Rapid Tone and their manufacturing entity from having to abide by any FDA regulatory statues.

What this boil does to, as we mentioned earlier but will reiterate for good measure, would be that the ingredients present in Rapid Tone have not been verified as legitimate.

For all you know their dietary capsules could be filled with salt.

There is just simply no way of telling without FDA approval, which is are rare trait amongst the supplement industry.

Rapid Tone Complaints

These complaints were found at Amazon.

“Does not even work very unsatisfied”

“Gained 15 pounds with one bottle”

“If It is supposed to help curb the appetite it does not demonstrably do so. In my experience one needs a prescription for this but I thought I would try ! Don’t waste your money”

“It does not work like they swear it does”

Rapid Tone Review Conclusion

Rapid Tone by design appears as a legitimate weight loss supplement because it is heavily advertised as so.

As we have made well-known to you throughout our review is how some things don’t always appear like the they should.

Rapid Tone certainly fits the bill in this case.

Since consumer complaints have started to surface and the legitimacy of Rapid Tone has started to shaken under scrutiny, Rapid Tone has closed down their domain RapidTone.com.

Why this is we are uncertain but what is certain would be that the negative reviews regarding Rapid Tone are red flags laced with enough truth to deter us from advising any of our readers from considering Rapid Tone.

Rapid Tone is like an onion, if you want to find out what their operation is like down at their very foundation then you need to peel back the layers, one-by-one.

Rapid Tone is heavily advertised by many legitimate review portals who push their own agenda and don’t actually care for their reader base.

Sophisticated as it is, Rapid Tone does not deceive us.

Given our findings and the tonality of our review, we believe our stance regarding Rapid Tone is self-evident.

Outcome: Consult your Physician prior to supplementation!

We invite you to share your experiences, feedback and insight you may have with us.


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