VectorMarketing Review

Vector Marketing ( functions as a Cutco cutlery marketing corporation which was established in March of 1948 by Vector Marketing Corporation.

Vector Marketing Review

Vector Marketing is a marketing agency that has specialized in marketing Cutco cutlery to US based consumers. Operating as a single-level direct sales company, Vector Marketing associates are the only medium involved in the sales process.

According to their site, Vector Marketing became an independent seller of Cutco that averages a gross annual revenue of over $200 million dollar.

One of the main advantages about Vector Marketing would be how simple it is to acquire a sales position. While Vector Marketing is more targeted towards prospects between the ages of 17 to 25, any US based resident is encouraged to sign up and they accept nearly every application.

However, there is a catch in regards to their sales position.

While no obligation is set forth unless specifically enclosed in a contract that you are required to sign, unless you can afford the upfront expenditures then a sales position with Vector Marketing may not be for you.

This “catch” associated with their employment process is the biggest controversy regarding this operation amongst community feedback.

If a sales associate decides to move onward with their newly obtained position, they must go through a rigorous 5 day training course which will equip new employees with insight on how to conduct their work.

After the completion of the 5 day course, applicants must purchase their Cutco cutlery set (between the value of $200 to $1,000) which is the set they will be using in all their sales pitches. is overseen by Vector Marketing Corporation, which was established on March 14th, 1948 and incorporated on October 11th, 1989 in New York. According to the Better Business Bureau, Vector Marketing Corporation is headquartered from 1116 East State Street, Ocean, NY 14760 and become BBB accredited on December 19th, 1990.

As found on their corporate BBB profile, Vector Marketing reflects a 3.86 out of 5 composite score while 64% of customer reviews featured on their site are negative.

Vector Marketing Feedback

Conducting further research into Vector Marketing has revealed some daunting and disturbing consumer and previous associates reviews. A simple search query of “Is Vector Marketing a scam,” in any search engine will yield the facts within a few short minutes regarding this operation.

As we have previously stated, the average percentage of negative customer reviews at Vector Marketing’s corporate BBB profile is 64% while a total of 54 complaints have been filed against them over the past 3 years alone.

Among the biggest complaints filed against this organization would be deceptive and manipulatable sales tactics, unethical application process along with the strong assertion that Vector Marketing is a scam and pyramid scheme.

ConsumerAffairs exploits a total of 80 reviews regarding Vector Marketing while not even establishing a 2 out of 5 star average consumer rating.

Furthermore, it should be noted that marketing associates of Vector Marketing are specialized in high-pressure sale tactics where they very seldom accept the answer of no. While this may seem as persistence and accepted to associates of Vector Marketing, to those on the other end of the totem pole, it is borderline unethical, manipulative and most oftentimes involve deceptive promises.

One such example would be a consumer who politely turned down their Cutco products only to find out the next day that he had received an invoice and his card had been charged. It wasn’t until quite sometime later that the problem was rectified and the associate responsible was held accountable.

Vector Marketing Scam

Despite Vector Marketing’s historic track record, we were not impressed with their operation after we combed through mounds of negative consumer and customer reviews.

According to SimilarWeb, had a global rank of 294,512 with a US rank of 61,442 as of March 7th, 2018. Ranked 2,271 in the marketing category, Vector Marketing receives over 93% of their traffic from visitors who reside within the United States while over 63% of their traffic is referral based.

As disclosed in our review above and as further investigative research will suggest, Vector Marketing does not appear to be a trustworthy operation, therefore we do not advice committing with this organization.

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