Warrior Trading Review

Warrior Trading (WarriorTrading.com) by Ross Cameron is an online investment service and chat room whose aim is to provide their members with a thorough education in momentum trading.

Launched in 2012, Warrior Trading has grown into a rather reputable outlet for investors of all experience levels.

It should be noted that the Warrior Trading revolves around the investment of stock trading such as Facebook and Tesla, to name a couple.

To find out more regarding Warrior Trading and what others are saying as of 2019, we invite you to read our unbiased review.

About Ross Cameron

Ross Cameron, the founder behind Warrior Trading, reflects an interesting but persistent past.

According to research, Ross Cameron got hit hard during the internet bubble and early inception days of day trading during the early 2000s.

While many investors failed to pick themselves up after the crisis, Ross Cameron persevered and got back on his horse.

After strenuously re-engineering his trading approaches, Ross Cameron is said to have created a profitable investment approach that successfully targets small-cap stocks oftentimes valued under $20.

With things starting to look upward for Ross, he launched Warrior Trading in 2012 where now he spends the majority of his time scrutinizing charting solutions to find stock trading set ups with potential.

Professionally managing the risk while spotting ‘safe’ entry values, Ross Cameron appears to be acting appropriately and as expected as an owner of an online trading network.

What is Warrior Trading?

Since Warrior Trading inception in 2012, their platform has cultivated into one of the largest online investment communities.

Providing their members with a strong array of investment tools and instruments, Warrior Trading appears geared towards providing their users with all the tools and knowledge required to successfully invest.

During the time of composing this review, Warrior Trading offered 3 trading courses.

Warrior Starter

Price: $497

Total Cost: ~$497

Chatroom Access: 1 month

Real-Time Trading Simulator: 1 month

What’s Included: Intro to Financial Markets, How to Read Trading Accounts & Tools, Fundamental and Technical Analysis Intros & Mastering the Psychology of Trading.

Warrior Pro

Price: $1,497 down-payment + 2 monthly payments of $1,497

Total Costs: ~$4,491.00

Chatroom Access: 3 months

Real-Time Trading Simulator: 3 months

What’s Included: Warrior Starter Course, Day Trading Course, Advanced Large Cap Course, Swing Trading Course, Options Trading Course and Cryptocurrency Trading Course.

Warrior Inner Circle

Price: Not disclosed

Chatroom Access: 1 year

Real-Time Trading Simulator: 1 year

What’s Included: Private Inner Circle Chat room, access to Ross & the Warrior Staff, access successful inner circle traders and 50% discount on tickets to in-person training events.

Domain Insight

WarriorTrading.com was a privately registered domain that was created on February 1st, 2012 through the GoDaddy registrar.

According to SimilarWeb, WarriorTrading.com reflected a global rank of 72,652 with a US rank of 17,244 as of February 4th, 2019.

Ranked as the 360th most popular investment-related site, Warrior Trading supported nearly a million monthly visits last month while over 70% of their traffic derives from US (60.68%) and Canadian (10.08%) based visitors.

Furthermore, approximately 19.9% of the sites traffic originates from referral, social media and e-mail based sources.

Warrior Trading Reviews

Warrior Trading reflects a relatively positive presence amongst the online investment community.

According to TrustPilot, Warrior Trading reflected a near 5 out of 5 star rating out of 750 reviews.

“I feel like I have learned more from Warrior trading than anywhere else online. Their approach is that of a college type curriculum and it makes sense building from the ground up. I wish I would have found Warrior Trading first because I would have been a profitable trader by now with less money spent to get there.”

“I wanted to learn how to day trade and that’s just what the Warrior Trading Pro was designed for…They really want to see you succeed and you can tell! Keep up the good work!! Ross is an awesome teacher!”

“The program is clear and concise–you are not left guessing. The people at Warrior are friendly and accessible. The program is information dense and the instructors know their business.”

More reviews can be found at TrustPilot.

Among the main complaints regarding Warrior Trading would be their steep costs, expensive up-sell options along with many users reporting that they were not aware that the services have a fixed membership duration.

Is Warrior Trading a Scam?

Given the information that we have disclosed in the review and the popularity of Warrior Trading, we do not believe that Warrior Trading is a scam, in fact, they appear rather legitimate.

WarriorTrading.com Review Conclusion

Ross Cameron’s Warrior Trading investment service and chat room is geared towards providing fundamental and extensive insight into the world of day trading.

Whether you lack experience or are a veteran investor, Warrior Trading appears more than capable of providing the knowledge that you need to take your investing to the next level.

Supporting a wide-scale user base, we expect Warrior Trading to continue to grow in reputability as they have over the past 7 years.

With this in mind we are going to bring our review to a close but if you have any experiences or relevant insight to share, we ask you leave a comment below!

Outcome: Warrior Trading appears Legit.

Site: WarriorTrading.com

We invite you to share any insight, experiences or feedback you may have below!


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