Rose Gal Review – Honest Online Retailer or Deceit?

Rose Gal ( is a discount online retailer that was first launched in late 2013 by an undisclosed entity. While Rose Gal appears to be a popular destination according to market intelligence reports, their marketplace has become plagued with an extensive series of troubling consumers reviews that we highlight throughout our factual review. To learn more regarding Rose Gal and whether this online retailer is trustworthy or not, we encourage you to continue reading onward.

What is Rose Gal? is an online marketplace that hosts a wide selection of discount consumer goods, such as clothing, swimwear, home office goods, shoes, jewelry and a number of beauty products.

Among the most popular feature regarding their site would be their discounted consumer goods that can reflect a price reduction of up to 85%. These discounted goods mostly include women’s and men’s clothing along with some select accessories.

According to Rose Gal’s Terms and Conditions, their site is actively operating as their sole entity while no reference to a corporate entity, active operators or founders are disclosed anywhere upon the site. Furthermore, according to a WHOIS domain report, was a Chinese based privately registered domain that was created on October 21st, 2013.

While it appears that Rose Gal has expanded their operation to other countries, Rose Gal still appears to operate without supervision with a small US based operation. According to the Better Business Bureau, Rose Gal reflects a private address based somewhere out of Staten Island, NY 10303. There are currently over 375 customer complaints filed against over the past 3 years while the only contact information disclosed on their BBB profile would be (929) 800-4485.

Apart from their limited business information, discloses only a limited number forms of communication. Consumers who are looking for immediate support are encouraged to contact them via Facebook Messenger or through their live chat.

Other forms of communication include telephone numbers 1 (888) 320-8188 and 001-888-320-8188 or through their email address at

According to community feedback, consumers have the most difficult time establishing contact when using Facebook Messenger, their Live Chat along with their email address.

How does Rose Gal Work?

Rose Gal functions in a manner similar to other online retailers. Consumers are able to browse their various supported product categories ranging from clothing, home items, shoes and bags, jewelry, accessories, hair and beauty products.

While it is implied that Rose Gal has an operation based out of the United States, upon further investigation it will seem that Rose Gal is actually headquartered somewhere in China. This theory becomes further supported when one researches the average delivery time for purchased goods, which tends to equate between 15 to 90 business days.

Shipping costs are high with Rose Gal given that they are an international operation likely based out of China so don’t be surprised if you are required to cover an additional $10 to $25 in shipping costs.

As mentioned a few brief moments ago, Rose Gal functions like other online retailers except for that they aren’t nearly as user-friendly, credible nor trustworthy. It is true that many of their consumer goods may come with a more affordable price tag but excessive shipping costs and their delayed shipping time periods make it difficult to accurately access whether it is worth the hassle or not.

Accepted payment forms would be PayPal, Western Union, Wire Transfer, Ideal, Rosegal Wallet along with the following credit/debit card brands: Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Discover, Diners and Visa Electron.

It should be known that according to their Warranty and Returns section on their site that items cannot be returned, refunded nor exchanged after 30 days from receiving. In addition items cannot be washed, worn or missed while sale, swimwear, lingerie and earrings are not covered by the warranty.


According to SimilarWeb, possesses a global rank of 3,657 with a Brazil rank of 2,811 as of April 2018. Ranked 31st within the Clothing/Shopping niche, Rose Gale supported over 21 million visitors last month while approximately 11.45% of their traffic derived from advertisement based sources.

Community Feedback

Rose Gal reflects a controversial track record regarding customer experiences since their inception. As seen on their Better Business Bureau profile, their site has accrued 109 negative reviews with 376 customer complaints spanning the past 3 years. Their BBB rank is F, they are not an accredited business and according to their profile they have ignored contact with the BBB.

Furthermore, the majority of feedback found at SiteJabber and TrustPilot reveal negative customer experiences. Some customers report having to wait in excess of 3 months to receive products while some claim to never have received products and that their customer support staff never answers inquiries.

More troubling consumer feedback can be witnessed at Pissed Consumer, where Rose Gal reflects a 1.8 out of 5 star rating out of 840 reviews. Claimed losses to date among Pissed Consumer reviewers equates to a value exceeding $41,000 while only 12 issues have been resolved. Among the chief complaints would be “useless customer service, awful quality and incorrect sizing.”

Is Rose Gal Safe to Use?

While market intelligence reports will yield a conclusive oversight into the sites popularity, the extensive negative consumer reports must also be evaluated and weighed carefully. Given the fact that Rose Gal pricing doesn’t deviate much from other competitive online retailers and how their operation has amassed thousands of negative reviews while seemingly operating with no transparency we do not believe that Rose Gal is the safest online retailer to use.

Rose Gal Review Conclusion

Rose Gal may appear as a widely visited online retailer but their lack of verifiable corporate oversight and the rising number of negative customer reviews indicate to us that Rose Gal is not the most trustworthy operation. When it comes to spending your hard-earned money at any online retailer, we believe it is important you know exactly whom you are buying from.

Discount retailers such as Rose Gal appear attractive to most consumers due to their competitive prices but when it comes down to corporate transparency, their shipping costs and delivery times it arouses the question of whether or not their platform is best suited for your needs or worth the potential hassles that may arise.

While we Rose Gal not to be the most user-friendly online retailer that does not mean that their operation is a scam. Given this verdict, we believe that Rose Gal should only be used at your own risk and if you are making small purchase orders while being okay with the high shipping costs and long delivery time frames.

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  1. Dale

    I purchased some shirts from Rosegal. Site said the sizes were in stock. The sizes were tiny, and none fit. But Rosegal then said they did not have any larger sizes. I was forced to pay $18.00 to get a refund because the customer is responsible for return shipping, even if they can’t provide adequate alternatives. The process to months to happen, with terrible customer service. I would advise anyone NOT to buy from them.

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