Stonedale Partners Review

Stonedale Partners ( is an online lending network that aims to consolidate consumers credit loans by matching applicants with lenders.

Stonedale Partners appears to be entirely web-based while their site appears to be relatively new.

Due to the youthfulness and lack of reputability, Stonedale Partners does not reflect much community feedback.

With this in mind, the aim of our unbiased review would be to provide you with the insight needed to make an educated decision regarding whether or not Stonedale Partners is right for you.

What is Stonedale Partners?

Stonedale Partners provides loan applicants with the ability to receive debt consolidation loans by matching them with their network of online lenders.

Unfortunately, Stonedale Partners does not disclose who their lenders are so we are unable to verify the legitimacy of their lenders.

Allegedly, the aim behind Stonedale Partners would be to put your needs first while reducing your high interest rate credit card debt into a lower monthly payment.

The majority of the feedback that we found relating to Stonedale Partners will go on to indicate that many individuals received “pre-screened” letters through the mail saying that they may have been pre-approved for a debt consolidation loan.

How Stonedale Partners is acquiring these consumers physical addresses we are uncertain.

Who is Behind Stonedale Partners?

Like many online loan matching networks, Stonedale Partners fails to disclose any ownership or current active operator information.

The only identifying information we were able to find in regards to Stonedale Partners would be the following physical address of 17940 Farmington Road, Suite 200, Livonia, MI 48152.

When you search the physical address of Stonedale Partners, you may notice how the entity Stonedale Partners does not appear to share any affiliation.

To date, the only entities known to be linked to their physical address would be Michigan Institute for Urology, Lee Young Counseling and an entity known as Kristy Kah.

The only way to reach out to Stonedale Partners would be by emailing or by calling 800-927-1847.

How does Stonedale Partners Work?

In order to be deemed eligible for Stonedale Partners, loan applicants must have received a pre-screened letter from them that contains a personal reservation number.

From there, all consumers have to do is visit their site ( and submit their personal reservation number, first and last name, email address, phone number along with the following:

  • Estimated credit card debt
  • Estimated household income
  • Estimated monthly credit card payments
  • Selecting whether you own or rent

Stonedale Partners asserts that by applying that your credit score will not be affected, which may be true if their network of lenders conduct soft-credit inquiries but we have gathered from experience that is never a sure thing.

Just know that your credit score may be affected, depending upon whether Stonedale Partners or their lenders conduct credit inquiries to determine your creditworthiness.

If your application is rejected, you may be redirected to a debt settlement page or you can contact Stonedale Partners to discuss alternative options.

For loan applicants who are approved, they will advance to the next portion of the application process where they will be able to see their approved lenders along the criteria with each applicable loan offer.

From there you can finalize your debt consolidation loan by completing your application with your approved lender and electronically verifying and signing their loan contract.

It is estimated that loan applicants who complete the application process successfully should receive their funds within a 24 to 72 hour period but that is unconfirmed.

Domain Insight was a privately registered domain that was created on October 25th, 2018 through the GoDaddy registrar.

According to SimilarWeb, reflected a global rank of 1,831,306 with a US rank of 394,106.

Given their considerably low web-rankings, we don’t believe Stonedale Partners to receive much incoming visitor traffic.

Stonedale Partners Reviews

Stonedale Partners is a youthful loan matching network that was created under 4 months ago.

Given their youthfulness along with lack of reputability, there isn’t really much feedback we found regarding user experiences with Stonedale Partners.

We did happen to stumble upon a Reddit thread regarding Stonedale Partners but it appears that the reviewers who submitted their insight knew less than we did and didn’t have any positive experiences to share.

In fact, the consumer reviews posted appear to fall along the lines of general confusion while some loan applicants who have received their pre-screened letter state they were were denied a debt consolidation loan.

To read more, you can visit this Reddit thread.

Is Stonedale Partners a Scam?

We do not have enough intel or red flags to assert that Stonedale Partners is a scam.

Stonedale Partners Review Conclusion

Stonedale Partners is an online loan matching network that connects loan applicants seeking to acquire a debt consolidation loan with their network of online lenders.

Who these lenders are or what their credentials may be we are uncertain, which is why we advice consumers to approach Stonedale Partners with caution.

To add, there are no verifiable testimonials as they reflect on their site while the minimum and maximum loan borrowing amounts aren’t disclosed.

In addition, we found zero reference to any APRs while the only verifiable track record of consumer reviews reflected general confusion or a denial verdict.

Outcome: Stonedale Partners should be used at your OWN Risk!


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