ZZPlus Shop Review

Yet again we are confronted with another online retail scam known as ZZPlus Shop.

ZZPlus Shop, which is located at zzplus.shop, is a deceptive online retailer that specializes in ripping off their consumers, conducting fraudulent transactions with your payment information along with likely selling your personal information on the net.

Established last month, ZZPlus Shop has been gaining traction within the online retail industry by relying upon heavily advertised Facebook campaigns to solicit unsuspecting consumers.

To find out more information regarding ZZPlus Shop and WHY you should avoid this scam we invite you to read our unbiased review!

About ZZPlus Shop

ZZPlus Shop is another phony online retailer that is aiming to steal money from innocent online consumers.

As you will learn, ZZPlus Shop is actually a clone of a previously existing scam known HexPress Shop.

Created just 9 days after the launch of the HexPress Shop scam, as you will learn the similarities between these two scam entities are indisputable and for those of you who haven’t read our HexPress Shop review we disclosed them as a scam.

Shifting our emphasis back on ZZPlus Shop, ZZPlus Shop appears as a legitimate online retailer that offers a sleek and eye-catching marketplace.

As with HexPress Shop, ZZPlus Shop reflects ridiculously discounted consumer goods and products in the attempt to lure unsuspecting consumers into their trap.

Oftentimes these discounted items are reflecting savings upwards to 70% to 90% of the alleged retail market value.

Don’t enable yourself to become mislead though, as you will learn ZZPlus Shop doesn’t actually offer any retail consumer goods and employs simple tactics to appear more legitimate than they truly are.

Who is Behind ZZPlus Shop?

ZZPlus Shop does not disclose any information relating to a corporate entity.

Furthermore, it is evident through the sites Terms & Conditions that the operators behind this scam site are not accepting any liability for any issues that may arise.

On the ZZPlus Shop Contact page they disclose the following physical address:

2.27 Romer House Lewisham High Street, London, England, SE13 6EE

This physical address is the same physical address rendered by HexPress.Shop.

When that address is researched you will come across a verifiable corporate entity known as Qandies Limited.

Qandies Limited, according to a CompaniesHouse report, is filed under company number 09121418 and is a UK based corporation.

As we have discussed time and time again, many online scams recently have been employing newly created UK corporations as their overseeing entity in the attempts to appear more credible than they truly are.

The problem is though that these UK based corporations are created with virtual addresses, alias and are exceptionally easy to establish due to the UKs loose leash regarding corporate startup requirements.

Community Insight

The general community consensus regarding ZZPlus Shop would be that they are a scam retailer.

Due to ZZPlus Shop being a replica of the HexPress Shop we disclosed some of the most relevant feedback pertaining to HexPress Shop below that way you get a better understanding of ZZPlus Shop.

“I should have known it was too good to be true. I never received any email or receipt and I used their contact us form and never heard back from them. I have also asked my bank to reverse the charge.”

“I too fell for this fraud. Credit Union has been notified.”

“”ZZplus Shop” is a Fraudulent Online Stone Created by Scammers.”

We will continue to update this section once we obtain relevant feedback regarding ZZPlus Shop.


ZZPlus Shop was a privately acquired domain that was registered on November 14th, 2018.

Detailed in a SimilarWeb report would be how ZZPlus shop reflects a global rank of 337,740 with a US rank of 116,630 as of December 12th, 2018.

Approximately 84.52% of the sites traffic derives from social media based outlets such as Facebook, which in this instance accounts for 99.89% of ZZPlus Shop social media traffic.

Is ZZPlus.Shop Safe to Shop with?

ZZPlus Shop is NOT a safe online retailer.

In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if ZZPlus Shop doesn’t possess inventory.

Functioning as a clone of a previously exposed scam known as HexPress.Shop it becomes obvious that ZZPlus.Shop is not trustworthy.

ZZPlus Shop Scam Conclusion

If you have been scammed by ZZPlus Shop we urge you to contact your financial institution, request a chargeback and share your experiences with local authorities.

ZZPlus Shop along with HexPress Shop are clear scam operations that doesn’t actually render consumer goods but instead frustration and deception.

Try your best not to deviate from verified retailers like Walmart or Amazon.

While the prospect of saving a few dollars may appear to most budget-conscience shoppers it is not worth the risk of losing more than your transaction amount or your personal and financial information.

Outcome: ZZPlus Shop is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Site: ZZPlus Shop

We invite you to share any experiences, insight or feedback you may have below!


  1. Roger Owen

    Still no comment from Facebook! Hopefully by now they have tightened up on letting fraudsters advertise on their platform. Shame they do not feel obliged to accept any liability!

  2. Glenn Bledsoe

    Well I got scammed too. I should have known better and of course my financial institution claims that this is a viable company. And cannot get me a charge back. Even though I haven’t received squat from zzplus. Oh yea I had to change my card # as well.

  3. Roger Owen

    Has anyone else attempted to get a response from Facebook as to why they managed to let a fraudulent company advertise and what if any compensation they are prepared to offer / what precautions are they now taking to prevent fraud in the future??????????

  4. Kara HARRIS

    I was shamed by this. My husband wanted the product for Christmas and 9f course I ordered for him. Never came.

  5. Roger Owen

    I am now reporting ALL adverts on Facebook, as they cannot be trusted to make sure advertisers are legitimate.

  6. Bill Collins

    I too got scammed hook line and sinker, I will not be duped by scammers again.

  7. Roger Owen

    How on Earth are Facebook allowing fraudsters to advertise? Too many people loosing well earned money during the run-up to Christmas. FACEBOOK TAKE CONTROL! This is totally irresponsible FACEBOOK. Are you going to refund all the people that have been caught out by fraudulent companies being allowed to advertise on your platform? Any comment?

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