REMfresh – a Dubious-looking Sleep Aid

REMfresh is a much-hyped melatonin supplement, advertised as a sleep-aiding solution, which has thus far allegedly produced superb results for its users. As far as the basic pitch goes, this one is indeed a rather reasonable supplement. Does it live up to the claims made on its official site though? Is it really everything it purports to be?

After all, melatonin IS the sleep hormone, right? It has been deemed safe for prolonged use, right? The melatonin delivered through the REMfresh product is high-quality melatonin, right?

Well…you see…it’s not that simple. Let us take a closer look at this supplement while attempting to answer those questions.

First of all: what is melatonin really and how safe is its consumption? Contrary to popular belief, according to science, melatonin is NOT a sleep hormone. Rather, it is a “darkness hormone”. A biological marker, the production of which is triggered by the onset of darkness. It has a variety of evolutionary functions, some of which have pretty much been overruled by modern life. That said, due to its nature, melatonin does play a role in the regulation of sleep.

As far as dosage and safety is concerned, MIT researchers have claimed that the ideal dose is between 0.3 mg and 1 mg. While much larger doses are used, and have been determined to be safe, even in the long-run, caution needs to be exercised. According to the above said researchers, long term, high-dose consumption can alter the way one responds to the hormone, and interfere with natural sleep patterns.

The mechanism of action of melatonin is a debated issue. Some specialists believe it brings about sleep quicker by dilating the blood-vessels close to the skin, thus reducing core temperature.

The bottom line in this regard is that yes, melatonin works for sleep and it is generally considered safe, even at higher doses. REMfresh delivers some 2 mg of the compound, which is closer to the lower end of the usual dosage-spectrum.

The official site makes a number of promises, such as the one concerning the patented technology which releases the active substance of the caplets gradually, over 7 hours.

REMfresh also promises to usher in sleep quicker, to improve sleep quality and length, and to accomplish all that without a hangover effect.

What is wrong with this picture though?

First of all: there’s some fine print at the bottom of the official homepage, specifying that none of the promises/statements mentioned above were in any shape or form evaluated by any authority. Translation: there’s absolutely no way to know whether any of these claims are true.

The quality of the melatonin contained in the supplement poses yet another major question mark.

The site makes a big deal about it being “high quality, 99% pure” melatonin, but it offers absolutely no guarantees in this regard either.

According to independent research, the most popular melatonin supplement brands sold in 2015 presented massive discrepancies between their actual melatonin contents and what they claimed on their labels. Indeed, the strength of the actual compound was between 1% and 147% of the strength claimed on the label.

With the above in mind, it becomes obvious that perhaps the most important question here is:

Who makes REMfresh?

The short answer to that is: we do not know, because the pusher of this product apparently does not want us to know.

The corporate entity associated with the REMfresh brand is a certain Physician’s Seal LLC, based in Boca Raton, FL. What we usually do in such cases is that we run some background research on the company in question, but in this case, that does not make much sense. You see, Physician’s Seal is not the actual maker of this product.

While it is claimed that REMfresh is made in the US, the official site of the product states that the UltraMel compound is actually sourced from “Western Europe”. That’s it. Western Europe is indeed a sufficiently vast geographical area to render this generously provided bit of information completely and utterly useless.

The bottom line: we have no idea who makes this melatonin supplement and where, and considering the above detailed contradictions and reluctance to offer actual information in this regard, it may indeed be assumed that the quality of the actual product differs radically from what’s advertised at the site.

User feedback

The “user feedback” made available through the official REMfresh website has to be taken with a grain of salt – to say the very least. The video testimonials seem artificial and awkward at best…they do not feel genuine at all. That said, they may in fact be legit.

For some people, the supplement does seem too work (whether this is a placebo effect or not, is hard to tell), but there are scores of complainers too on the product’s Amazon page.

Most complaints are extremely simple and centered on the fact that REMfresh does not work.

There is one regular melatonin user, who says he/she had good results with other brands, with a dose of 0.5 mg, however, REMfresh, with its 2 mg dose simply did not work.

Still others have complained about order-processing related problems. One customer ordered two bottles of 36 caps, and received a single one.

The price of the product is the object of several complaints too. Some people find REMfresh way too expensive.

How much does it cost?

At Amazon, a single box of 36 caps costs some $25.10, meaning that customers will end up spending $0.70 per caplet.

A 2-pack deal costs $47.99, bringing the unit-price down to $0.67. Apparently, free shipping is available.

REMfhesh Review Conclusion

Having read the user reviews, we have to conclude that REMfresh is a rather underwhelming product. Its origins unknown, it is distributed in the US by a company the background of which is rather mysterious as well.

Does it really work? Some people say it does, but there are scores who say it does not. The placebo effect cannot be disregarded either.

We invite you to share any experiences or feedback you may have below!

In any case, we would recommend consulting with a sleep expert for anyone who is suffering from sleep problems.


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