Score Sense Review

Score Sense ( is a web-based identity protection service that was introduced to the marketplace in 2000 and actively operates under the supervision of One Technologies, LLC.

Score Sense Overview

Score Sense renders identity protection services for users who are actively enrolled with their membership. In addition to identity and personal protection services, Score Sense also provides credit monitoring and credit report services for their members.

As indicated near the footer of their site and at the Better Business Bureau, Score Sense is overseen by One Technologies, LLC which was established on October 1st, 2000. Contact details regarding One Technologies would be the telephone number (469) 916-1700 along with the physical address of 4447 N Central Expy, STE 110 PMB406, Dallas, Texas 75205-4246.

According to the BBB, One Technologies became a BBB accredited corporation on January 16th, 2018 and reflects an A+ rating despite their compilation of 480 customer complaints throughout the past 3 years.

Notable entities associated with One Technologies and Score Sense would be active CEO Mark Henry while Kevin Hain is disclosed as their Escalation Supervisor and John Greco is listed as their Senior Corporate Counsel.

Services and Features

Score Sense provides competitive identity protection services that give other well-known organizations such as LifeLock, MyIDCare along with LegalShield ID Shield a run for their money.

In addition to providing insured identity protection services, Score Sense enables their active members to monitor their credit report and history along with help aid in any reconcile actions that may be pursued granted that errors appear present on credit reports.

A wide abundance of educational resources are offered through Score Sense where users can learn valuable tips, how to handle and dispute fraudulent activity along with how to better protect sensitive information.

Furthermore, Score Sense provides 24/7 live customer support while also offering identity theft insurance for up to $1 million through American International Group, Inc.

Offering a 128-bit encrypted security system (Secure Sockets Layer), Score Sense is a secure and able platform that costs only $24.95 per month which includes all of their credit monitoring features along with extensive identity theft protection services.

Community Feedback

Despite Score Sense operating with corporate transparency and seeming professionalism, according to community feedback, Score Sense renders an extremely unsatisfactory customer experience. Compiling 480 complaints throughout the past 3 years on their Better Business Bureau profile should raise some red flags, although we must admit they do appear candid and eager to resolve all raised complaints.

Score Sense also reflects quite a bit of negative feedback at Yelp and PissedConsumer, where the most active complaints would be poor customer service, inability to acquire refunds and unauthorized payment transactions. To date, a reported $650,000 worth in claimed losses have been filed against Score Sense.


According to SimilarWeb, appears to be a semi-popular site which reflects a global rank of 108,754 with a US rank of 20,106 as of March 2018. Approximately 98.63% of their traffic derives from users who reside within the United States while nearly 25% of their cumulative traffic originates from referral based sources.

Is Score Sense Safe to Use?

Score Sense provides their corporate information to build credibility and appear more transparent while also employing valuable site security and services. However, the quantity of customer complaints filed against their operation is suspicious and alarming. Given the findings disclosed through our factual review above we would not recommend Score Sense even though from a legal standpoint they operate with complete credibility which means if you are desperate for an affordable identity protection service, then you could consider their platform.

Score Sense Review Conclusion

Score Sense may operate by the books but as research will suggest they appear to consistently fall short of consumer needs. While we must admit we are impressed with how swiftly their operation appears to address and resolve consumer complaints, the relatively high number of reoccurring complaints is troubling to comprehend.

Due to the overwhelming number of negative complaints filed against Score Sense, we do not encourage consumers to utilize their platform but if are eligible to receive a Free Score Sense Trial like they offer every once in awhile then you may find that their services are valuable and have improved over time.

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