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ROMWE ( is an online clothing retailer based out of China that became available to the online marketplace in 2008 by an undisclosed entity.

ROMWE Review functions as an online clothing site that is headquartered out of China. Offering their retail clothing goods on an international level at unremarkably low prices, the community consensus regarding Romwe would be that you get what you pay for while shipping times appear almost unbearable long for most consumers.

Most international product orders take anywhere between 4 to 8 weeks to be shipped let alone delivered which means that if you are looking to obtain some new clothing, swimwear, bags or accessories and have a deadline, then Romwe probably isn’t the solution for you.

According to their site, they have been offering their retail products since 2008 although a WHOIS domain report will reveal that was registered on November 5th, 2009 by Nexperian Holding Limited, which, according to research, is an anonymous hosting corporation that is associated with over 3.96 million other domains.

According to their About Us page, Romwe is the owner of “ROMWE” Trademark and is registered worldwide which means we are unable to find any verifiable information regarding the current owners or operators behind their operation.

Due to ROMWE being based out of China, one oftentimes overlooked aspect relating to this online retailer would be that their sizes tend to fit smaller than what we would classify as normal. While the site does disclose clothing measurements, according to community feedback, all sizes tend to run on the small side and don’t leave much wiggle room.

ROMWE Community Feedback

Romwe has been reported as an online retailer that provides clothing and accessory goods for exceptionally cheap but as can be expected the products themselves are not the most durable and also cheaply manufactured.

While the most often disputed complaint in regards to Romwe would be in regards to their extensively long processing and shipping durations, ROMWE does possess some positive consumer feedback.

According to TrustPilot, ROMWE possesses an “average” consumer rating from over 1,700 submitted reviews. Disclosed below is some of the most recent feedback we discovered:

ordered spring accessories. I like that you can buy stylish items at a good price. with high quality.

I ordered my shirts on February 14th and on February 19th it says a label was created…But it its BEEN 3 weeks and the items still arent even on their way to me!!!! So upsetting

I ordered my order on Friday and I paid for 3-5 day shipping because I need the bathing suit 2 weeks from now because I will be on a cruise. Still have not received an email saying it has shipped. Will be cancelling if I don’t receive my order that I paid for extra fast shipping on. Very disappointed.

Another widely relied upon consumer ranking site would be SiteJabber, where consumers reported an above average rating also some questionable and troubling customer feedback was filed against ROMWE. Featured below are the two most recent consumer complaints:

I tried ordering and my money was deducted but my order was cancelled ….I want my money back or I want the things which I order please someone help me I’m in a huge lost

I wish I could rate this company 0 stars. I didn’t even get my order, after a month of waiting. I finally emailed them and they said that they shipped it and it is at customs, then two days later they said they i’m just not going to receive my order at all. I’m so mad. I will never use this site again.


Romwe is a well-designed online marketplace for international consumers although we were quite disappointed with the impending and numerous consumer complaints regarding this operation.

While this operation does not appear to be backed by a corporate entity, extensive customer feedback will go on to verify that Romwe does appear to be a legitimate operation although there is certainly no telling how long it will take to receive one’s purchased goods.

If you don’t mind cheaply made products for bargain prices then ROMWE is an online retailer that you could consider, just understand it could take an excessively long and undisclosed period of time to receive purchased goods.

According to SimilarWeb, had a global rank of 4,988 with a US rank of 2,624 as of March 11th, 2018. Ranked 45th in the clothing category, ROMWE receives over an estimated 11 million monthly visitors while of those visitors approximately 36.59% reside within the United States.

Given the information disclosed above and by pooling community feedback, we do not believe that is a scam but it also doesn’t appear to be the most professional and user-friendly online retailer either.

Many consumers have reported that their purchased goods broke upon opening packages, that clothing materials are exceptionally fragile but then again you get what you paid for. In addition, their customer support has been widely reported as horrific.

All-in-all we are not blacklisting ROMWE, but we also feel obligated to forewarn potential consumers of the complications that may arise when utilizing their platform. At some point, your purchased goods should arrive…eventually, but there is no certain way for telling when.

Our two cents would be to utilize this online retailer at your own risk or pursue other more reliable and authentic online retailers, such as

Do you have first-hand experience or knowledge pertaining to ROMWE? Please disclose your feedback in a comment below!


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