TVC Marketing Review

TVC Marketing ( is a trucking service advertising program that was launched 28 years ago in Oklahoma by TVC Marketing Associates, Inc.

What is TVC Marketing?

TVC Marketing enables independent sales associates the ability to create their own team with the motive of better promoting and capitalizing on TVC Marketing products and services.

Offering two separate product lines known as the TVC Pro Driver and Motor Club of America, these products are geared towards providing personal and professional truck drives with valuable services that can help insure and protect the longevity of their line of work.

Among the TVC Marketing product services rendered to potential trucking customers would be professional CDL holders legal representation, travel security, roadside assistance and legal assistance. is owned and operated by TVC Marketing Associates, Inc, which was founded approximately 28 years ago, according to the Better Business Bureau. Headquartered from 3200 W Wilshire Blvd, Nichols Hills, OK 73116-3016, TVC Marketing Associates, Inc became BBB accredited on March 21st, 2017.

TVC Marketing operators can be reached at (405) 843-2722, (866) 467-221 and through

Operators and Affiliations

Virgil Coffee, disclosed as the Founder behind TVC Marketing, is also known for his marketing plans for other successful companies known as Traveler’s Motor Club and Prepaid Legal Services. Steve Hanebaum is listed as the CEO while Kent Melton is disclosed as the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer.

Other known operators disclosed on the TVC Marketing’s About Us page would be David Kircher, who is their Chief Operating Officer and is oftentimes seen in the explainer videos on the site while Glenn and Steve Coffee are listed under the positions of General Counsel and Chief Information Officer. is affiliated with, where TVC Matrix appears to serve as the purchase page for TVC Marketing products. Both domains, according to a WHOIS report, were registered by TVC Marketing and reflect the same contact information as one another.

How does TVC Marketing Work?

TVC Marketing is a MLM opportunity that renders a transparent network and provides earning opportunities based upon trucking related services. Offering a premier service known as TVC Pro Driver, this service provides legal assistance and financial benefits for accidental deaths for professional truck drivers who possess a CDL. TVC Pro Driver offers a member website which is located at

The other service offered through TVC Marketing would be a Motor Club of America membership that provides unlimited roadside assistance, 24/7 aid, legal assistance, medical assistance, accidental death benefits along with a $500 financial allowance for food, lodging or transportation should a truck driver be involved in an accident. Their official site is located at

Supported Benefits

  • Travel concierge
  • Lockout services
  • Travel assistance
  • Accidental death benefit
  • Credit card fraud recovery
  • Unlimited roadside assistance
  • Unlimited towing to the nearest service facility
  • Legal defense for moving & non-moving violations
  • Coverage for an accident or if stranded away from home
  • Emergency room visit and hospital stay associated with a covered accident

TVC Marketing also offers a commission structure where TVC Marketing associates can receive additional earnings by referring new members or creating their own team of marketing associates. Discussed below is the employed compensation matrix of TVC Marketing.

Compensation Model

TVC Marketing employs an extensive compensation model that covers a variety of different commission forms, bonus payments along with requirements to become eligible for compensation.

Eligibility requirements are determined by if an associated has submitted proof of their identity documentation to verify their identity and if they have accrued earnings of $10 or more. The role and the way an associate markets TVC Marketing products will determine which form of compensation they will receive.

Associates who refer other associates to TVC Marketing do not receive a referral commission but instead a Personal Group Volume (PGV) points, which is required to become eligible to receive higher level commissions and advanced titles offered through TVC Marketing. Associates receive 6 PGV per month for maintaining an active membership while they receive 1/6th of a referred PGV for 3 months. Associates also receive 6 PGV for each 1st level associate who has accumulated no less than 36 PGV in a month.

Currently, the TVC Marketing Rewards Commission structure incorporates over 9,000 available spots for referral earning opportunities. Depending upon which level in the matrix an associate is nested dictates the referral percentage earned by the following head associates. Commission values of 1% are referred for all levels while members who continue to remain an active member will enable their referred associates to earn between 5% to 8%.

TVC Marketing employs data processing fees that will be deducted from weekly commission checks or direct deposits which are further defined below:

Weekly Commission Fees

Up to $100 – $3.00 fee

$101 to $200 – $6.00 fee

$201 to $300 – $9.00 fee

$301 – $400 – $12.00 fee

$401 and above – $15.00 fee

TVC Marketing Titles

TVC Marketing currently offers 5 different titles for their associate marketing efforts. Disclosed below are the active titles offered, their qualifications and earning power:


Qualifications: Join as an independent contractor

Earning Power:

  • Commission advance on personal sales
  • Ongoing income once their debt balance reaches zero

Executive Director

Qualifications: 36 PGV in the previous month

Earning Power:

  • Personal sales and 1st generation sales commission advances
  • As-earned income once their debt balance reaches zero
  • 1st – 3rd generation overrides

Senior Director


  • 36 PGV in the previous month
  • Possess 3 qualifying 1st generation Executive Directors in previous month

Earning Power:

  • Personal sales and 1st generation sales commission advances
  • As-earned income once their debt balance reaches zero
  • 1st – 4th generation overrides

National Director


  • 36 PGV in the previous month
  • Possess 5 qualifying 1st generation Executive Directors in previous month

Earning Power:

  • Personal sales and 1st generation sales commission advances
  • As-earned income once their debt balance reaches zero
  • 1st – 5th generation overrides

National Training Director


  • 36 PGV in the previous month
  • Possess 20 qualifying 1st generation Executive Directors in previous month
  • Maintain active personal membership of $19.95/month or greater

Earning Power:

  • Personal sales and 1st generation sales commission advances
  • As-earned income once their debt balance reaches zero
  • 1st – 5th generation overrides
  • Vested earned commissions and overrides without having to prequalify if they remain active


According to SimilarWeb, appears to be a semi-popular domain that reflects a global rank of 222,110 with a US rank of 41,514 as of April 3rd, 2018. According to the report, their site has suffered over a 50% decrease in monthly visiting traffic since September 2017 while just over 88% of their traffic originates from users within the United States.

Community Consensus

TVC Marketing reflects mixed community feedback which could be a driving factor in their significant decrease in visiting traffic over the past 6 months. According to RipOffReport, there is quite a bit of animosity regarding the legitimacy of TVC Marketing while some reports even go as far as to question the authenticity of Motor Club of America (MCA).

Positive feedback regarding TVC Marketing can be found on their Facebook, where they appear to be quite prompt and ready to assist those who have questions regarding their operation. Most of the feedback on their Facebook is positive and reveals a different side of TVC Marketing.

Should TVC Marketing be Trusted?

After careful consideration, we do believe that TVC Marketing is a trustable earning opportunity given the fact that their operation is openly transparent, has been in good standing for over 25 years and appears eager to resolve complaints on their BBB page or Facebook.

TVC Marketing Review Conclusion

Whether or not unforeseen complications such as some of the instances reported at RipOffReport have resulted in TVC Marketing to endure heavy traffic losses over the past half year is hard to know for sure. What is known is that the community consensus regarding TVC Marketing is mixed which is why we only advise potential future associates to utilize their platform at their own risk.

Perhaps if TVC Marketing didn’t possess a long track record or was operating from the shadows we would urge potential applicants to avoid their operation but they are not. While we don’t necessarily agree with their strict compensation model or inability to resolve complaints on other sites besides their own social media and corporate pages, it doesn’t mean that TVC Marketing is a scam.

Furthermore, the supported market for TVC Marketing is quite selective and revolves entirely on you and your teams ability to convince professional truck drivers to purchase a membership with TVC Pro Driver and MCA. While these memberships do come with great benefits and seems like a logical choice for most, convincing others to join is an entirely different process itself.

Only if you feel confident and determined in your ability to optimize TVC Marketing to your advantage should you consider participating with TVC Marketing Associates, Inc.

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  1. Pecorce

    It’s nothing but a big scam, they’ll take your money, and won’t fight any tickets for you, I’m talking from experience.

    • Ron Buck

      That’s ridiculous. TVC has successfully fought over a million tickets for our members.

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