by David Ortega Review is literally a “digital product” aimed at those who cannot be bothered to run a simple Google search on the alleged name of its peddler: David Ortega. Obviously, the prudent thing to do is to assume that this David Ortega is but a name fetched out of thin air, and the person peddling this whole joke of a product does not exist under this identity. Why is that? Let’s delve into the “offer.”

The copy that’s presented on the main page of the SnoringSleepApneaNoMore website is classic sales-copy in every sense. For someone versed in online marketing, the whole things looks so ridiculously familiar and “textbook,” that such a person will find it difficult to take it seriously as he/she wades through paragraph after paragraph of text written up with the sole purpose of getting desperate snoring and sleep apnea sufferers hooked. Obviously, no real information is handed out through the copy: truths already well-known about snoring and sleep apnea are served up instead, looking to instill a sort of impression of professionalism and legitimacy in the reader.

The story unfolding through the seemingly endless copy is that of the alleged author (it is most likely written up by a professional copywriter, familiar with the subtleties of sales copy) and it takes quite a long time to reach the “call to action” segment, the one that essentially demands your money. Every hook and every little marketing trick is fully employed in the process, and when the “call to action” is reached, it is thoroughly ridden for a few paragraphs. The whole thing is very drawn-out…people this day hardly have the time and the attention-span required to chew their way though such blatant sales copy, so it is safe to say the peddlers of this deal have made a major mistake – their first of many – right there.

What other mistakes have they made though? At least 3 more can be added to the tally.

Telling people that the use of CPAP machines (the most common and scientifically accepted treatment path for sleep apnea) is counterproductive and should therefore be avoided, is plain irresponsible. As uncomfortable as CPAP masks may be, they are your best bet when it comes to controlling and possibly curing OSA. That’s it. Weight loss works too, but it is obviously more difficult to accomplish for most sufferers. Various tongue/throat exercises – such as the ones presented in the “product” peddled through this website, might work to a certain degree, but they should only be used in combination with the proven methods, and not by themselves – at any rate.

The second major mistake committed by the peddlers of this product is one that deals a mortal blow to the credibility of the pitch. The pictures used for the various “user testimonials” at the site have all been lifted (stolen?) from other sites, and all the identities on which they attempt to “pin a face,” are fake. This practice is one typical of scams and indeed, it does seem to firmly point in that direction in this instance as well.

The third mistake is a rather ridiculous one. While attempting to come up with information on the alleged “perpetrator” of this deal, we came across the very product the site peddles for $37, completely free. It looks like someone downloaded it and made it available to the public. While this is theft – there’s no better way to describe it – it does in fact expose the magnitude of the swindle we’re looking at here.

The .pdf will probably be deleted in the future (given how it’s actively undermining the SnoringSleepApneaNoMore “business” effort), but the loss won’t be a great one. There’s little of use contained in the .pdf to begin with. The author goes to great lengths to fill up the eBook with content, going through the publicly available information on snoring and sleep apnea yet again. He then gets to the “natural remedies” section, which should be the main selling point of the whole setup.

Lo and behold though, here, we’re treated to lifestyle change recommendations linked to diet and exercise, as well as weight loss, sleeping positions and some alternative therapies. These therapies cover warm beverages before bedtime and various relaxation techniques. In the exercises section, various throat exercises are covered. Review Conclusion

Do not get us wrong, other than advising people away from proven treatment methods such as CPAP machines, does not hand out bad advice. It’s just that what it sells for $37 is essentially publicly available knowledge, gathered from a variety of publicly available sources. Long story short: what these guys are selling you is already available for free: all you need to do is to take your time and do a little research. is reviewed by an impressive number of other websites, mostly locked in an affiliate partnership with the main sales page. This is indeed quite a way to grab some money for nothing, so it is understandably attractive to those who won’t think twice about the moral aspect of the equation.

Do not fall for this deal. While the offer comes accompanied by a money-back guarantee and a number of other eBooks (utterly useless, purported to be worth around $50 each), you will be disappointed when you get your hands on the “product.”

In any case, we would recommend consulting with a sleep expert for anyone who is suffering from sleep problems.


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