My Money Hour Review – Too Good To Be True!

My Money Hour, available at, is a SCAM!

Yes, that is correct, My Money Hour is NOT legit and is a bona-fide scam.

Operating under the capacity as a phishing scam, My Money Hour functions with no real agenda apart from gathering your submitted personal information along with any sensitive information that they can procure from people you refer to their scam.

Marketing their platform as an easy way to make money online through little effort, My Money Hour is a textbook example of a too good to be true scam.

To find out more we invite you to read our scam review.

About My Money Hour

My Money Hour implies that typical run-of-the-mill consumers are able to generate cash from the comforts of their home with their “job” offer.

Claiming that as long as you have an internet connection and can spend atleast 1 hour per day working for them that you can begin to change your life around.

As expected, My Money Hour does not disclose any ownership or identifying contact information on their site.

Furthermore, we were unable to find any identifiable contact information apart from the following email

How the Scam Works

My Money Hour employs a ridiculous yet effective business model to acquire consumers personal information.

Pretending to offer everyday people a job, My Money Hour attracts consumers because they offer their platform free of charge and claim to handsomely reward their employees with lucrative referral payments.

Below is a brief step-by-step guide on how My Money Hour scam functions:

Step 1

Visitors create a My Money Hour account, this involves the disclosure of personal and sensitive information

Step 2

Once approved, which is immediately, you will have access to the My Money Hour dashboard

Step 3

From the dashboard you are able to use a tracking link to give to people who you know or to post on forums, reviews and blogs.

Step 4

For each successful referral you are allegedly rewarded a $10 referral bonus, which can later be deducted once the minimum sum has been reach.

The minimum sum required for a withdrawal is $300, which means you would have to refer 30 people through your referral link and have them all sign up and create accounts.

By now you may be wondering where the scam actually gets you, and the answer would be that it already has.

When first entering your own personal information you were giving the creators and scam operators behind this site exactly what they were looking for, which would be your information.

Then by employing what appears to be a rather rich-rewarding referral system, this “job” appears to be rather legit, rewarding and something that requires minimum time on your behalf.

As many of you have been able to deduce, the owners and operators behind this site have no intentions of compensating their users.

The sole objective is to acquire as much personal information regarding as many entities as possible, and if you have created an account with them you have unfortunately aided them in their process, hopefully unknowingly that is.

It should be noted that there is no history of verified payments being conducted between My Money Hour and their associates.


MyMoneyHour is a recently established scam that emerged into existence on October 7th, 2018.

Privately registered through the NameCheap, Inc registrar, we are unable to dig up any ownership information relating to My Money Hour.

According to SimilarWeb, My Money Hour appears to be growing a popularity and reflects a global rank of 46,231 with a Venezuela rank of 1,523 as of December 10th, 2018.

Over 65% of the sites traffic originates from visitors who reside within Venezuela (51.24%) and the United States (13.85%) while over 37% of their traffic derives from social media platforms.

Shared in the market intelligence report would be how Facebook and YouTube account for over 84% of the sites social media traffic, indicating that this scam has likely gone viral across social media platforms.

Community Feedback

My Money Hour is a relatively youthful operation that has failed to acquire much consumer feedback.

According to a review channel, My Money Hour was disclosed as a phishing scam due to their unethical business model and shady characteristics that we have already made known to you above.

“My Money Hour is nowhere close to legit and if you have filled out their form, please change your passwords to other accounts immediately.”

As more feedback is compiled we will continue to update this feedback section to provide relevancy for future readers.

Is My Money Hour Legit?

My Money Hour is not a legitimate way to make money online from home.

Posing as an online portal capable of helping everyday individuals make money online by offering them a referral “job” is a clever and non-suspicious way of acquiring peoples personal and sensitive information.

Bear in mind that there is really no job available with My Money Hour and that their platform functions without guidance, liability and transparency.

My Money Hour Scam Review

My Money Hour is a phishing scam operation that was structured with the sole intentions of stealing consumers personal information.

To what end your personal information disclosed at My Money Hour is being used toward is uncertain – what is certain is that if you create an account with My Money Hour then make sure you change your passwords for all major log ins.

Our advice regarding My Money Hour would be to avoid, and certainly NOT SHARE, the My Money Hour scam to anyone!

Outcome: My Money Hour is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Site:

We invite you to share any insight, experiences or feedback you may have!


  1. Kim

    I’m Soooooooooooo glad I looked extensively into this company ! Wowww ! Smdh !

  2. Angel M Jr Reyes Prieto

    Quiero Habril una cuenta con Hustedes . me puede llamar al 787-380-0746.

  3. danielle

    I got scammed into it as well. I signed up for yesterday and my account now says that I have made $545. I went to do there catcha test to prove I am real. Well that is where I noticed the scam starting. I was offered a $100 Walmart gift card but I had to first complete the survey and do 1 silver offer, 1 gold offer, and 2 platium. Which I did complete all of these to earn the gift card. It is still telling me that I need to do more offers even after I have the proof of the ones that I did. I am not happy one bit with these people. it is bulshit of what they are doing to people.

    • Kim

      Hey Danielle 👋 I can’t imagine how you feel right now. One thing I can say for myself is that I look at their reviews first and it usually take me a couple of days to see the Proof of Concept. I am on 9 different Survey sites. I’m not a Robot either 😂here is a list of Good Surveys. I wish I could send you snapshots of my earnings. I average about $225 monthly from surveys that use PayPal and Gift Cards. And if you are dedicated and not have so many Filters on your profile.
      Rewarding Ways
      Quick thought
      Focus Forward
      Survey Junkie
      Vindale Research
      Good Luck 👍😁 Have Fun.
      P S. I start a 4 week shopping survey tomorrow and it ends 7/12. Compensation is $500.00 . I just received the Camera Glasses today. I have to wear them every time I go on a shopping trip, even if I just Browse ! I’m Out !

  4. CANDICE Mmmń;b 9pm

    I signed up for my money hour and was never paid for my referrals. And i made over $600 on 3 days. They’re definitely a SCAM & I wish I would’ve known sooner. Fuck guy ;;uű

    • Rorui1001

      Omg please don’t tell me that..
      I have made since yesterday and today $695.00 I like to reach the mount of $1,000 that way they said they will paid me the same day…. or at least that’s what the website says.
      I hope this is not a scam.. I will be so upset…🥺🥺🥺😡

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