Mana Target ( Scam Review

Mana Target is a new online platform that sells household appliances and computer accessories at bargain prices. Their website appears professional and they claim to use standard payment methods such as Stripe, PayPal in order to provide enhanced security.

Most people will never be able to find the hidden secrets of this platform and they are likely to lose money to them.

This website has managed to get amazing online traction, but things are not exactly transparent with them.

Stick with us till the end and we will highlight all of their nasty secrets so that you understand the reason behind the hate they are receiving online.

Also, if you have lost money to them, leave a comment below and we might be able to help you.

To get an enormous discount online undeniably feels good, but whenever the deal is dirt cheap, you should always be cautious.

Bear in mind that legitimate business can never survive for long, if they keep on selling things with massive price cuts.

Also, the fake online shops are popping up online at a rapid scale and to know about all the viral scams, do not forget to be a part of our email list. 

Preliminary Checks

Mana target ( official website looks decent. They are not spreading any harmful malware and they do have a SSL layer.

The information shared through their platform is encrypted, but that does not amount to much because of the reasons we will discuss later in the review. Their URL is also not blacklisted.

However, the domain registration information is hidden which means the owners wanted to stay away from the limelight. Note that, whenever the owner details are hidden, it means that the firm does not embrace the concept of transparency and that is not a good thing.

Moving on to the domain details, a simple whois search reveals that they are roughly one month old at the time of publishing this post. Plus, they have registered the domain only for a year.

Short domain era and lack of details are a terrible combination and it paints them in a very bad manner.

According to, this website ranks 622,201 globally and it mainly targets people from the United States.

They mainly derive their traffic from search engines, but due to lack of data we cannot figure out whether they are running paid ads or not.


Their website looks neat and things are presented in a professional manner. The SSL padlock is present and the policies appear to be reasonable.

However, their domain authority is zero, backlink profile is weak, and no popular or credible platforms link out to them.

If you start browsing around their platform, you will immediately notice that almost every item is offered at a bargain price.

The ridiculously low prices will tempt a lot of people to pull the trigger and give them your credit card details, but that is where the trap lies.

First of all, unlike what this platform claims, they do not accept PayPal or Stripe.

Apart from credit cards, they do not support any other form of payments.

Bluffing about the funding methods is a thing scam sites do and this one follows the same track.

Contact information presented by them does not contain a telephone number which implies that they are not trustworthy.

Plus, the address they have shared is not verifiable and there are a lot of unanswered questions related to their legitimacy.

Shipping policy is not transparent and the fees present are on the higher side.

Inadequate customer support along with aggressive pricing and lack of user feedback are all concerning.

Given all of the traits we have discussed about them so far, it is obvious that no one should trust them with their confidential information.

After all, there are much better alternatives available and they will also cater to the needs of the customers in a professional manner. 

Community and Reviews

As a rule of thumb, always remember to look out for user feedback before ordering from any new platform. Forums and sites like Reddit and Trustpilot will usually reveal the actual nature of the online vendors.

Unfortunately, data can be manipulated to a certain extent which is why you should always look for conflict of interests present.

If anyone promotes a platform with referral links attached, then it may not be best for you to trust the information presented blindly.

Also, do not forget to double check all the information regardless of how good or reasonable it sounds.

Mana Target hasn’t earned a spot on any of the well known forums. Thankfully, there are a few Reddit posts about them.

In the early days of the internet, people used to fall for fake online shops that used to offer high discounts to attract people.

Now, with time, online shoppers have gotten smart and they are already recognizing the truth and are sharing their honest opinion about it.

Check out the comment below (source – Reddit).

I was attracted to the site as it’s the first listing when you Google Nier Replicant and it says it’s selling it for $30. But the site periodically goes down, and try any of their contact info and you’ll get a disconnected line, no email recipient found, and more. Definitely appears to be a scam— they take your card info and run with it.

In case, if you are wondering, Mana Target does not have a dedicated social profile.

In other words, the only way to get in touch with them is via email and if they do not respond, then there is nothing much anyone can do about it.

Now, ask yourself, do you want to still proceed with them after knowing all of their flaws and traits?

Mana Target Review Conclusion

Mana Target is getting a lot of attention and people appear to be impressed by their offerings.

However, there are a lot of concerns about the way they operate and handle the customer’s queries.

Payment information is misleading, shipping costs are higher, and their revenue model is something no one apart from the owners can understand.

While the bargain price might be enticing, it is not worth the risk present.

Mysteriousness along with the kind of traits they feature, it is clear to us that they won’t be around for long. So, do not order anything from them.

Remember to stick with only reputable sites and at the end of the day, the extra marginal cost is always going to be worth it. After all, there is nothing wrong in paying a bit of premium in exchange for peace of mind, right?

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