Right Off The Top Review

Right Off The Top (RightOffTheTop.com) is as an online marketplace supporting a collection of different consumer goods and products.

Operating as a relatively small consumer outlet, Right Off The Top features trending consumer products while periodically offers products free of charge minus shipping costs.

Right Off The Top does not appear to be backed by a corporate entity according to their Terms of Service while the legitimacy of this operation is still relatively unknown.

Created in October of 2017, Right Off The Top has reflected signs of growing in popularity yet has failed to accumulate any relevant consumer feedback.

As with most operations that lack a track record of feedback, we encourage prospective buyers to approach and utilize this site with caution until more feedback has been received.

Nevertheless, we encourage you to continue reading our impartial and honest review to learn more about Right Off The Top and whether this online store is a dependable outlet or not.

What is Right Off The Top?

Right Off The Top is an online retailer that supports trend worthy consumer goods.

Supporting fashion, electronic and technology based products, this site operates as an online marketplace that is focused around providing consumers with products that will allegedly save them their hard-earned money.

Unlike other marketplaces that allow filtering and specifications to be carried out, Right Off The Top is still a growing and emerging online retailer and solely offers an online category consisting of less than 100 available products.

As referenced in the sites Terms of Service, their website is operated by Right Off The Top.

Failing to disclose active corporate information, we are unable to verify conclusively whether or not Right Off The Top is backed by a registered corporation or not.

While being back by a corporate entity would add considerable credibility to the Right Off The Top marketplace, it also isn’t directly necessary in regards to a legal standpoint.

Consumers looking to purchase one of their supported products are able to do so by visiting their catalog page.

While each product reflects an approximation of “savings” earned, whether or not a consumer is actually saving on those products it is difficult to be certain.

Furthermore, the shipping costs associated with Right Off The Top are almost double the standard shipping costs of other online retailers which ranges between $10 to $15 per product.

So whether a buyer is truly saving or not by using their marketplace is questionable.

Right Off The Top Catalog

As previously stated, Right Off The Top features a small inventory of consumer goods that feature fashion, technology and electronic consumer goods.

Offering less than 100 consumer goods, it appears that Right Of The Top is quite selective in their supported inventory.

Failing to employ a filtering toggle as seen at most online retailers is a disadvantage regarding this platform but then again the site itself doesn’t support a wide host of consumer goods.


What is the order process?

The order process is quite straightforward yet takes much longer than traditional online retailers.

Upon the completion for the payment of your item, you will receive a confirmation notice provided to the disclosed email address.

Next, a shipping confirmation email should follow within 4 to 6 business days indicating that your item was successfully shipped.

Can consumers track their order?

Once a order has been shipped, customers will receive a tracking number if it was available which will enable them to get the latest updates on their shipments.

Is there a refund policy?

The refund policy is a bit iffy when it comes to Right Off The Top.

Only offering a return policy that lasts 30 days, if you are trying to receive a refund after 30 days then you will be ineligible to be considered for a refund.

While most orders can take anywhere between 15 to 60 business days, we do not advise consumers to utilize this platform due to that fact that if there was a problem with an order then more likely than not they would not be eligible to receive a refund.

Furthermore, all returns must be unused, in the same condition you received them in and will be inspected upon return.

How long will it take to receive your order?

Shipments being delivered anywhere around the world can take between 15 to 60 business days.

International orders may take even longer, which is why Right Off The Top asks that you allow for 15 to 25 days before you inquire about a potentially missing item.

What are the accepted payment methods?

Currently Right Off The Top only accepts Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit/debit cards.

How do I contact Right Off The Top?

The only means of establishing contact with Right Off The Top would be their disclosed email address of RightOffTheTop753@gmail.com.

Consumers who have made a purchase through their site are advised to reply to the confirmation order email in order receive a higher priority.

Domain Inquiry & Popularity

RightOffTheTop was a privately registered domain that was created on October 20th, 2017.

Reflecting a SimilarWeb global rank of 331,227 with a US rank of 68,597, Right Off The Top has been growing in popularity since their inception while approximately 100% of the sites traffic originates from visitors who reside within the United States.

Approximately 30% of the sites overall traffic is derived from referral based sources while an additional 25% comes from social and email based sources.

RightOffTheTop.com Review – The Ruling

While Right Off The Top may provide some desirable consumer goods and products, one must also weigh the risks associated with their platform.

Consider the fact about how Right Off The Top is not overseen by a verifiable and upfront corporate entity, which means a lack of accountability and credibility is reflected.

Then one must contemplate the fact that all orders can take an extraordinary amount of time just to be delivered, between 15 to 60 business days to be exact.

Compare those traits with their sketchy refund policy and unusually high shipping fees, it becomes almost counterintuitive to use their online marketplace because it takes away from the convenience and time effective manner that is most often sought after from consumers shopping online.

While their site does appear to offer some free items, it should be noted those items come with a nonrefundable shopping cost of between $10 to $15 and could take up to 2 months to receive.

All-in-all, compared to other online retailers, we do believe that Right Off The Top does mean good and may certainly provide some consumer goods that may not be found anywhere else but then again one must confront all the disadvantages exhibited by their platform.

When it comes to shopping online, make sure you use utilize online retailers backed by a strong corporate entity and one that provides a more fair and user-friendly consumer shopping experience, such as Amazon.com.


  1. Deborah

    I ordered the headphones on October 3,2018 and have still yet to receive them will not ever be ordering from them again.. Thank God it wasn’t a huge amount…

  2. Sandy

    “SCAM” DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM ordered Oct 13 not a word Took my money got nothing no way they answer gmail Total RIP OFF. Right off the top LLC right SCAM

  3. A pissed individual

    Punk mutherfuckers where the fuck is my watch. Y’all sons of bitches scamming people out of their money fuck idiots

  4. Miriam

    My experience with this scamming company is similar to everyone else. Never received my paid for product!!! Scam!!! Scam!!! Scam!!!

    • Cindy Lamarchina

      Yup, same here, ordered and never got…..although they took money very fast, and no confirmation email either, complete rip off. Guessing if they did that to enough people they would be making money for sure!

  5. Marco Nabil

    SCAAAAAAAAAAAM!!!!!!! I paid 90$ for international shipment of 9 items, two of which arrived after 4 months. and very bad quality not worth 5$ even. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING ON THIS WEBSITE, YOU WILL LOSE MONEY.

  6. selena

    I ordered a ring on Feb 24th 2018 it is now july 21st I have not received the product i ordered. I have attempted to write them and I keep getting an auto response. THIS IS A SCAM !!!!!!!!!! BE AWARE I never got the ring or my money back

  7. Melanie

    Ordered “White Powerful Bass in ear Earphones” – supposed to be $119.99.
    I thought the free promotion was a good deal… I received the item 2 months and a few days later but the $13 was finally more money that I would have spent on this. I have a hard time believing the original price.
    They look cheap and they do not work properly, the right ear has not sound and the contact is not good, the sound keeps stopping, raising or lowering volume.
    Would not recommend.

  8. Corn On The Rob

    I ordered a $119.99 pair of headphones (albeit for “free”, only having to pay the $9.99 postage cost). Upon arrival, the headphones were VERY CLEARLY NOT worth any value at all – further reinforced by the customs slip which noted their value at $0.60. I should really know by now if something is too good to be true, it probably is…

  9. Chika

    I ordered since April 23rd and up till now no tracking number. I have written them several but each time. It was the same automated reply .please don’t buy from them .they are scam !!

  10. Claire

    Ordered two rings in january. They “shipped” on March 14. It’s May 28 and I haven’t gotten my rings. I emailed them and was told to contact them via Facebook. I contacted them via Facebook and received an automated response to email them. I emailed them and received an automated response to contact through Facebook.

    Verdict: total scam. Don’t do it.

  11. Alexsandra Sanchez

    Never received the “free ” items cannot get a refund for the paid shipping

  12. noc

    i did not receive my order. i ordered it back in January.

  13. Victor Radocaj

    What level quality are the rings there

    • Aitor

      the worst you can imagine! i’ve ordered 8 watches and all of them were spoiled and they don’0t answer back my emails. Do not buy anything on that website

  14. Cassandra

    I ordered 4 rings and just received 2 of them!! I love them and can’t wait for the other 2 to arrive!!

  15. lilrolly

    I ordered a ring and never received it. I say its a scam. I sent an email and never got a reply

    • Dani

      I ordered a ring back in February 2018, never received it and got blocked from being able to contact them – they stole $13 in shipping fees – it is a scam!!

  16. Danielle Schuilenberg

    I made the mistake of ordering a ring off this “business” February 26, received a text msg Feb. 27 saying Oder has been shipped with a short order number. A few weeks went by and I still hadn’t received it. I found and email – RightOffTheTop753@gmail.com – and tried to contact them there and they said to better contact them on their fb page, so I did they say that order has been shipped and I can put my tracking number in with China post- so I did and came up empty. It’s now end of March almost April and still haven’t received or heard anything from them. I’m not pleased and reading everything I can about then I’m convinced it was a scam. I’m not pleased.

  17. Lizzie

    These rings cost one dollar on eBay and they charge 15 lol of course it’s a scam

  18. Chumped

    Lol they sell items that would be off the wish app and they are crap pretend like they are actually expensive when in reality are worth like a $1 and from China and charge you $15 for shipping which is where they make their money off you. Don’t buy from them

  19. Kimberly

    I ordered a ring February 4th. Still haven’t seen it. Tracking numver they sent me is bogus. Don’t order from them!

  20. felicia

    i just ordered off this, and talk about a very sketchy site….I wouldn’t suggest it. They take 5 minutes and they already pull the shipping out of your account…There is no customer service contact on the site either to see if it is legit…DO NOT ORDER lol

    • Stephen

      Please let us know if your purchase actually comes through . Not sure whether to trust their site or not. Worried it’s just another scam.

      • K

        DO NOT ORDER. I ordered early February. Their only contact is Facebook chat and I was just messaging someone who claims to be the owner. He was VERY rude. Was unable to provide me with ANY information regarding my order, no telephone numbers to call, or even an email address. I even told him that it was very weird that someone (the owner) who claims to rely on word of mouth, would be so unapologetically unkind to a concerned customer who is just seeking any kind of information. I wish I could attach a picture of our conversation.

        • Bobby Wibowo

          Why couldn’t you attach a picture? Just upload it somewhere, like imgur, or anything really, and link us to it. It’d have helped much more tbh.

  21. ivagrenia

    Have there been any complaints so far regarding not receiving a purchased item?

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