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“Earn large sums of money in as little time as possible,” is the employed slogan for Simple Money Sites. Operating as an online marketing platform, functions as an active campaign featured at Portraying their operation as one of the easiest and quickest ways to accrue wealth online, Simple Money Sites provides consumers with marketing products and services that will enable them to create their own simple money site that will allegedly allow them to accrue endless riches through minimum effort.

Showcasing a wide number of fictitious user testimonials with preposterous income claims, Simple Money Sites employs deceptive marketing tactics that are used to lure in prospective buyers as a credibility booster when in actuality will serve as the element that strips away all legitimate appearing aspects regarding this web building program.

About Simple Money Sites

Simple Money Sites functions as an online educational platform that renders a domain building and optimizing service. Allegedly providing consumers and everyday people with a step-by-step training video guide on how to build websites, monetize their created sites along with provide the know how to set those domains on auto pilot. Offering their program from a reduced value of $597 to $97 per month, Simple Money Sites is not a cost-efficient starter kit for first-time consumers looking to get started within the online marketing niche.

Perhaps the elements we disliked the most regarding this operation would be how the creators behind this site incorporated numerous fabricated testimonials as a way to build trust. Showcasing paid actors and fictitious user testimonials of consumers making thousands of dollars within a short amount of time along with one user allegedly making over $1 million in 92 days is just ridiculous and complete garbage.

Then of course we have to acknowledge the fact that Simple Money Sites does not disclose any information regarding their operators, owners or a possible overseeing corporate entity. Failing to be held liable for any circumstances or misrepresentations that may be reflected as a result of their site just goes to show that Simple Money Sites is not a legitimate operation. Furthermore, the site fails to provide transparent evidence to support all of the claims asserted on their site.

Inconsistencies and Red Flags

As we have already begun to indicate, there are quite a few red flags that pop into existence when investigating into Simple Money Sites program. Sure the absence of corporate ownership information isn’t as hazardous as a red flag as it could be, the implementation of paid actors along with the inclusion of fabricated testimonials on the other hand though are deceptive red flags that we cannot overlook. Absentmindedly promoting their web marketing program as the solution to accumulate thousands of dollars per day within the shortest amount of time is not only misleading but a text-book definition for a get rich quick scheme.

Domain Inquiry & Reputation was a privately registered domain that was created November 9th, 2017. Registered through the NameCheap, Inc registry, Simple Money Sites reflects an active SimilarWeb global rank of 1,259,758 with a US rank of 322,203 as of February 2018. As seen in the market intelligence report, roughly 38.89% of the sites traffic derives from referral based sources while email based sources account for an additional 7.75%. Review Conclusion

Fortunately, as indicated in the SimilarWeb report, Simple Money Sites is not a reputable site and does not receive much traffic. Operating as a classic example of a get rich quick scheme, Simple Money Sites illustrates their program as one that can help consumers amass endless riches through minimal effort all through their easy-to-follow training program. While we lack conclusive evidence or relevant consumer feedback to authoritatively blacklist this scam, that does not mean we cannot urge investors to avoid this obvious get rich quick scheme.

When searching for a legitimate and trustworthy way to make money online from home, make sure you avoid any programs that promote the ideology of being able to generate thousands of dollars within a short period of time. More often than not these programs or services are nothing more than illusive deposit traps meant to solicit consumers out of their hard-earned money while not rendering a product of any true value. One such example would be Simple Money Sites, as revealed above.

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