HexPress Shop Review – Fake Online Retailer Scam Exposed!

HexPress Shop, hosted at HexPress.Shop, is a scam!

Update (December 18, 2018): Apparently, this site has many clones, including:

  • GoodTop.shop (review)
  • directspsi.com
  • buyee.store
  • onsales.sale
  • supertime.online
  • topshopt.com

Presenting their platform as a bargain-oriented online retailer, HexPress Shop is an illusive and poorly constructed scam operation.

Rendering minuscule sums of ownership information, HexPress Shop functions as a rather anonymous operation, or at least they use to until we investigated them.

To find out more information, along with our investigative findings, we invite you to continue reading our unbiased review.

About HexPress.Shop

HexPress Shop is structured to appear as a highly discounted online retailer.

Most of the prices that you see right when you land on their site show drastic price decreases of nearly 75% to 95% of alleged retail market value.

These huge price decreases are used for one purpose alone which would be lure consumers further into their platform.

As you can see in the image below, an alleged 35-inch curved gaming monitor that was once priced at $479.99 is now available for only $69.98.

Unfortunately, HexPress.Shop is not the only operation that we have crossed paths that are baiting unsuspecting consumers out of their hard-earned money.

One such operation we have recently exposed would be iDepot Mall, which has deceived many online consumers out of thousands of dollars to date.

How the Scam Works

HexPress Shop functions under the same capacity as iDepot Mall.

First, both platforms bait and lure in prospective consumers by grabbing their attention with ridiculously discounted prices on a wide range of consumer products and goods.

These categories of ‘available’ consumer products and goods cover jewelry, clothing, eletronics, seasonal goods, toys, arts & crafts, home appliances and office, and much more.

By driving in consumers by marketing price points that are just high enough to avoid suspicion from some gullible online shoppers, HexPress Shop has been able to swindle consumers when it comes to the check out process.

Just like with iDepot Mall, HexPress.Shop checkout process sometimes goes through smoothly and other times not at all.

Some consumers claim to receive confirmation emails that they purchases were placed while some online shoppers report not receiving any sort of confirmation.

Two common denominators amongst consumers who have fallen with HexPress Shop would be how their credit card was charged shortly afterward and no consumer goods were ever received.

Qandies Limited

HexPress Shops appears as a legitimate online retailer, which is why their platform is so dangerous for unsuspecting online shoppers.

Apart from trying to save money by comparing prices online, HexPress Shops makes their platform an easy mechanism to lure in and illegally steal money from innocent consumers.

They do not support any inventory nor do they employ a drop-shopping model either.

Instead what scams like HexPress Shop rely upon to build credibility would be by creating phony UK based corporations.

As I am sure you have likely deduced from the heading above, the corporate entity we found in relation to HexPress Shops would be Qandies Limited.

According to a CompaniesHouse report, Qandies Limited is an active corporation filed under company number 09121418.

Oddly, HexPress.Shop did not disclose Qandies Limited as their corporate entity though.

Nor do their Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policy reflect any reference to Qandies Limited.

Where we found the connection between Qandies Limited and HexPress Shop would be on their About Us page where they disclose this following physical address: 2.27 Romer House Lewisham High Street, London, England, SE13 6EE.

When that address is searched we found it matched the corporate office address of Qandies Limited, hence the relation.

Whether Qandies Limited is truly associated with HexPress Shop is another story since no reference to Qandies Limited can be found anywhere on their site during the time of writing this review.

HexPress Shop makes reference to “Topshopt Online Store” but we could find no corporate entity that matched in existence.

Furthermore there was this following phone number: 852-66282369.


HexPress.Shop was a privately registered domain that was acquired last month on November 5th, 2018 through the GoDaddy registrar.

According to findings found at SimilarWeb, HexPress.Shop reflects a global rank of 2,889,416 and a Brazil rank of 1,421,337 as of December 8th, 2018.

Given their rather poor web rankings, we do not believe HexPress Shop to be a popular or widely sought after online retailer.

Community Feedback

HexPress Shop is a relatively low-key online retailer that does not receive much consumer traffic.

Fortunately we caught the HexPress Shop scam early on because sometimes fraudulent online retailers like HexPress Shop become viral and deceive thousands of consumers out of hundreds of dollars before getting shut down by authorities.

Given their early inception and lack of community feedback we will continue to update this section once more feedback is compiled from consumers with insight relating to HexPress.Shop.

For the time being though, HexPress Shop has been blacklisted as a scam across many online review portals.

Is HexPress Shop a Scam?

HexPress Shop is a misleading online retailer that baits consumers by employing a ruthless and tactless business model.

Essentially just stealing consumers hard-earned money, it is obvious that HexPress Shop is a scam.

HexPress.Shop Scam

Do not only yourself but others a courtesy by sharing and avoiding this deceptive scam.

Presenting their platform as a legitimate online retailer that offers staggering discounts, nothing is authentic in regards to HexPress Shops.

Also don’t forget that HexPress Shop failed to close any verifiable ownership information.

So if you do experience a complication with your online orders, which you likely will, then you have no means of recovering your hard-earned money unless your financial institution is capable of reversing the payment.

With these facts in mind we obviously are not advising consumers to shop with HexPress.Shop.

Outcome: HexPress Shop is a Scam!

Blacklisted Site: HexPress.Shop

We invite you to share any insight, experiences or feedback you may have in a comment below!



    looks like not only myself who has been scammed but quite a lot of other folks too, do any of you guys think it may be possible to retrieve monies back from your banks ?

  2. Geoff

    I was scammed by the website. Btmd.online.com. I ordered a monitor and another item. But no confirmation and they took money out of my account. Now they are not on Facebook anymore but I can still access their website because I msg them on facebook messenger and have the site saved

  3. Trevor S

    I’m still waiting for my tablet… well, I guess I’ve been scammed too.😗

    • Jim

      I got no tablet or confirmation so I got onto my bank they put a stop on my card I filled out a form then I got my money back.

  4. Fabio

    Hanno fregato pure me con la stampante 3D combinata e i rotoli colorati di filo a 20$. Ho presentato richiamo del fatto al gestore della mia carta ricaribile, vediamo nei prossimi giorni cosa mi risponderà.
    E’ da sottolineare che non siamo stati noi “fessi” a credere a questa azienda falsa, ma Facebook è responsabile di aver permesso che tante persone come me, siano state truffate da un’azienda che grazie all’influenza di Facebook appunto, ha potuto fare questa losca manovra di raggiro. Facebook dovrebbe controllare meglio i suoi inserzionisti, e non pensare solo al proprio tornaconto di popolarità.

  5. Mhel

    I suspected too coz I haven’t received any confirmation. Just kiss our hard earned money goodbye… Tsk take tsk

  6. Catalin

    and more …..

  7. Stella

    Yep they got me too..i ordered from Facebook also me too i live off my ss check so this was a big blow for me i can’t believe Facebook don’t check these people first before they allow them to place stuff i will never order off Facebook again I’m pissed.

  8. Roger

    Comme bien du monde je me suis fait arnaqué comme un vrai con faite attention de ne pas vous faire avoir comme moi

  9. Don Brown

    Your right they stung me. For $95.99 for Notepad Laptop combo. I deal a lot with WISH and Amazon. As soon as I didn’t receive a confirmation e mail i knew i could kiss that money goodbye. J don’t understand these scammers pay for advertising slots with Facebook, that’s how we can use it for free. Does Facebook not screen these companies for legitimacy. This is the first time for me being scammed, but a friend of mine was stung twice by electric scooter scams. But with those scams he recieved email confirmation with tracking number product registration numbers. That scam was also advertised on Facebook. I am positive that Facebook is paid by these phony companies to advertise. So this should make them partially responsible for allowing the scam artists to blatantly rob people on the internet service. I bought this notebook laptop combination for my great granddaughter for Christmas. Their pricing is the same as WISH at the same percentage of savings. I am on a disability pension and this really put a dent in my Christmas Plans. Assholes pure and simple Assholes.

    • Admin

      Next time you see their ad on Facebook, make sure to drop a comment with a link to this post so no one else falls for it. Thanks for your reply.

  10. Adrian

    Damn I think I was scammed then, and what about this other one? directspsi.com, seems to be a similar site, Do you know if it’s scam too? Thnak you for the info.

  11. Duane

    Well looks like I’m calling my bank tomorrow. Man I should of known better. Got it off Facebook also. Are they liable in this also?

  12. Kirby Ziesmer

    Is also their website. Please pass the word.

  13. Jbob Tommy

    I bought the tablet from them and just read this article today… Was wondering what was taking so long… Already disputed charges with bank…

  14. Michael

    I too fell for this fraud. Credit Union has been notified.

  15. Roger

    Surely facebook should shoulder some of the responsibility for running their adverts, or is this yet another example of zuckerbergers ‘more money for me and sod you’ attitude

  16. LF Cruz

    As soon as I saw their listing on FB I said to myself “SCAM!”. That 35″ curved monitor they list for $69.98 is the Massdrop Vast 35-Inch Curved Gaming Monitor. On Massdrop.com it sells for 549.99. They even straight up copied Massdrop’s page and pictures. I wouldn’t buy a damn thing from that site.

  17. Todd St. John-Fulton

    I should have known it was too good to be true. I never received any email or receipt and I used their contact us form and never heard back from them. I have also asked my bank to reverse the charge.

  18. Don Lehman

    I cancelled my credit card and filed a protest with credit card company. Thank you for your inforation.

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