Safe Path Financial Group ( is a vague financial operation that renders retirement plans, asset protection services, estate maximization services and qualified plan rollovers. Operating as their sole entity, Safe Path Financial Group does not appear to be a licensed or regulated entity which makes us ponder just how certified this alleged financial group is to provide financial advice.

Disclaimers engraved in the footer of the site makes it clear that none of the material prepared on their page should be taken as accounting, legal, tax or investment advice, which takes us back to the notion of how legitimate of an operation Safe Path Financial Group truly is.

The objective of today’s scam review is to shed light on the Safe Path Financial Group and determine whether this operation is one that should be considered by consumers across the globe. Learn more about the operations conducted through SafePathFinancial and find out for yourself whether this operation is suitable for the longevity of your finances.

What Exactly is Safe Path Financial Group? operates as an online platform that administers financial advice to individuals looking to take control of their finances. Among the area of expertise that Safe Path Financial Group focuses on would be planning retirement income, loss free asset protection,  consultation services to maximize estate planning along with rollover services for those in-between jobs. Apart from those disclosed services, Safe Path Financial Group fails to shed more light on their active operations.

Who is Behind

Javier Garcia is the owner behind Employed as a retirement planning specialist, Javier Garcia allegedly possesses over 11 years of experience in financial services and is an approved member of the National Ethics Association and Better Business Bureau. While the About Us section of the site goes on to reveal more personal information regarding Javier Garcia’s social life, it also goes on to state that the focus of the Safe Financial Group is to help clients achieve their long-term financial objective by utilizing safe money insurance products.

What these safe money insurance products are we are uncertain since no disclosure is provided on the site. Furthermore, the LinkedIn of Safe Path Financial Group only reveals two entities working for their organization, Javier Garcia and some other non-disclosed public affairs specialist. Not exactly what one would call a “group” but regardless it appears that Javier Garcia is a legitimate entity and here is his LinkedIn profile.

How does Safe Path Financial Group Work?

Those looking to seek financial guidance from Safe Financial Group must utilize the contact form on their site, call (915) 346-6789 or email Once interested parties have begin the financial guidance process, consumers will discuss their future financial goals where Javier Garcia will employ a variety of insurance products and other undisclosed recommendations to help aid you. Unfortunately, no other information is disclosed on their site regarding operational protocol, which we find unsettling because a legitimate operation would be much more open about their services.

Safe Path Financial Group Spec Report

  • Created on March 25th, 2015
  • Telephone number: (915) 346-6789
  • Javier Garcia is the proclaimed owner
  • Not a Better Business Bureau accredited business
  • Safe Path Financial Group operates as a Sole Proprietorship
  • Operating as a “No License Required Financial Consultants”
  • Sunday broadcast on SafeMoneyRadio from 7am to 8am (KTSM AM 690 Radio)
  • BBB Disclosed Address: 221 N Kansas St. Ste 700, 7th Floor, El Paso, TX 79901

Can be Trusted?

While there aren’t any clear-cut signs that sentence Safe Path Financial Group to be classified as a scam, we don’t find it to be a trustworthy service. While the services rendered on their platform may prove to be legitimate, we do not advice consumers to utilize financial services that aren’t licensed by an overseeing or legal entity.

Popularity is not a popular site and doesn’t receive enough traffic to rank on the SimilarWeb market intelligence site. Despite being in operation for over 2 years, the site appears not to be a favored destination for individuals seeking financial guidance. Review Conclusion

We are classifying Safe Path Financial Group as an unreliable operation that should be pursued at your own risk. Although we feel that it is only logical and more safe to utilize financial guidance services that are licensed and trustworthy, we aren’t ruling Safe Path Financial Group as a scam either. Perhaps if negative consumer feedback was to surface in the upcoming future and could be verified, then we would alter our original verdict and warn citizens of the dangers. For the time being though, assume at your own risk.


  1. Javier Garcia

    I am writing to dispute the allegations of the writer of the above review of business Safe Path Financial. First and foremost, Javier Garcia is a licensed agent with the Texas Department of Insurance and has help his license since December 2007. He is also licensed in the state of New Mexico since 2008.

    Safe Path Financial Group is a small office made up of independent insurance agents, who all write business directly with the insurance carriers they represent. The services offered at this office are life insurance and annuities to include 403b and IRA’s.

    Unfortunately, we do not have the time and budget to make the website satisfactory to your verification needs and standards. However, the hundreds of clients we serve can attest to the legitimacy of our operation.

    The website is set up for informational purposes only. Product details to include annuity interest rates, bonuses, and other key features and benefits are available upon request. The insurance companies we represent are constantly changing their rates thus the reason why specific information is not listed. It is changing almost weekly.

    Membership with the BBB has been discontinued due to the ongoing annual fee in the hundreds of dollars per year. We thought those monies can be spent in more productive things like marketing and sponsoring events. Please keep in mind that anyone can find us still listed on the BBB and we have never had a complaint from anyone. The address is the only thing the BBB needs to update to reflect our new address of 10921 Pellicano, Suite 101, El Paso, TX 79935.

    We feel that the writer of this post has been unfair in writing this post/blog. We welcome anyone reading this post to request references of those who have been helped by SPF and Javier Garcia and how they have become satisfied lifelong clients of ours.


  2. Tony

    Finance Scam does not do its due diligence in verifying the legitimacy of the business they are reviewing. Safe Path Financial Group, is a good and reputable business. It is locally owned and they are honest people that show true professionalism. It is sad that the none empirical opinion of some can destroy the reputation of innocents.

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