Scam Review – Jewellery Shop Online is a website that sells bracelets, chains, rings, and Cuban jewellery. The offerings pales in comparison to the well known platforms out there, but in terms of pricing, they do manage to capture the attention of the people.

At first glance, this website looks simplistic and easy to navigate, but there are a lot of traits they exhibit that cannot be overlooked for any reason. Not to mention, at the time of publishing this post, they are not even two months old.

As the price tag of the items sold by them are on the higher side, people are curious to know more about them.

To know all the important things about them, continue reading the following information and in case, if you have any question that is not clarified below, feel free to grace us with a comment. 

Preliminary Checks

Running a domain deep search is a crucial aspect for us because it shows the potential problems in advance. This domain is not blacklisted by any service, but do not celebrate just yet. Their domain rating is 2.6, the backlink profile is very weak and only about 6 websites link out to them.

Compared to the web traffic they get, the weak profile does not make much sense and undeniably, it is a red flag.

Low trust score along with lack of transparency is the combo we never like and if any platform displays those traits, it is better to be extremely cautious about them. 


This website mainly targets people from the United States. According to, this platform gets over 80% web traffic from the US and they have got a world wide rank of 1,207,677.

The traffic they get is not that great and as a result, data about them is not only scarce, but also not enough to form any kind of in-depth analysis. does have a valid SSL layer and the information shared with this website should be generally safe.

However, the most concerning part about them is that there is no About Us section at all. The details of the parent company, their location, telephone number and email addresses are not shared with the public. No legitimate firm that is selling online works in this way and the lack of details are a big cause for concern.

In case, if the customer needs help with anything the only way to reach the support staff is through contact form and the response time is not guaranteed. This platform sells jewellery which needless to say are expensive, but still they do not have the courtesy to offer a dedicated support team.

Lack of attention to details speaks for itself and it damages their reputation in a very bad manner. All the established brands in this sector usually have very active social media pages to serve the needs of the customers in a timely manner.

Also, social media presence helps businesses run targeted ads and create a buzz whenever a special event or promotions are taking place. does not have any social media presence and the absolute lack of errors from their side just makes them less credible. 

Community and Reputation has not earned a single spot on any of the forums and even on social media platforms, there is no clue about them. Due to the low web traffic they get, the user feedback may be absent, but at the end of the day, it is not a good sign.

Social proof is a very important metric that always gives a clear picture about the way a brand operates. Whenever no data is found, it is always better to wait for a while before ordering anything from them. In today’s era, the competition is huge and some brands might offer a better price.

However, staying with established companies is always better and it certainly is worth the additional cost involved. There are few reviews from alleged clients on their website’s product page.

As there is no way to verify the identity of the customers, we do not believe any of the narratives they showcase. Bluffing about their product quality and creating bogus profiles to increase the platform’s engagement levels are shady tactics and no reputable firm would ever do such a thing.

Payment supports major debit and credit cards along with Apple pay. We could not try out their Apple pay gateway so we strongly believe that it is not functional.

Trusting new platforms with non-secure payment methods such as wire transfer and credit cards is something which you should never do. The complications present with trusting new entities are immense which is why using an e-wallet is always a good idea.

Sadly, this platform does not support any e-wallet and given all of their traits, entering banking information on their interface is a risky thing to do. Review Conclusion is a very suspicious website. They sell high ticket items, but they do not exhibit any characteristics that instill confidence. From the owner details to contact information, everything is kept confidential and even their policies are not straightforward.

The small print is designed to confuse the buyers and it will be a daunting task to get a refund or an exchange from them. Tracking mechanisms used by them are also unknown, though they claim to offer free shipping, the time required by them is on the higher side.

After analyzing every factor about them, we advise our readers not to order anything from them.

In case, you encounter any problem or if your money is stuck with them, then leave a comment below, we might be able to help you.

Buying jewellery online might get you considerable discounts, but as the items considered are costly, one should certainly do their homework or else the consequences will be severe. 

If you have something to say about, then feel free to do so in the thread below. 


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