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Blue Heron Health News‘ insomnia “cure” ( is quite possibly a more recent foray of the operator into the realm of sleep. That would explain why there is almost no user feedback available on it in any shape or form. The people behind Blue Heron Health News are well known in the online health scam community though, make no mistake about that…

So what exactly are we dealing with in this new “magical” cure from this well known online health scammer?…and who exactly is behind this “deal”? have added this page on an “unconventional,” “ground-breaking” way to treat insomnia, which bucks all the trends and obviously all the scientifically accepted methods too, promising to eliminate this doubtlessly annoying and debilitating condition. This isn’t their first foray into treating such conditions. In fact, their most notorious effort – the one that generated the most feedback (and blow-back) is one aimed at the treatment of high blood pressure.

Before we take an actual look at the offer itself and the “actors” involved, we can already pinpoint the first thing that sort of demolishes all trust going into this one: the copy. Written in classic “salesy” manner, the website copy just screams “scam” through and through. It is essentially endless: it goes on and on and it takes real patience to read through…and it is an exercise in futility. Its gist could be summed up in three sentences at most.

Besides beating about the bush and making tedious headway towards its actual pitch, the copy introduces us to a certain Christian Goodman, who is apparently a known “natural health researcher.” The credibility tied to this identity simply does not exist though. This is most likely a virtual identity, one created with the express goal of pushing deals such as this “ground-breaking” insomnia cure. I did quite a bit of research on this name and I came up nearly empty-handed. All I could find were other people stating that they couldn’t find out anything about this guy either…plus a bunch of other deals peddled in his name.

Indeed, this well-known natural health researcher does not have a picture featured at his website, he does not have a social media presence and he most likely does not exist.

As said, Christian Goodman’s company is Blue Heron Health News, based at 14525 SW Millikan Way #33495, Beaverton, OR 97005-2343 – according to the Better Business Bureau profile of the operation. Goodman’s personal email seems to be:

The third red flag is a little more difficult to dig up, but it is certainly there. The insomnia program peddled by Goodman has no feedback, and it features no third-party testimonials. The pushers of this product have apparently realized the folly of posting a bunch of stolen pictures parading as third-party users, so they’ve completely eliminated this approach. All we really have to go by in this regard are the comments and user-ratings generated by his blood-pressure scam and these are nothing to write home about, for sure.

The vast majority of users rated this product of Goodman’s 1-star, and a waste of time and money. Given the way his insomnia product is shaping up, that’s probably valid for this deal as well.

As any proper health scam, the Blue Heron Insomnia deal (which will set you back close to $50, by the way) has some roots anchored in science. Sleep specialists recommend insomnia sufferers to find ways to relax their minds (among a number of other things they are also advised to accomplish, of course) and that’s what Blue Heron’s Goodman latched on to. He claims that his program works in 9 people out of 10 and that it is all about relaxing one’s mind, effectively ushering in those delta brainwaves characteristic of the deeper stages of sleep. This way, users of the program will not wake up during the night, and they will in fact enjoy a good and replenishing night’s sleep.

This claim raises several questions though. First of all: deep-sleep delta waves are associated with only 2-3 of the 5 stages of sleep which make up an ~90 minute-long sleep-cycle. The body cycles through up to 5 such cycles each night, meaning that deep-sleep and more shallow, REM-sleep alternate during a good night’s sleep. One doesn’t just slip into deep sleep in the evening and stay in it all the way till wake-up.

Secondly: Mr. Goodman claims that his program is made up of two parts. The first part is a 25-minute long audio track, which effectively shows the user the steps needed to usher in deep-sleep. The second part is a 50-minute long track of relaxing sounds, which are supposed to draw the sleeper into deep-sleep. Earlier in the copy though, Mr. Goodman states that he does not put a whole lot of stock into such relaxing sounds. That makes it quite surprising that he has chosen to fill two thirds of his revolutionary program with such sounds.

The Bottom Line

Does Blue Heron’s insomnia program really work? There may be some benefits to it. The problem with the setup is though that what you are buying for $50 through it, is effectively available for free elsewhere. There are all sorts of insomnia-focused relaxation programs available out there. What are the odds that this notorious scammer’s take on the matter will turn out to be the right one for you?

In any case, we would recommend consulting with a sleep expert for anyone who is suffering from sleep problems.


  1. Dubious

    Cheers for the run down, very useful. That sole 4 July comment above looks totally legit – NOT! How many reviewers use the company name in comments! And the whole ” Drs had no good treatment for my friends same problem” sp i e l….I’m calling fake review by either fake person of operative associated to the product.

  2. Emily Scott

    I bought one Guide from the Blue Heron group and I like it. I worried that I had been a fool to buy it, but when doctors had no good treatment for my problem or for a friend’s same problem, I found it to have good sense and to be very practical and effective and cheaper than using insurance for an office visit with probably no results, just lost time and sadness. I really like the free health newsletters.

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