Review – “Free” Gift Cards Ordeal Targeting Pregnant Woman?

Thoughtful Gift Cards ( has become a trending online platform of discussion over the past couple of weeks.

According to public opinion, the legitimacy of Thoughtful Gift Cards is under evaluation after consumers started to receive a handful of ‘gift cards’ in the mail.

As research will suggest, consumers who reside within Utah were among the first individuals to receive these cleverly disguised advertisements, while just a few days ago reports of consumers residing within Wisconsin reported that they too have been starting to receive the same letters.

To find out more regarding Thought Gift Cards, why most of the community is calling it shady and how this clever marketing ruse works, we invite you to read our factual review.

About Thoughtful Gift Cards

ThoughtfulGiftCards is an online platform that supports a wide range of gift cards.

During the time of composing this review, Thoughtful Gift Cards had 574 gift cards available for purchase through their site which supported a wide chain of restaurants, online retailers, clothing stores, entertainment and travel options.

When browsing the Thoughtful Gift Cards platform, and more specifically their supported gift cards, it is implied that you can purchase their gift cards at a discount by using their site.

Allegedly all of their gift cards are available at a discounted rate, however, when it comes down to the check out process (where you may think the discount might finally appear), the ‘discount’ never activates.

Here’s an example: A $25 gift card for 7-eleven would cost $27.95… not $25 or for cheaper, as it is implied.

Whether only select gift cards are accompanied with this discounted promotional status we are uncertain but since their site fails to indicate that may be the case, then we believe that it falls in line with their marketing campaigns, which have been labeled as shady by countless consumers across the web.

Refund Policy

Thoughtful Gift Cards reflects an All Sales Final policy.

If you believe you have received a defective or incorrect merchandise, you have to contact their customer service within 30 days of receipt while providing a photo of said defects/merchandise.

There are no exchanges and only replacements of the original print are offered.

Shipping Policy

All orders are shipped using poly envelopes.

Items may be shipped from their warehouse in Utah or Ohio, and/or direct from their manufacturer in China.

There is no indication to an estimated delivery time within their Shipping Policies apart from that processing time for your order may require 2 to 3 business days to execute.

If you are offered insurance, but fail to accept it, asserts that they will not be held responsible for damaged, lost, or stolen packages.

Who is Behind Thoughtful Gift Cards? is a DBA of Mothers Lounge, LLC.

According to the Better Business Bureau, Mothers Lounge, LLC reflects an “A-“ BBB rating, reflects less than a 1.5 out of 5 star customer review rating and has received 23 complaints over the past 3 years.

The physical location of Mothers Lounge, LLC is 363 W. Industrial Dr, Pleasant Grove, UT 84062-2646.

The only other identifying information we can find at would be the following telephone number 1 (855) 895-4438.

According to the Contact page of Thoughtful Gift Cards, their customer service team does not render any support in sales, compatibility or technical support while their hours of operation run Monday through Thursday from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (EST).

ThoughtfulGiftCards Reviews

The majority of the online community believes that ThoughtfulGiftCards is a “scam” or shady entity.

While the information we have disclosed thus far in this review would fail to indicate that Thoughtful Gift Cards could possibly be a scam entity, here is why many online consumers are set in their views.

Free Gift Cards from “Jen”

Just around 2 weeks ago, many consumers who reside within Utah, and more specially Salt Lake City, Utah, started to receive what they were led to believe to be a handful of gift cards.

A consumers name and physical address are printed on the envelope (not written) while the post mark reflected the zip code of Salt Lake City, Utah.

Upon further investigation, consumers report that there is oftentimes a receipt included in these mailing advertisements which indicate that the letter was sent from Thoughtful Gift Cards.

Many of the envelopes going out appeared to be handwritten, sometimes including a smudged fingerprint, with messages like, “So excited for you! Hope you like these,” where it is later signed by an entity referred to as Jen.

This has led to many consumers being confused, thinking that they have received a couple hundred dollars worth in gift cards to various retailers from someone they may know when in reality they are promotional advertisements for various companies.

On February 12th, 2019, the Surry Country Sheriff’s Office issued a warning in regards to the legitimacy of Thoughtful Gift Cards where they believed the operation could have been a scam.

Upon further investigation, the Surry Country Sheriff’s Office reported last Wednesday that the operation in question was not a scam.

Furthermore, the entity known as “Jen” is Jeanette Pierce from Pleasant Grove, Utah.

According to Ben Pierce, who is the General Manager for Mothers Lounge, LLC, these mailing campaigns being sent out are functioning as promotional advertisements for their supported companies.

To learn more regarding the evolution of Thoughtful Gift Cards, you can visit the WKTR Channel 3 station. Complaints

ThoughtfulGiftCards, and as a result Mother Lounge, LLC, has acquired a troubling collection of negative experiences and consumer complaints which mostly stem from lack of knowledge regarding the operation.

As you can infer from the feedback below, many consumers are not only confused regarding these promotional advertisements (which they believe to be free gift cards) but are also thoroughly convinced that Thoughtful Gift Cards and the associated entity Jen to be part of some unethical, deceptive and shady marketing scam.

“I’ve gotten the coupons that are sort of like, “Free $50 value car seat canopy!” and you have to pay a bunch in shipping and the product is crap. But I’ve never heard of something that looks like someone purchased gift cards for you, even including a receipt as if they purchased them from a store, and all disguised in a hand written greeting card. I don’t doubt that it’s scam, I’m just surprised.”

“Post details on where/how/what to share with the FTC and I’ll gladly make a complaint. My wife received this cruel marketing ploy of fake gift cards in the mail and she’s not pregnant. A low-blow insult to families that are trying.”

“Im in florida I received it today. It freaked me out because Im not even pregnant. But also that the gift card doesn’t including shipping and handling. I feel like if I have a balance of 34.99 and have a 50 dollar gift card that it should cover that fee as well, as I havent used the balance of the card. I feel like it’s a scam because now they need my debit card information in order to process the order. Ill pass.”

To browse more trending consumer reviews, you can visit Reddit.

Domain Insight was a privately acquired domain that was registered on December 19th, 2017.

Despite possessing over a year of web-activity under their belt, Thoughtful Gift Cards does not appear to be a reputable or widely visited site.

Perhaps this is the reason why Thoughtful Gift Cards started to participate in questionable marketing campaigns?

Thoughtful Gift Cards Review Conclusion

Thoughtful Gift Cards, according to the Surry Country Sheriff’s Office, does not appear to be a scam.

While this may be true, the marketing approach and misleading mailing campaigns are certainly sketchy, to say the least.

Although we do not believe Thoughtful Gift Cards, “Jen” and Mothers Lounge, LLC to be the more trustworthy entities to conduct business with, that does not mean you may not find a good deal through their advertisements.

In fact, you should only approach Thoughtful Gift Cards (and any received promotional advertisements) with caution and utilize at your own risk, although we believe you should steer clear from this operation as a whole if you want to play it safe.

Have you received any letters from “Jen” from Please share your insight in a comment below if so.

Outcome: Thoughtful Gift Cards should be pursued at Own Risk!

We invite you to share any insight, feedback or experiences you may have below!


  1. Astaria Hall

    I live in Idaho and received a variety of gift cards with cash amounts on the cards however when I went to go to the website that the receipt had on it which is a lot of scam articles have come up as results. New mom with a newborn that received various giftcards from a hospital, one would think they would be trusted. I do research and make sure before I do anything or redeem the giftcards.

  2. E

    I also received a card with about $200 worth in various gift cards but mine was signed “Jenny B.” I know someone who goes by Jenny B, and that is weirdly specific information to know. I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one who received a note signed “Jenny B,” but still the whole operation is shady and definitely a scam.

    It was sent to my mom’s, and I have not lived at that address for years. On top of which, I too am not pregnant. I work with infants so my internet history likely seems like I’m a mother-to-be.

    This whole thing is outrageous. How do we get this business shut down?

  3. chris nichols

    This is a scam, call the Better Business Bureau! Why did I recieve this?

  4. Ohio

    Ditto here. Same card, same message, same surprising stuff inside. Addressed to my daughter, who hasn’t lived here in years, isn’t pregnant, never has been, isn’t trying to get pregnant. That’s an expensive mailer to use with a mailing list that is apparently, “a woman of childbearing age once lived at this address.”

    • Alexa

      My mom received a set of cards in my name. I haven’t lived with her in years and that is definitely not how she’d like to find out if I was expecting. Not pregnant, never been pregnant, and questioning where they got our information from?

  5. Bgn

    I live in MD Received yesterday addressed to my daughter, who has not lived at our address for several years. Total scam, if you look at the gift cards, they say “does not cover shipping and Handling” that’s how they get your personal information……Right in the trash. I haven’t had a kid for almost 30 years, so its not from any buying I did. (Anon 10/19 – we’ve never bought from eyebuydirect, so have no idea how they are coming up with their mailing list.)

  6. Sarah

    I also received this today. Hand written letter with gift cards and a receipt. Never been pregnant nor ever searched for or purchased baby items. Zero clue how they got my address.

  7. Megan

    I just got this nonsense in the mail and I am beyond confused. I don’t live in or know anyone in Utah, I am not, nor have I ever been, pregnant, and I have never signed up for, browsed, or accidentally clicked on anything pregnancy/baby-related.

  8. Anon

    I live in CT. I just got this letter today. However it says it’s from “Jenny b” total scam! At first I thought it was real. Now that I think about it, EYEBUYDIRECT sent me a letter via US post mail saying that their customers privacy information has been breached. Can you please find out if any of these people ever ordered from EYEBUYDIRECT? thanks!

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