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Kids Get Money ( is a recently created scam that targets children and young adults with social media platforms to ‘earn money’ through their referral venture.

For those of you who are avid subscribers of ours, you may have noticed how is the identical site template and operation as the Scam that we exposed just over a month ago.

As expected, the scammer behind this growing string of scams appears to be evasive as ever but fortunately for us this entity can’t outrun the facts.

To find out more regarding the Kids Get Money scam, and other sites associated with, we invite you to read our factual and comprehensive review.

What is KidsGetMoney?

What makes Kids Get Money such a dangerous operation would be how professional and crisp their platform appears.

If you aren’t experienced with exposing online scams, then identifying as a scam without any external research would be a conclusion not likely rendered.

KidsGetMoney, in its truest form, is a misleading phishing scam that utilizes the social media craze as a crutch to reach more prospective victims.

Putting an emphasis on targeting kids, KidsGetMoney is literally the same scam as Kids Paid Money.

At, they imply that their platform supports over 473,000 members while having paid out over $44.9 million per date.

Both of these assertions we will debunk shortly for you. Scam

Kids Get Money, like its predecessor Kids Paid Money, asserts that to begin ‘earning’ immediately all you have to do is follow their 3-step process.

1. Sign Up

When you sign up you will receive a specific referral link to use amongst your friends, family and others.

2. Share

Successful refer other individuals to join KidsGetMoney where you’ll allegedly receive $10 per successful referral.

3. Cash Out

Kids Get Money states that they compensate their members via PayPal, CashApp, Western Union, paper checks, and more.

Minimum Cash-out Requirement: $125

The alleged physical location of KidsGetMoney is as followed:

57 Rathbone Place, London, W1T 1JU, United Kingdom

Kids Get Money also discloses their @kidsgetmoney Twitter as a way to reach out to their operators.

Apart from their physical location, which ALSO reflects the “physical” location of 65 other companies, KidsGetMoney does not disclose any other forms of communication.

To add, Kids Get Money does not disclose any ownership or identifiable information anywhere upon their site.

It is clear that the scammers behind this trending and viral scheme wish to remain anonymous as long as possible.

As expected, KidsPaidMoney and Kids Earn Money reflected the same exact characteristics.

Domain Insight was a privately registered domain that was created on February 2nd, 2019 through the NameCheap, Inc registrar.

According to SimilarWeb, reflected a global rank of 29,671,321 with a US rank of 7,037,961 as of February 18th, 2019.

Given KidsGetMoney poor web-rankings, it is evident that their site receives minimum sums of traffic and DOES NOT support a user base of over 473,000 users as they assert.

Affiliated Site Registrations was privately registered on 12/25/2018. was privately registered on 01/18/2019. was privately registered on 02/02/2019.

Each site reflects the same site template, coding sources and visual representations.

As you can tell, the scammer behind this phishing scam appears to be creating a new scam campaign on a monthly occurrence without any variation apart from the URL of the site – be on the lookout for more to come! Reviews

After acquired a notorious reputation across the net for being a deceptive scam it appears that the online community has quickly caught wind of the scam.

For instance, most review portals that you come across have classified as a scam.

A transparent Reddit thread does a rather straight-forward job of summing up the KidsGetMoney operation along with affiliated sites.

To browse more relevant consumer feedback you can visit our Review and navigate through the many consumer experiences shared below the review.

Is a Scam? is without a doubt a scam.

Functioning as a spawn of viral Kids Paid Money scam that plagued the end of 2018, Kids Get Money will deliver you nothing and will serve as nothing more than a monumental waste of your time. Scam Conclusion is directly affiliated with the KidsPaidMoney Scam.

Created by the same low-life scam network, Kids Get Money is nothing more than a waste of your time and an actively aggressive phishing scam.

Promoting the ideology that you can, “Make Hundreds Online with Social Media,” by using their platform is absolutely bogus AND nothing further from the truth.

Let’s not forget, was registered on February 2nd, 2019 while their site claims to have paid out over $44 million to date… obviously the math does NOT add up!

Do yourself a tremendous favor and make sure to avoid the KidsGetMoney scam and all affiliated entities!

Outcome: KidsGetMoney is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Sites:, &

We invite you to share any insight, experiences or feedback you may have!

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