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City Recognition, which is hosted at, is a recently engineered scam operation whose sole purpose would be to gather and sell your personal and financial information.

Essentially functioning as a phishing scam, City Recognition is designed to appear as a reputable rewards program that recognizes and honors thriving businesses.

Implying that their operation has been in existence since 2009, City Recognition is actually a recently developed site that was made just 8 days ago.

To find out more information regarding the City Recognition Awards Program scam we invite you to read our unbiased review.

About City Recognition

City Recognition has been structured to look like a legitimate reward program for well-known corporations.

Their mission is to allegedly recognize the small business community’s contributions to the U.S. economy.

Supposedly every year City Recognition goes over a number of corporations and renders rewards to companies they identify as the most worthy due to their various contributions and success.

How the Scam Works

City Recognition has been reported to be taken root mostly through email campaigns.

Similar to, City Recognition has several viral email campaigns that they are blasting throughout the web.

The function of these email campaigns would be to solicit unsuspecting consumers of their sensitive and personal information.

Among the information that City Recognition is trying to acquire would be as followed: first and last name, email address, physical address, phone number, and credit card information.

As City Recognition discloses in their Terms of Use, they “may” provide your submitted information to other affiliates and third-parties that they are associated with.

To be honest though, that is EXACTLY what they are doing; there are no rewards actually being dished out by City Recognition.

Who is Behind the City Recognition Scam?

City Recognition does not provide any information relating to their ownership or current operators.

The About Us page briefly discusses their alleged purpose while their Privacy Policy, Contact Us and Terms of Use page fail to disclose any identifying information.

To add, City Recognition was a privately registered domain that was created on December 4th, 2018 which leaves us with no further insight regarding their overseeing entity.

Red Flags & Question Marks

Email Phishing

It has been reported that City Recognition is mostly gaining their traffic from soliciting consumers through email campaigns.

These emails appear legitimate and well-structured which is why it is essential that the word gets out regarding City Recognition so that they can become dismantled before stealing the personal information of thousands of online consumers.

Lack of Transparency

City Recognition is allegedly operating as an online platform that renders annual rewards to top-performing businesses yet they fail to disclose their own business entity?

As we mentioned not long ago, City Recognition does not provide any ownership or identifying information anywhere upon their site.

Similarities to Other Scams

City Recognition functions nearly identically to a previously exposed phishing scam referred to as Business Recognition.

While these two entities would appear to be connected due to their URL and operational similarities we do not have conclusive evidence to verify that these two entities are one-of-the-same.

Community Feedback

There isn’t much feedback regarding the City Recognition scam.

This can greatly be contributed to the fact that their site was only incepted just over a week ago according to a WHOIS report.

While more consumers fall victim to this scam we will continue to update this review to provide relevancy for future readers.

Is Legit? is NOT legit.

It is evident that the creators behind this scam wanted to keep their identity concealed from the general public and free of all liabilities.

Given their utter lack of transparency and inability to provide any services of real value we are classifying as a scam. Scam Conclusion

City Recognition is a recently created scam that was created under 2 weeks ago.

Since their inception, they have started catching the attention of the general public for being a disingenuous phishing scam.

Phishing scams are a sort of online scam where criminals send hundreds of thousands of legitimate appearing email campaigns in the attempt to acquire your personal information.

While these phishing emails may look legitimate they certainly are not.

If City Recognition doesn’t ask you send them your personal information through email, continue to be wary as they will likely try to direct you to a scam site that will steal your information in exchange for something fictitious.

Given the information disclosed in our review above we are obviously not advising any business, consumer or individual to consider City Recognition.

Outcome: City Recognition is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Site:

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