DealDash Review

Deal Dash ( is an online auction giant. With a wide range of products and vast pool of consumers, this company has become a brand in the world of online auctions. People visit this site for a world-class experience of new brands and to enjoy the thrilling auctions.

DealDash Review

The company provides payments for participation in online auctions. The company started in  2009 and since then, it is in a continuous phase of expansion. The firm is based on pay-to-participate model, where visitors have to put their money on bids. Every time, the auction price gets increased by 1 cent. The time for auction is set to ten seconds. All bidders keep on placing their bids. If no more bids are placed, the final bidder wins the auction.

Is Deal Dash a trusted site or is it really a SCAM?

However, according to the reports by many news sites, the company may boast of its high ethics but in reality it is a scam. The company has targeted millions of people and a large percentage includes the retirees. As per the various complaints, the firm’s owner, William Wolfram belongs to Finland and his main targets are the American consumers. The people spend a lot of money on purchasing the bids and in order to win the huge discounts, the customers keep on bidding and wasting large sums of money.

Many reports suggest that DealDash is a scam and a large number of people say that it is an illegal lottery system and the high quality brands that are shown on this auction site are actually of poor quality brands. The rates of the auctioned products on DealDash are very high and the innocent customers keep on bidding for such cheap stuff. The site never tells about the prepaid bids by the winners. The House wins in every case, whether the customer wins or loses. Even the time for a bid is not sufficient as the site offers merely ten seconds for each auction. Each deal runs for few hours to many days, as a result the cost of bids become more than the cost of item which the customers intents to buy.

According to a customer report on the site RipOffReport, DealDash applies a certain pattern on the bidding. The customer bought bids for sixty three dollars but he lost all the money while bidding for a product of his choice. The customer found another product which attracted little traffic and he again placed his bids on it but after using 100 bids, he started noticing a pattern, according to which he could easily tell the next bidder. The customer found at last that the site was using computer operated bots, who retrieved the bids and gained profit for the company through placed bids.

So, can we really say that DealDash is an innocent player in the online auction business? Of course, because while reading the company details, a wise person can easily notice the trap they could fall into. The commercials by the company are very misleading as they promise to offer costly things like iPads at extremely cheap prices but the reality is something else. The price of the items shown in the commercials, is just the displayed amount. The actual money spent by the bidders is never disclosed. DealDash has placed no limit to the bidding on each time. So, the users keep on bidding and losing their money due to infinite chances on bidding. The customer keeps on investing the money and the company keeps on making the auction more difficult for the user. No one wants to go empty handed, so the people place bids like addicts, and end up with losing a large amount.

DealDash is very different than eBay, as there is no limit to the bidding and the loser as well as the winner both have to pay the bidding amount. However, on eBay, only the winner has to pay, as he gets the auctioned product. So, DealDash can be compared to a gambling site or a casino, where people lose more money than it actually appears.

So, DealDash is not at all a dreamland, where we get our dream products at reasonable rates, rather it is a company which is fooling the netizens. The deals shown might appear captivating but they are a trap by the company for making more money. At DealDash the bidding never stops and the money keeps on slipping from users’ wallets. The one cent bid ends up in many dollars after sometime and the customer becomes more possessive about the desired product, as he had already lost many cents. The site makes the customer addicted to the deal and in an attempt to get a good deal people keep on buying more bids and finally end up empty handed. Finally, they realize the fakeness in the auctions, but  after losing a good amount of money on such useless deals.



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