Truth Finder Review

Truth Finder ( provides online users with the ability to search for anyone who resides within the United States with access to an individuals public records such as contact information, criminal records, background checks along with additional criteria.

Launched in March of 2015, Truth Finder supports over millions of monthly visitors and skims over millions of public records, social media outlets along with governing databases. The ideal objective behind Truth Finder would be to deliver accurate and comprehensive information regarding an individual within a time effective manner that doesn’t require the user to jump through the extraordinary amount of hurdles typically involved in this genre of research.

The focus of this review on the other hand is to provide intuitive insight regarding Truth Finder and help you determine whether or not this operation is worth the money and hassle that many consumers have been negatively reporting. Learn the facts for yourself by reading our unbiased and factual review below.

Truth Finder Overview

Truth Finder operates as the most widely utilized people search site as of April 2nd, 2018. As with any most people search domains, Truth Finder scrounges public records in order to uncover documents and pieces of information that aren’t classified as confidential. These sort of documents can include records such as birth, marriage, death certificates, court proceedings, voter registration, and more.

Now, some of you may be wondering how could these records could not be considered as confidential, which in any case would be due to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). Due to the FOIA, all of the records mentioned above are not considered as confidential and can be publicly accessed by anyone who requests them.

Traditionally, the act of acquiring various public records regarding a particular individual can be quite time consuming due to having to obtain information from a variety of sources. This is where operations like Truth Finder come into play. Utilizing their expansive database, Truth Finder can make the process of finding out information regarding an individual not only quicker but less burdensome.

How does Truth Finder Work?

Getting started with Truth Finder is simplistic and solely requires the searcher to input the person’s first and last name, last known city and state then select “Search.” Within a few minutes and after observing a few loading bars you will be directed to a page that reveals possible matching results. These search results reflect an individuals age, possible relatives along with current or previous locations.

If you are uncertain which search result is likely to be the entity you are searching, then Truth Finder providers a best match filter that enables the searcher to further facilitate their search through first or last name, location or age. After you have rendered down the search criteria, you will be able to move onward by clicking the “Access Report” button.

After a few more loading bars along with a bold disclaimer image, the catch with Truth Finder finally comes in which would be the pricing page. It isn’t until the searcher hands over their credit card information that they will be able to obtain Truth Finder’s report regardless of the fact that you just spent 5 to 7 minutes to reach this point.

It is at this moment the searcher will be prompted to select one of Truth Finder’s subscription plans in order to obtain their report. Disclosed below are the following subscription plans currently available at Truth Finder:

1 Month: $16.71/month

3 Months: $15.71/month (billed at $47.13)

6 Months: $13.71/month (billed at $82.26)

5-Day Trial: $1 until trial ends, where you will then automatically be billed at the 1 month plan price unless you manage to cancel beforehand

All of the reports accessed through one of Truth Finder’s subscription plans above are considered to be standard. If you are looking to obtain more information regarding a particular individual, then you’ll be prompted to pay an additional $14.95 per report for a Premium report which will provide you with access to the following:

  • Tax Liens
  • Neighbors
  • Foreclosures
  • UCC Filings
  • Weapon Permits
  • Civil Judgements
  • Properties Owned
  • Voter Registration
  • Aircraft Vehicles Owned
  • Previous Phone Numbers
  • Watercraft Vehicles Owned
  • Known Business Associates
  • Fishing and Hunting Permits
  • Previous or Active Email Address
  • Third Date Source Criminal Records

Cancellation of your trial period of your subscription plan can only be completed by calling Truth Finder’s customer service at (800) 699-8081.

Community Feedback

Given the fact that Truth Finder is visited by millions of individuals monthly and used by thousands of users, it is only natural that mixed and controversial feedback is found regarding their operation. According to their Better Business Bureau profile, TruthFinder Inc has received a 98% negative customer review rating out of 178 reviews while also accruing 116 customer complaints within the past 3 years.

To add to the negative community consensus, Truth Finder also reflects a 1 star rating out of 86 submitted reviews found at SiteJabber along with another 1 star rating out of 24 reviews found at Yelp. The only feedback domain that we found multiple sources of positive feedback regarding Truth Finder would be at Consumers Affairs, where they accrued a 3 out of 5 star rating out of 23 reviews.

Amongst the most submitted complaints would be that Truth Finder fails to cancel subscription plans when requested, that their report information is inaccurate along with how they dispose of your email address to third-party sources.


SimilarWeb reveals that is a popular people search site that is ranked 1st in the Crime and Profiling niche. Possessing a global rank of 2,376 with a US rank of 416, Truth Finder supports over 28.1 million monthly visitors as of April 2nd, 2018 while approximately 26.05% of their traffic derived from referral based sources.

Is Truth Finder Safe Worth the Money?

Truth Finder functions under the same capacity as other people search sites such as Instant Checkmate, BeenVerified and SpyFly. Given the fact that Truth Finder pulls their information from the same sources as these other people search engine sites, we do not believe that Truth Finder is any more viable than other competing solutions.

Couple that knowledge with the fact that Truth Finder possesses an overwhelming quantity of negatives reviews along with their other competitors and we don’t believe that the information they provide is worth the best bang for your buck.

We also cannot overlook how the majority of users who have tried to utilize their platform have left feeling scammed. Due to their high subscription plan pricing, up charge pricing for premium reports, poor customer service along with inaccurate information in many reports it goes without question why many customers feel like they have been cheated.

Truth Finder Review Conclusion

Perhaps if you are desperate to find out some information regarding a particular entity that you weren’t able to find through extensive social media and search engine searches, then you could consider using Truth Finder. Although we recommend exercising your own due diligence in this sort of situation, if time is of the essence and if you have the money to spare on a potentially unhelpful report, then we say give Truth Finder a shot.

There is no doubt that Truth Finder can save a searcher some time but the question still remains as to whether that advantage outweighs the accompanied price tags and the effort it would take for you to compile that information on your own.

Before you commit with Truth Finder, we advise that you read all the relevant submitted consumer feedback regarding their Truth Finder’s experiences prior to committing. While this may prolong your search process, it could save you time and money down-the-road.

Please share any feedback or experience about TruthFinder you may have by leaving a comment below.

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