Easy N Genius Review

Easy N Genius, hosted at EasyNGenius.com, is a questionable online retailer that is unverified and starting to pick up traction within the online retail industry.

Once functioning as an anonymous to-be-believed Canadian operation, further research will reveal that Easy N Genius is actually a China based retailer.

Presenting their platform as a tiled online retailer, Easy N Genius possesses many desirable consumer goods on their site for what appears to be relatively good prices.

Whether these prices are nothing more than an illusive trap used to lure you in we will make as vividly clear as possible for you throughout the course of our unbiased review.

With this in mind we invite you to continue reading onward.

About Easy N Genius

Easy N Genius is structured as a magazine style online retailer that offers a wide assortment of consumer products and goods.

These consumer products and goods cover a broad scope of desirable goods and are narrowed down to the following categories:

  • Smart Home
  • Smart Kitchen
  • Healthy & Beauty
  • Baby & Kids
  • Beloved Dogs and Cats
  • Trending Toys
  • Outdoor

Among other goods supported would be electronics, seasonal goods, gadgets, tools, jewelry, home decor, apparel along with some tech savvy goods.

Payment Methods

  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • PayPal
  • VISA

Refund Policy

According to EasyNGenius.com, their return policy lasts 30 days.

“If 30 days have gone by since the date of delivery, unfortunately, we can’t offer you a refund or exchange.”

Perishable goods such as food, flowers, newspapers or magazines cannot be returned.

Furthermore they do not accept returns that are intimate or sanitary goods, hazardous materials, or flammable liquids or gases.

Other non-refundable items include gift cards, downloadable software products and some health and personal care items.

Consumers can only cancel orders if they order has not been fulfilled. In addition a 20% fee of your total order value will be charge.

For refund inquiries consumers are advised to email support@easyngenius.com.

Shipping Policy

Easy N Genius does not provide any insight regarding their shipping procedures.

Sure they go ahead and say that they use a “small mail service to ship your order,” but who their carriers are and how long their shipping times take are not disclosed.

They apparently ship to North America, Europe, Australia and some countries in Asia although they disclose no shipping fees, carrier information while their FAQ page where we pulled all this information contained several spelling and grammatical errors.

These errors are oftentimes trademarks of online scammers who become lazy during the creation process and/or just don’t know proper English.

Either way, it is not a good characteristic for any online site to reflect and sadly, Easy N Genius is loaded with these poor errors.

Who is Behind Easy N Genius?

Easy N Genius was recently operating as a rather ominous operation that failed to disclose much ownership information.

However, since their inception, they have disclosed the following business information:

Corporate Entity

An Hui BenNiaoXianFei Electronic Commerce Development Co., Ltd.

Office Location

F2, 2#, Economic and Technological Development Zone electronic information industry park, Chi Zhou city, Anhui province, China

Contact Person

Mr. Maosheng Xie


Chizhou, Anhui, China


EasyNGenius.com was a privately acquired domain that was registered on February 23rd, 2018 through Tucows Domains Inc.

According to SimilarWeb, Easy N Genius appears to be growing in popularity and reflects a global rank of 209,261 with a US rank of 53,176 as of December 9th, 2018.

Last month their site supported over 200,000 visitors while an estimated 68.85% of their traffic derives from US based visitors.

To add, Easy N Genius appears to be trending amongst social media outlets since 74.25% of all EasyNGenius.com traffic originates from Facebook.

Community Feedback

During the time of writing this review Easy N Genius did not possess any consumer feedback.

The only reference we found in relation to the legitimacy of Easy N Genius would be a ScamAdvisor rating that claims that their site is based out of Canada and the legitimacy of their platform is unknown.

However, the brief and non-concise ScamAdvisor intel was right about one thing, which we’ll disclose more below.

Our Findings & Concerns

The main concern, and what we found ScamAdvisor to be correct about, would be that Easy N Genius is an unverified online retailer.

Despite their site picking up traffic we still have yet to come across any consumer feedback, furthermore there is no information of value relating to the shipping process employed at Easy N Genius.

While we were surprised to find that Easy N Genius did disclose a corporate entity, for the likes of us we can’t understand why that corporate entity is not disclosed on the site’s Privacy Policy to ensure that their corporate entity was held liable for unknown circumstances that may occur.

To add, Easy N Genius only renders anonymous forms of contact.

Sure they offer up support@easyngenius.com but they don’t offer a valid retail office address, a telephone number nor a live chat feature where you could talk with a real associate of Easy N Genius.

Is Easy N Genius Trustworthy?

Easy N Genius is not a verified online retailer and is still considered quite new within the online retailer arena.

Given the lack of feedback relating to their platform along with questionable track record regarding their transparency of an overseeing entity we do not feel that Easy N Genius is the most trustworthy online retailer.

Sure, their platform could be an amazing online retailer but for the time being, and until more relevant feedback can be acquired, we are advising consumers to shop with Easy N Genius at their own risk.

Easy N Genius Review Conclusion

Easy N Genius hosts a great selection of consumer goods or products.

Whether Easy N Genius is a retailer that holds inventory, or simply employs a drop-shipping method we are still uncertain about due to the lack of verifiable identifying information.

While they disclose a corporate entity, that corporate entity is not mentioned anywhere upon Easy N Genius webpages where the liability of the site and the viewer visiting the site liabilities are uncertain.

Due to the lack of insight regarding Easy N Genius we are only advising consumers to utilize Easy N Genius at their own risk, and if they have an experience to share we ask you to share your feedback below.

Outcome: Shop with Easy N Genius at your OWN Risk!

Site: EasyNGenius.com

We invite you to share your experiences, insight and feedback below!


  1. Betsy

    It helps to know I’m not alone. After ordering 2 toys last Dec. 2, 2018, a very cheap version arrived 5 weeks later in merely an envelope (not surprisingly, damaged) with no instruction included. Their excuse for the delay was that it was an international order (China), even though their catalog states they ship from a US warehouse, which was what lured me in. Since it arrived well after the holidays, I tried to make a return, but my 30-day window for any refund was up. I was eventually given a return code number, but they never sent a destination or any contact information. Oh yes, there’s an online customer service, which merely spits out robotic, overly friendly howdy-doos, until even that ceases to respond. This is all so wrong! It’s also curious that this is my second experience with a company powered by Spotify that did not measure up to its advertising, although Amazon is taking care of my refund for that one.

  2. Ashley Ford


    I bought some stove covers from them that were ripped and defective. I tried to get a refund obviously because they weren’t usable but they offered me a coupon code for another purchase and a 20% refund. I opened a pay pal case to get a full refund because the product was defective and they agreed to a full refund and asked me to close the paypal case and stupidly I did. Because I closed the case they didn’t have to send me a refund and shocking…..they never did. So now I have nothing I can do and have literally been manipulated by the company to delete the paypal claim so I can’t do anything to get my money back.

  3. Tim Gallegos

    A complete scam. They also have paypal wrapped around their finger. I lost an appeal case with Paypal after I spent $35.00 to ship their defective product that was equivalent to industrial waste. If you buy from them, you will be taken for a ride and Paypal will not help you get anything back.

  4. Tom Graverson

    I ordered the Useless Box. Good description because it never worked. After several contacts with useless Lucie, she said it was delivered. Never, ever buy from these losers. Lucie, hope you are unemployed by now, worst customer service ever.

  5. Dave Mills

    I too was scammed by these crooks. I ordered my item in November 2018. They sent it to the wrong address so it was returned to them. After months of contact with a “Lucie ” from their office I was told they don’t replace items lost or resend product. They offered to sell me the item again at 50% discount but not refund my money from my first order. What the? So that were basically offering to scam me again but for only half the money they scammed from in the first place? Do not order from this company!!!!

  6. Damon

    I left a comment earlier detailing my infuriating dealings with these crooks. I have succeeded in getting them listed at resellerratings.com & left a review there. I ENCOURAGE EVERYONE WHO HAS BEEN RIPPED OFF BY THESE SCAM ARTISTS TO GO TO RESELLERRATINGS.COM & LEAVE A REVIEW DETAILING YOUR EXPERIENCE!

  7. Pam A

    Dont waste your money returning anything. I shipped mine back and it got “lost” along the way. They told me where to ship it, and I did. When I didnt hear anything I contacted them and was told that it was the wrong place to return to. So I call the “wrong place” and they could never find it. I gave up, probably is what they are counting on. I am out $100 on this buy. I am hoping to find the TV station where I first learned about this place. I will call them and let them know its not a reputable company.

  8. Jonathan

    I ordered a “Don’t Touch Me – Useless Box” toy that I saw on the internet. What arrived was a shitty Chinese imitation of the box. The mechanism was bare with no covering and there was evidence of lousy glueing job and the lever that lifts the box was broken. It’s clear they were making shitty knockoff copies and selling it full price. I contacted them and sent video and pictures comparing what they listed on their site with what they sent me. Still waiting for my refund, I will probably contact paypal or chargeback.

    • Tom Graverson

      I ordered the same Useless Box. Good description because it never worked. After several contacts with useless Lucie, she said it was delivered. Never, ever buy from these losers.

  9. Damon

    SAVE YOUR MONEY! I ordered a $30 item (roughly $37 with shipping). When it arrived it did not work. Hey, I thought, it happens, right? I’ll just email them & arrange an exchange for a new one. Should have been an easy fix. Instead I got an unending runaround (send us a picture of the item; send us a video; we can’t open your video: please send another video). I filed a claim with Paypal’s resolution center & also with my credit card company. They first offered a partial refund, which I refused. Now they offer a full refund if I return the item, TO VIETNAM! Shipping via UPS to the address I was provided (with a tracking number) was over $250!!! Guess what? I make good money, so I’m going to ship it to Vietnam just so they have to refund every penny to me, and I am escalating my complaint with PayPal in an effort to get them cut off from access to Paypal’s service. Unethical crooks!

  10. Ani Safavi

    Terrible product that was completely different than what it was displaying on the website. Trying to return product within the 30 days and they avoid telling me how and where. Do not order anything from this company!!!

    • Mindy

      Same! They responded to my initial email requesting return information. Asked WHY I wanted to return it. I answered. Since then I have sent numerous emails. Crickets. Nothing. Nada. Gonna chalk this up to ignorant impulse buying and vow to only buy from USA based companies in the future.

  11. Brooke Modd

    I’ve ordered a product from this company and wish I had seen this website beforehand. My product hasn’t turned up and they are claiming it was sent. I’m demanding a refund but of course no number to call anyone on and just the same email from response from Natalie. Don’t buy from this company!

  12. Rose

    I ordered from this SCAM of a company over a month ago and still haven’t received the package. “Lucie” gave me a so called tracking number that doesn’t tell me anything. I’ve email them dozens of times. The very first time, she told me that I would be getting an update in 2 days. That turned into it will take 10 -12 days for an update. And now she tells me it’ll take 20 days for an update. I really wish I had found this page before I ordered. The present was for my sons birthday who was home for awhile before going back to Kuwait. From now on I will check on companies before spending my hard earned money.

    • Robin

      I have the same situation and getting emails telling me to be patient the order is on its way. I have a tracking number that doesn’t exist !!!!!! this company is a scam and I agree I wish I would’ve seen this before I made my purchase the company sucks and I will get my money back

      • Rose

        There’s got to be something that can stop these people from scamming people. I’ve checked all over the internet and haven’t seen one good review about them. I wish you good luck in getting your money back. As for me I’ve gave up and take it as a lesson learned.

    • Christian prichard

      Took 2 months for my package to be delivered and is not what is represented on their website.

      • Rose

        I’ve been telling everyone I know about this company. I hope these comments will reach enough people and will eventually put these people out of business.

  13. Donna

    DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY !! I order a product in Dec/2018 and never received the product. Contacted company and received back an email that they were looking into it. THE END OF STORY.Company is a total scam and I was one of their victims.My fault ,I should have checked out the company before ordering BE AWARE

    • Ken

      We ordered a helicopter toy in early December, 2018. Eventually, in early January it arrived. A part was missing from the blades, causing it to malfunction when attempting to fly. My emails began, complete with photos and explanations. Numerous “We’re on it” canned messages came back. Finally, in January, 2019, we got a more original message stating that my complaint was verified and I had three options (one of which was a 50% refund). That was the last somewhat clear message I have been sent. I send one or two messages per week, and get the same ‘We’re on it”. I fear that the next email will state something like ‘the 30 days is up’ and no refund or anything else is coming. It’s not the money. It’s the fact I was scammed!! I should have looked on-line for reviews. But misery loves company, and I fear there will be a lot of misery around ordering from this company. I should consider myself lucky…I actually got a product albeit broken.

  14. Terry Coble

    This company is a total sham! Lost $144 on an order in November 2018. Still get fake replys from Lucie and Natalie.

  15. Kay

    Wish I would have seen these before ordering! I ordered 4 items
    12-1-2018 for Christmas gifts. It has been almost 3 months and I haven’t received anything. They got their money right away. I continually get the generic Lucie emails with the bogus tracking number. First rate scammers!!!!

  16. Pam A

    Dont buy from EasyNGeius. They have terrible customer service, they don’t respond to emails. You can not contact them by phone. I am out $100 for items I ordered for Christmas gifts for kids that arrived late. I could not cancel the order. When I returned the items, per their instructions, I never received a refund. Now they are telling me it was to their distribution dept and I need to get it back and resend to another address. BTW – Paypal would not help me with this either.

  17. Bonnie

    I have had a similar experience with this company. I ordered the Transparent LED Light from them before Christmas (12/9/2018). Cost was $26.49, including shipping. It took weeks to arrive after Christmas. I arrived in a damaged box and the toy was broken. I asked for a refund and was told that they are not responsible for shipping. I complained and then they offered me a 40% refund. I had paid by PayPal and I asked for help from them. The current “resolution” is that I can ship the item back to them in Vietnam for a full refund. The cost to ship this toy to Vietnam is close to $50.00. So, I am not happy about that solution and will follow up with PayPal. I first saw this toy on Facebook and followed a link to the company website to place my order. I have sent a formal complaint to Facebook. At this point, I do not trust any ads on Facebook. Do not order from Easy N Genius. It is a fraudulent vendor.

    • Sam

      Thanks for letting everyone know about these scam artists.
      It would be helpful to know what is the name of their facebook page so that others know not to buy from them. Often times stores like this use different page names so that people cannot find them later.

  18. Audra

    Same Same Same. Terrible company. Do not order! Promised refund of 20%, now no response.

  19. Marilyn LeRoy

    Do not buy from this company. Delivery tskes forever and they do not tell you that. Terrible customer service and unable to return
    Get it fom Amazon instead.

  20. Mary Hollar

    I WISH I had found this site before I purchased 4 of their items: of which only one came with one set of instructions and these instructions did NOT match their description which is even indicated in Lucie’s last email of the 25+ emails from her she agrees… LOL In my reply, I told her must not be familiar with what they ship to customers. I have asked for a full refund within the time frame and continue to get standard generated replies. I don’t think I will let this go and hopefully PayPal can help me resolve this issue. I have copied her last reply below and 2 days later I am not getting any more info. I WILL NEVER buy from them and will write bad reviews wherever possible. my concern is they will just change their name and continue to scam customers.

    Lucie (Easy N Genius Inc.)
    Jan 28, 01:49 PST
    Hi Mary,
    Thank you for reaching out to us.
    I’m Lucie from Easy N Genius Inc.
    It’s not interacted with home remote. We didn’t put that information in our description.
    As for your unsatisfactory, we’d like to offer 2 options as below:
    1. 50% discount code for your next order
    2. 20% partial refund of the total value
    Please specify your choice by number.
    Hope this could make you feel better! Looking forward to hearing from you!
    Have a nice day!
    All the best,

  21. sandra benefield

    DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THESE SCAMMERS!!! They have NO customer service and Emailing them is USELESS!! automated / generated responses and PayPal says that it will take 60 days before I can possibly???? get my funds back? Why would social media allow these SCAMMERS to run ads? NOT TRUSTWORTHY AT ALL!!! It’s the same thing as burning your money!

    • Julie Lattimore

      I total agree it’s Social Media and they should NOT allowed to do it. You can’t even file a complaint with the BBB because the return address on the package is in Chinese symbols. My products were mangled.

      • Jeri M

        Very same situation with my order in Nov. The replies are generic in nature & keep referring back to a tracking number for US postal international packages in San Fran.

  22. Lori A Long

    Scam! Warranty information says they will refund 1/2 purchase price if item defective (or replace if you mail back to them, which would cost more than the item, within 30 days of order, which is impossible, since item wasn’t received within 30 days of order). Item ordered was missing a major component. I contacted them 4 times for the refund, and receive no response whatsoever.

  23. Anita Whitlock Wimmer

    Do not buy from this company, they are a scam. Delivery can take up to 2 months and they do not respond to emails. They actually changed my tracking number twice when it said was being processed for shipping. I did finally get product but they are very cheap items, not well made at all. Item needed batteries and clips broke trying to put batteries in. Very cheap product. Will never buy from them again.

  24. Dominic

    Complete scam site. Do not buy form here. I ordered and Easy Genius charged me twice. My credit card company flagged it right away. I got an email from E&G with a tracking number. Total joke the tracking number was meaningless.
    Do not buy from this site, avoid their instagram ads.

    • Julie Lattimore

      I agree, my products came from China without a box or any padding. The products were mangled. They sent me a message yesterday stating that they do not return anything they don’t ship, which is EVERYTHING! HUGE SCAM!!!

  25. Chuck Gerlach

    I ordered a product from them on Dec 25th. I received no communication from them other than an auto reply (that day) saying my order was being prepared for shipment. After refusing to answer any of my emails (including those that were trying to cancel the order), between then and today (1-20-19), they finally sent me an email that my order was being prepared for shipment. I have already told Amex to reverse the charge to the retailer and PayPal is not easy to deal with.


  26. Carol Ross

    I ordered 3 things for Christmas on 11/27. They never arrived until after Christmas One was in a crushed box wit a piece missing and the other 2 were broken. The pieces fell out of the box. I put in a Pay Pay claim. They said they would refund but I would have to pay shipping. I will not pay to ship damaged items back. I thought this was a safe purchase because it was backed by Pay Pay. What a joke. NEVER. ORDER FROM THEM

    • Julie Lattimore

      The fragile products I ordered were shipped from China without padding or a box to protect them, they were completely mangled. I contacted the company, they requested photos, I sent them and they refuse to reply back. Worst company ever!

  27. Arlene C


  28. Kathy P

    I ordered products at the end of November and still have not received them. I contacted owner on PayPal and was sent a tracking link but there was no destination address on it so I have no way of even knowing that it was my order. It supposedly arrived at customs mid December but no further info. They must be walking it from the coast. Its ridiculous. I had to escalate my complaint to PayPal. Hopefully I will get a refund…

  29. sara garceau

    Never ever order anything from this company they are a complete scam. Ordered an item for a Christmas present in November still didn’t receive item in January. After multiple attempts to reach them they finally responded and said they couldn’t do anything about it but they would offer 50 percent off my next order. The package was addressed wrong by them so It went to the post office where it was destroyed because they did not pay enough shipping to have it shipped back to them when something like that happens. So I never received my order and never got a refund for my item. EXTREMLY poor customer service. COMPLETE SCAM of a place

  30. Mary weisner

    This company is a scam. Placed an order on November 30, 2018. Have contacted company numerous times and still have no received my order as of January 2019. Never order from this company.

  31. Jill

    Another victim here!

    I ordered12 of the flying balls. After placing my order I found them on eBay for $9.95 free shipping.
    So I decided to ask them for a 20% discount on my order or I’d like to cancel the order . They reply right away saying sure I will give you 20% and we will do that once your order is fulfilled. It took about a week later until I got any information on shipping – that’s when I started to get nervous .
    I emailed them with no response just like everyone else .

    So with that I decided to start to file a case against them on PayPal – miraculously they started to respond to me – In the meantime I ordered some from eBay just to be safe. I did end up getting my items before Christmas but I was very nervous that I wasn’t going to get anything – PayPal didn’t help me out because they saw that they got delivered – I was never given my additional 20% discount which was $42.22 !!! I bought 12 of them so it was a big deal – PayPal said sorry but they weren’t going to do anything because I receive the items . Even with me forwarding them the email from EZ genius saying that they were going to refund the money PayPal would not do anything about it . I’m actually still fighting them I’m so aggravated !!!! I am extremely pissed off with PayPal I can’t believe that they’re letting this company do this to all of us !!!
    But at least I got my items but not the promised discount

  32. Christi Fields

    Same story…ordered in plenty of time for Christmas and they arrived the day after. Contacted them to return the unopened product and they said they could offer me a 20% refund or 50% off my next order. Their English is incorrect so you can tell its a Chinese company, however my product shipped from CA. Mad at myself…should have researched the company.

  33. Ed

    I would not ever refer this scam seller, I bought a “heating vest” and almost 60dollars to get this chip ass piece of crap took almost a month to get it to my destination beware guys spread the word do not buy anything from this place….

  34. Bev S.

    I placed two orders for four items in late November. There was no indication that my items might take 25 days to arrive until a week after I made my purchase when the tracking information arrived. The company disguises their point of origin as Canada when they actually ship from China. Nothing arrived before Christmas, well within the 25 days. One order contained two items, but only one arrived. I emailed them a dozen times, sometimes several times a day in response to their form responses. The first response was always “Please share your order number”, but the order number was in the subject line every time. In response to those emails, I received a form email showing my the tracking number showed as delivered. Yes, one of the items was delivered, but the other was not. I finally gave up and intended to reach out to PayPal, but the second item finally arrived after 6 weeks. Beware that you are ordering from a Chinese company and that they communicate only in form letters. I did finally get my items, but I will not order from them again. It was not worth the hassle. By the way, I later found several of the items I ordered on Amazon for 1/3 the price.

  35. susan masser

    DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY. They do not offer refunds or exchanges. I am stuck with a hover ball that broke within 5 minutes. Contacted Paypal for assistance since they have the Buyer Protection hoping they will get my refund for me (as most credit card companies can). They send no invoice and have no address. Wish I researched this company before I made any purchase.

  36. judy ladeur

    I ordered 3 of the hovering balls for my grandchildren at $20+ each and they broke the first day. I have tried several times to contact the company, which i learned is in China, with no success. I am hoping that Pay Pal will give me a refund. DO NOT order from Easy N Genious. It is not easy and not genious.

  37. Terri Maynard

    I’ve never had this happen to me so I don’t know the legalities….ordered 2 hovering balls, they never showed up, I tried to get a full refund but they are only offering 30% discount (which now I don’t want to because I don’t want to have them credit any of my cards/paypal etc.) AND they were generous and told me I’d get 50% off my next order – yah, right!!! Has anyone reported them?

  38. l pouchak

    All five balls arrived on Saturday and they all work. I received an email two days before saying the balls had been shipped on the 19th and would arrived on the 26th. The email also said the order was placed on the 3rd of December and totaled $15 more than my original quote. I ordered on the 12th. Wondering if I received the order for someone else. Now I have to call PayPal back to allow the charge to go through. What a mess! Never again will I order something advertised on Facebook.

    • Sam

      Thanks for letting everyone know about these scam artists.
      It would be helpful to know what is the name of their facebook page so that others know not to buy from them. Often times stores like this use different page names so that people cannot find them later.

  39. Bryan Milligan

    Ordered and was charged for 10 Flying Balls. Did receive 5 after several weeks. No response from email to company.

  40. J Step

    I ordered 4 of the flying balls for my great grandkids. I almost always research before buying anything from an unfamiliar co. I was so excited about these that I lost my mind and ordered 4. Total was 81.?? on credit card, thru paypal. I did get a tracking # and it shows they were delivered yesterday at my granddaughters house. It was a FedEx tracking # but says it was delivered by USPS. I have not yet talked to her yet but will come back to tell you if they really were delivered and if so, do they work? (Package delivered yesterday 12/22, ordered 11/27). Praying for the best but not feeling very secure that these even arrived let alone work. So sorry for all that fell for the same thing. Lots of lesson learned.

  41. Michele

    I ordered the remote control snake on November 21, 2019. They said it was at the USPS in Korea back in December 4. I wrote 5 letters to them and they never respond. I filed a complaint with USPS and now the site said it’s ready for shipping December 20. It still hasn’t shipped. I needed it for Christmas. I just wrote again to the company to ask for a refund and surprise no re response again, I’m going to PayPal and file a complaint. What a scam.

  42. Janis

    3 hovering balls finally arrived…. after waiting 21 days and contacting easyngenius at least 5 times. THEY DO NOT WORK! I will try to stop payment.

  43. dan rickels

    I DID RECIEVE my flying ball-it does NOT HOVER like they said, what a piece of CRAP!

  44. JS

    Yep, I fell for it too. They said my order was shipped on Dec.9 and I still have not received it and I don’t have much faith that I will ever get them. I am not able to track the shipping either. I have emailed them several times and finally got a response with instructions on how to track my order Yeah right! It doesn’t work.. They said ” we’re here for you but we are experiencing high volume of emails so it may be up to 72 hours to resolve the problem”. I will contact Paypal and ask for a refund as suggested by some of the others listed above. As general rule, I only order through Amazon. Lesson learned.

  45. Mary

    I’m in the same boat as all the others listed above. It is a shame that with all the technology available to us today that a company can get away with this. There should be some process/verification that companies have to submit before they can post and advertise products. I’m going through PayPal for a refund. If you paid by debit/credit card, I would suggest you cancel and reorder your card. We are not dealing with reputable people here!!

  46. Ree Dinger

    My order was made on Nov 28.
    I emailed several times before I got a generic response. The first
    Reply tracking said it was accepted
    In Korea Dec 11 and my second reply said it was accepted in Korea
    Dec 24. Looks as it it’s sitting in
    Korea if ever shipped at all.
    Their replies states “please do not
    Panic if your order status is still in the promised time”. Their promised time is 15-20 working days. Maybe the trap working days not to panic would put it Dec 27, not that’s been
    ordered last month. When will I ever learn! I’ll be counting on PayPal !
    Promised time”

  47. Vicki Law

    I ordered 4 of the flying balls for my grandchildren. Have been emailing (17) easyngeniu
    all I get is the company line. Then they told me that they had been shipped
    to an address in Texas. I live in Australia. Because “I
    had given them the wrong address” it was not their
    fault and the parcel would not be sent again. Also they refused to reimburse me. They are not answering emails. So they have my money and product. I am looking at some kind of legal action.

  48. Ann Scheu

    My “story” reads exactly like the many others that have been posted above! I will NEVER order from Easy N Genius again. It appears that I have LOTS of company in that category!!

  49. Dee

    I ordered 3 of the hover ball toys on 12/1/18 and paid through PayPal. These were Christmas gifts for my grandchildren as well. Item has not been received. I did receive a FedEx tracking number shortly after the order, but it said the label had been created and I would be notified when it’s shipped. The tracking number now says its expired. What a scam. I also find fault with PayPal and FedEx for being an instrumental part of this scam.

  50. l pouchak

    For everyone who ordered these flying balls, please contact PayPal. I did and they were able to see the transaction from their side. PayPal has a policy of refunding the amount to your credit card, if the company is a scam. They will do a report on the company, flagging any transactions that come through, so the more people who contact them, the greater chance we will see this company taken down. The number to call: 402-935-7733 If you didn’t have an account with PayPal, try setting one up to start the process. I did that, and even though I couldn’t see the transaction, PayPal could. Good luck to everyone.

    • l pouchak

      And, an update and recommendation – contact your credit card and have them cancel the card and issue a new one. This is what my credit card company recommended.

  51. Julie Mudder

    i am in the same boat. But i am concerned that i used my cc? Should I be contacting my bank for a new card? What did you people do?

  52. Janet DeBoisbriand

    I ordered 3 of the flying toys on 11/30 and haven’t received them. Have a Fed ex tracking # but just says shipping label sent to Fed ex on 12/07 and will notify me when package has been shipped….going to my bank and try to put through as fraud and hopefully get my money back! This company is a joke just keep getting generic emails in response to anything I send them…never again will order strictly through Amazon and nothing else😠😠


    This company is a total scam. I ordered two flying toys that do not work as advertised and are not safe for kids to play with. The company refuses to take them back even though their posted return policy says they will. Before receiving the items I tried to cancel the order because it was taking so long. They put me off until they could say the items had been shipped and therefore they could not cancel. The whole experience is frustrating and I wish I would have researched the company before ordering.

    • Judy

      I agree! I’ve had the same experience. I also wish I had researched company before ordwering. Lesson learned. Will contact the BBB to see what can be done.

  54. Jan Taylor

    I received my order but the flying toys DO NOT WORK!!!!! I needed to research this company prior to ordering.

  55. Bobby In Full Effect

    I hope that remote control snake that I ordered from this lackluster company comes alive and bites all the China men in the ass! Just like all the good hardworking people above, it has been a month today since I ordered and I have nothing, no updated tracking, no email apologizing for being on the boat without a motor or nothing. I will never ever buy another thing from a Facebook Ad again, Believe That! I might not even order Chinese again either. Noodles always cold anyway!

    • Sam

      Thanks for letting everyone know about these scam artists.
      It would be helpful to know what is the name of their facebook page so that others know not to buy from them. Often times stores like this use different page names so that people cannot find them later.

  56. Lynda Brunelle

    I ordered on Nov. 29 and all I have is an order# No tracking # and no way to contact the company. From the reviews I’ve been reading it looks like I have been scammed. I am so mad because this was a gift for my grandson. No other emails and they had my money immediately by PayPal and I’m not a member. Guess I’ve just been had😡

    • Julie Bailey

      Lynda, I also ordered November 29th. After five emails I finaly have confirmation my items will arrive December 28th.

    • l pouchak

      Contact PayPal at 402-935-7733. Even if you aren’t a member, they can see the transaction. You might have to set up a PayPal account, so that you can get a refund. It is their policy to refund $ if the company is sketchy. Good luck!

      • Ann Scheu

        I have had the same experience with Easy N Genius that all of the rest of you have described…ordered November 28th. I have written two emails to the company inquiring about date of delivery. Christmas is almost here…and delivery was supposed to have occurred much earlier. USPS has a tracking number but has no indication that the packages have been shipped from point of origin. I used the number provided above for PayPal and have been assured that my request for a refund will be expedited as the order will not be able to be used as intended.

  57. Julie Bailey

    I ordered November 29th, my credit card was charged November 30th. The tracking number they sent two days later went to a page for SF express shipping that asked for a log in and did not allow me to see any information about my order. On 12/13 I sent an E-mail asking for help with my tracking information. They sent a rather snotty reply that it takes 15 to 20 days for regular transit and 5 to 7 extra days during the holidays and that I should not contact them again unless at least 27 days had passed. They have updated this in their FAQs NOW but this information was not public when we were all ordering in November.
    You mentioned not being able to find customer feedback. They delete ANY post that is not a glowing review from their facebook ads and their page within hours of posting. Yesterday there were close to 30 very negative reviews on their Facebook page, including one I had written. Today there are three.

    • Julie Bailey

      Update-I have finaly recieved confirmation my items have shipped and are confirmed to be here 12/28. Just two days out of their new 27 day promise. Not in time for Christmas as originally intended obviously. I’m guessing all the credit card disputes have lit a fire under this company. After reading all the other comments, now I just wait to see what condition my items arrive in.

    • Sam

      Thanks for letting everyone know about these scam artists.
      It would be helpful to know what is the name of their facebook page so that others know not to buy from them. Often times stores like this use different page names so that people cannot find them later.

  58. Valerie

    This company is a scam operating out of China. Don’t buy…

  59. Val

    We ordered 3 articles in November, which subsequently arrived, but two of them were irreparably damaged. When we contacted Easy ‘n Genius, they disclaimed responsibility for damage in transit and offered us a 10% refund! When we tried to contact them again we received no reply and they haven’t replied to our numerous emails since. Do not use this company!!

  60. Tom T

    Dumb me. I ordered two of the flying toys marked down from $43.98 to $21.99 each + plus shipping. A total for two $46.59. They arrived with a Chino, California shipping label over a Chinese label. They look as if they cost a dollar or less to make. I won’t go through the hassle of an attempt to return and I am ashamed to give them to my grandkids. Lesson learned, research before you buy.

    • Deb

      Dumb me, too! I ordered two of the flying balls for $42 via PayPal. I sent five email requests for a tracking number … every response was “we’re on it.” Their first response was “cheerio.” I was a grandma in a hurry and didn’t check thoroughly- their or is misleading. After I sent a complaint to PayPal, I received two junky propeller balls in mail (from China with NY label ) … buyer beware!!

  61. MB

    I placed my order on December 1st for 4 UFO toys for grandchildren and have received NO response! There was a FedEX label created on December 7th in Monroe Township, NJ, but NO movement since then. There has been NO response to an email sent and my credit card shows it was charged by PayPal Den, Inc. (MERCHANT LOCATION) is California and merchant category as (HARDWARE STORES). I certainly plan on contacting credit card company in the morning. Obviously, this is a scam and I was enticed by the ads on Facebook. Lesson learned. . .

    • LeeAnn

      Same here. No order received but have a tracking number and it indicates the package is on its way with an expected deliver of December 27 (too late for Christmas). I will wait and see what happens but started the investigation on this. SCAM????

  62. S. McMurray

    Same as everyone else; I ordered November 26, 2018, order was processed, delivery estimated on the 10th of Dec — I requested a refund on December 11sth and disputed the charge with my bank and with Paypal for failure to timely ship/deliver as estimated; incorrect and/or no tracking; lack of contact information/no customer service; failure of the company to respond to questions. This is a scam. Paypal and other electronic payment companies should hold funds on transactions for this company.

  63. PD

    I ordered a ufo flying toy November 27 and as of December 15 it is in transit from hong kong to La. doubt I’ll get it by christmas. Worst of allthe ufo toy is available at local stores for $15 vs $25 from EnG. Do not buy from them

    • PD

      Update on 12/20. I received the item I ordered, soI did get it b4 christmas. The frustrating thing is that as of 2 days ago the tracking status showed the item still in transit from hong kong to LA. I’m not as disapointed with them as in my initial posting. Maybe they need toupdate their sipment tracking system

  64. Carol Abrahamsen

    I am another sucker who ordered a ufo flying machine for a Christmas gift on November 23rd. I received an email saying it was on it’s way on November 27th and have heard nothing since. I have emailed them several times and get a generic email telling me to track the order, then the tracking number they gave me is non-existent. I will report them to the Better Business Bureau, but I do think this is a loss

  65. Dawn

    I ordered a toy on November 30 and haven’t received it. I have an order number and a tracking number, but can’t track anything. Just says my order is on the way. I have contacted them several times through their support email and get generic emails in return. It’s now December 16th, so will have to kiss my order goodbye!

  66. Linda Vanderveen

    ordered in November and have not received anything yet!

  67. Judith Chisholm

    I ordered 5 flying tech toys for Christmas Presents on Nov. 27, 2018. I received an email acknowledging the order but I have received no other contact since. I have an order# but no tracking number. After reading other complaints all from this year, I will also have to contact my credit card company. The company put my credit card charge through as a Paypal charge although I do not have a Paypal account.

  68. Carol Boone

    I ordered the UFO toy for my godson for Christmas on 12/01/18. I received a thank you for your order message in an email, but have not been notified that it was ever shipped nor given a tracking number. Today, 12/14/18, I tried to contact Easy n Genius to find out what is the status of my order. Their support email doesn’t go anywhere. I filled out a form and registered my request for info on my order and have heard nothing. I will try to have my credit card cancel payment. Do not buy anything from this company!

  69. Roberta DeVoy

    Received email saying my order was processed 11/27. Nothing received as of 12/14. They do not answer my emails. My credit card acct has already been charged.

    • Roberta DeVoy

      Lo & Behold…toy arrived today! No instruction manual but it does work.

  70. D. Jason

    No delivery after two weeks. No satisfactory response toy inquiry on the matter; just meaningless form letters. Since there is no apparent process for cancelling orders with this company I have initiated cancellation of payment with my credit card provider. DO NOT PURCHASE from this company.

  71. Barbara Jensen

    Has anyone ever received his/her order? These are Christmas presents… for Christmas 2018. Should never have bought from a Chinese company. Get ‘’em, President Trump! 😡

  72. Gina Anderson

    I ordered 2 ufo flying toys on 11/26 as Christmas gifts for my grandsons. I have not received them as of 12/13. It has been impossible to track my order. When I try to use the link all there is is a puzzle. I have emailed them via there support address but have received no reply. HAS ANYONE RECEIVED THEIR ORDER?? I don’t know where to proceed from here.

  73. Laurie

    If I had known this company was based out of China, I would never had ordered the UFO toy!! It is a Christmas gift for my grandson. I have tried contacting the company to find the status of my order. I found they were based in China through some loopholes. Very disappointing. I payed through PayPal and not sure if I’ll get reimbursed. I get the same generic email as others have mentioned. If you go to their website you can “track your order”. I was never given a tracking number!! Bogus business that’s scamming us!!

  74. Jim M.

    Ordered 14 days ago. Still not shipped. Notified them to cancel order. Their reply says can only be cancelled within 24 hours of placing! Will let credit card company resolve thru chargeback. A basic scam that had a nifty Christmas product appear on a facebook page.

  75. Lynda Thomas

    I ordered from this company on November 11 and still have not received my order. I have emailed them at least 5 times. Each time they send me the same email that gives a website to track my order. The website always says your order is in Transit. The last email I got they gave me a different site to go to track my order and it had a different tracking number and that said my order was delivered to Torrington, Wy on Nov. 14! My address in is Denton, Texas! I am going to my credit union to file a claim to get my money back.

  76. Marilyn S.

    I emailed them to cancel my order 5 days after purchase since they had not processed or shipped the item. They just reply with a generic email that is automatically sent out as a response to emails they receive.

  77. Terry Shannon

    I ordered two items from their online catalogue on November 21st. I have sent them queries as to the status of my order with no reply.

  78. Shekey

    These people are awful. They are overseas and take over a month to deliver, but they don’t tell you that when you place your order. They are constantly changing their names or have additional names under them and market on Instagram as well. Beware of any company that is Non-US or overseas…especially from China as nothing you purchase is quality and either doesn’t fit correctly or poorly constructed. You’re better off going to a dollar store in the US!

  79. KJ sluga

    This company takes four to five weeks to deliver there products,comes from China,on a very slow boat, but they do not tell you that when you place an order. My order was Christmas gifts
    Should arrive some time in January, I ordered in November.

    • Paulette

      I had the same response as everyone else. Ordered in November but did received right before Christmas. Opened it up and the remote was missing for the flying sphere. Sent them a email and there response was “we are on it”. The sad part I could have bought from Target got $5:00. THIS IS A TOTAL SCAM

      • Julie Lattimore

        Paulette, there is no remote for the Flying Ball. There is a teeny tiny switch on the bottom of it. Once you turn the switch on you’ll need to adjust the wings a bit. Hope that works for you, and they have one happy customer.

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