Penn Credit Review

Penn Credit ( functions as debt collection specialists that was founded on January 1st, 1987 by Penn Credit Corporation.

Penn Credit Review

Penn Credit is a debt collection agency that provides third party collection, small balance recovery and legal collections. Among the numerous markets that support would be telecom, retail, healthcare, government, educational, direct marketing, commercial and bankcard.

As research will suggest, according to the Better Business Bureau, Penn Credit was founded on January 1st, 1987 by their overseeing corporation known as Penn Credit Corporation.

According to the BBB report, Penn Credit Corporation became incorporated on June 9th, 1987 and just recently became a BBB accredited organization on November 13th, 2017.

Thomas Perrotta is reported as the Compliance Manager while Donald Donagher is disclosed as their CEO. Other notable positions would be Tom Foley as COO, Richard Templin as President and David Latshaw as Executive Vice President.

As indicated at their BBB profile, Penn Credit has had 138 complaints filed against their organization over the past 3 years while 89% of their compiled customer reviews have been filed as negative.

Penn Credit Community Feedback

Penn Credit has been the subject of severe scrutiny according to researching compiled in the form of community feedback. Despite this operation already being deemed as notorious due to operating as a debt collection agency, a rather large foundation of unethical and illicit detailed consumer complaints have been filed against Penn Credit Corporation.

According to RipOffReport, Penn Credit has been not only harassing those who have accounts held in collections but also trying to solicit funds from those who do not owe any amounts in collections.

Among the most common ripoff attempts performed by Penn Credit it appears would be them sending letters to nearby small businesses or consumers claiming that they owe an amount between $150 to $700 for an old Verizon bill that they never had.

As most of these consumers have reported, they never had a Verizon plan during their disclosed reference dates while another targeted route who would old utility bills, outdated Publisher Clearing House purchases and small loan collections characterized by outrageously rude telephone calls.

Penn Credit Discrepancies

As our review has begun to indicate and as simply search queries will reveal, Penn Credit is a cesspool of discrepancies and bad news.

While some of their collection efforts may be deemed as legitimate, it becomes nearly impossible to differentiate which ones are legitimate from those that are not. Countless complaints filed against them regarding fictitious collection acts and extensive harassment makes trusting Penn Credit difficult to say the least.

To further add to their discrepancies, Penn Credit’s BBB complaints are not only verified but deeply troubling. Having accrued over 130 complaints over the past 3 years is not only unacceptable but a red flag in itself.

Penn Credit Review Verdict – The Ruling

Perhaps almost as distasteful as their absence of moral ethics would be their featured site interface. Reflecting as tactless and minimalistic site, Penn Credit is a disappointing operation.

According to SimilarWeb, had a global rank of 1,743,613 with a US rank of 445,530 as of March 12th, 2018. As indicated in the report, Penn Credit does not appear to be a popular debt collection operation and receives minimum quantities of traffic.

Estimated to have between 50 to 200 employees with an approximated annual revenue between $10 million to $50 million, it appears that Penn Credit’s unethical collection services have been paying off for them.

Operating without moral principle by employing deceptive collection efforts and having been the subject of scrutiny and controversy over the past few years, we must advice that Penn Credit does not appear to be a trustworthy debt collection agency and should be avoided if possible.

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  1. Kathy

    I received a letter saying enclosed is your refund check from Penn Credit Corporation for overpayment made on your account.
    Then at the bottom of the letter it says : This notice is being sent by a debt collector. This is an attempt to collect a debt. Any information obtained will be used for that purpose.

  2. Dave

    I receive calls every day. I’ve never answered, and they never leave a message. It’s frustrating, because even though I have a fine credit rating, it makes me wonder about identity theft. Because Penn is apparently a deceptive organization, I don’t feel comfortable calling their office to learn what’s happening. So I’m just left to wonder.

  3. Amber

    I got a letter from them about State Taxes that I owed back in 2016, two years later I’m getting a notice, why now? But this is pretty strange to me seeing as though State Comptroller would probably want me to send it to them directly. Not sure if it’s legit but seeing it now, I’m pretty sure its a scam.

  4. J Dunlap

    Same here as with the previous review the call goes straight to voicemail no mention of who is the specific individual they’re calling about. Totally unethical tactics!

  5. Dona

    Been receiving monthly voicemails on mobile from Penn Credit. However ALL calls somehow go straight to voicemail, requiring callbacks which raise flags with me. Even more flags because voicemail does not identify who they are actually calling for/about, thus leading me to believe it’s a phishing scam . Have not responded.

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