ClickSure Review

ClickSure ( is an online affiliate network that was launched in 2011 by ClickSure Limited.

What is ClickSure?

ClickSure is one of the largest online affiliate networks that actively supports over 460,000 affiliates, 29,000 advertisers and over 1,000 vendors.

Launched in 2011 by ClickSure Limited, ClickSure has grown into one of the most reliable and reputable marketing platforms for not only online marketers but product and service developers as well.

Headquartered from ClickSure Limited, 10th Floor, Standard Chartered Tower, 19 Cybercity, Ebene 72201 Mauritius, ClickSure has long been considered one of the most diverse and dependable online marketing platforms.

Whether you are an online marketer, looking for recruit affiliates to promote your goods or services or are a vendor, ClickSure renders a simplistic yet highly effective interface that is sure to help you achieve your goals.

How to Earn Money with ClickSure

One of the best characteristics regarding ClickSure would be that not only do they deliver payments swiftly and on time but there are also an abundant number of avenues to focus on that can help you supplement your income online from home. Payments can be delivered through direct deposit on a weekly occurrence while affiliates, advertisers and venders can co-exist in a supplemental atmosphere.

Affiliates, those who do the advertising for you, receive commission payments on conversions executed from products and service purchases created by vendors. While most vendors will compensate affiliates between 5% to 90% for a conversion, some vendors do offer flat rate commission payments that can range from a multitude of different values such as $50, $100, $250, $500 and so on.

Whether you are an affiliate or a product creator, utilizing ClickSure enables you to establish connections with a massive network of like-minded individuals looking to supplement their income online.

Product creators (vendors) are willing and able to compensate their marketers with lucrative commissions because they are not having to outsource adverting costs since affiliates will promote their products or services for free until a conversion if registered. A conversion, in terms of marketing, is when a visitor makes a purchase or fulfills a desired goal with one’s services or goods.

Many affiliates create YouTube channels, blogging domains along with utilize social media outlets to maximize their campaigns exposure with the intentions of accruing more income through ClickSure.

ClickSure Marketplace

ClickSure supports a vast marketplace which enables affiliates to market a seemingly endless number of niche related goods and services such as art & entertainment, cryptocurrency, dating, e-business and marketing, e-commerce, fashion, finance, forex and investing, gambling, health and fitness, home and garden, mobile, paid surveys, self-help and software & services.

In addition to supporting a broad marketplace, ClickSure features a Launch Calendar which is a nifty tool that can be used to see upcoming campaign offers that are soon to be released. This way it provides with you more preparation in order to effectively set up your marketing plan.

Potential Hazards Regarding ClickSure

While ClickSure itself is a legitimate and beyond credible operation, it should be noted that not all the products or services featured at ClickSure are what we would consider to be trustworthy. Which can be expected from time to time since ClickSure serves as one of the largest marketing networks in the world, however, the majority of products, services and goods featured at ClickSure are legitimate.

Reputability & Domain Insight was a privately registered site that was created on March 25th, 2003 according to WHOIS. As revealed in a SimilarWeb report, ClickSure supports a strong global rank of 20,303 with a US rank of 58,457. It is estimated that ClickSure generates an annual revenue between $1 million to $10 million while the site supported over 5.8 million visitors last month alone.

ClickSure – Our Closing Thoughts

Utilizing the ClickSure marketplace is an effective and supple way to earn money online from home. Supporting one of the largest web-based marketing networks, ClickSure is used by hundreds of thousands of marketers, vendors and consumers alike.

If you have been considering giving online marketing a shot or are looking for an easy way to promote your products then ClickSure is a great foundation and stepping stone to help you achieve not only your personal goals but also financial goals. To learn more about the options available to you, we encourage you to visit ClickSure for yourself!


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