MaxBounty Review

Max Bounty ( is a diverse performance marketing network that was registered of September 23rd, 2003 by MaxBounty ULC.

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What is MaxBounty?

Max Bounty is an online affiliate network that supports a wide genre of advertisement ready consumer products, services, platforms and earning opportunities.

Available worldwide, MaxBounty offers a few different commission types that vary from CPL, CPS and CPAs. Offering weekly payments options with a minimum payment threshold of $50, Max Bounty features an in-house proprietary platform that provides affiliates with all the promotional and tracking tools needed to create effective and attractive advertisements.

As community consensus will confirm, Max Bounty has surpassed most affiliates expectations by always paying on time through one of their following offered payment methods which would would be MasterCard, Check, PayPal, ACH and Bitcoin.

Actively supporting over 20,000 affiliates and 350+ advertisers, Max Bounty supports over 2,000 offers and effectively functions as a middleman for affiliates, advertisers and vendors.

Making their first appearance in the online marketing niche in 2004, Max Bounty is founded by MaxBounty ULC, a Canadian based corporation, and has grown into one of the most dominant and rewarding affiliate networks for online marketers.

Max Bounty Dashboard

Max Bounty employs their own user hub to create an easy-to-navigate and powerful affiliate dashboard.

Operating as the middle man between marketers and product/service creators, Max Bounty creates an advantage environment for both parties.

Currently supporting an advertiser and affiliate dashboard, advertisers are able to effortlessly have their products and services marketed for them via affiliates while affiliates can exercise free will and select which campaigns have the most potential for their current campaign set up.

In addition, MaxBounty offers a rewards program for their affiliates where their 6 top earnings, 3 most approved and 3 wildcard selected affiliates will receive multiple reward offers and currently an all-expense paid retreat to Banff with Max Bounty.

Perhaps one of the best advantages about Max Bounty would be how willing they are to help their affiliates out. Providing free educational resources and training guides, Max Bounty equips their marketers and advertisers with a considerable amount of knowledge on how to maximize their campaign offers.

Can MaxBounty Help You Make Money Online?

Max Bounty is not only a powerful but essential crutch in most successful affiliates arsenals. Supporting a wide selection of consumer products, services, platforms and earning opportunities, this powerful performance driven affiliate network can help you earn money online from home through a multitude of different niches. Disclosed below are the supported categories and niches available with MaxBounty:

Supported Categories

  • Legal
  • Health
  • Travel
  • Dating
  • Surveys
  • Biz Opp
  • Holiday
  • Gaming
  • Insurance
  • Financial
  • Free Stuff
  • Education
  • Downloads
  • Automative
  • Sweepstakes
  • Mobile Apps
  • E-Commerce
  • Email Submits
  • Business to Business
  • Real Estate & Home Improvement

Supported Niches

  • Loans
  • Dating
  • Job Sites
  • Warranty
  • Gambling
  • Electronics
  • Car Quotes
  • Beauty Products
  • Biz Opportunities
  • Educational Portals
  • E-Commerce Services
  • Membership Based Sites
  • Investment Opportunities
  • Paid Survey & Sweepstakes
  • Life, Home and Auto Insurance
  • Financial (Business to Business)
  • Financial Loans, Stocks & Taxes
  • Loan, Debt & Credit Repair/Loans
  • Mobile gaming, dating and utility apps
  • Sports, Video Games & Travel Submits
  • Web Hosting, VPN & Security Software

Max Bounty Analysis

Max Bounty is perhaps the most diverse and easily one of the most rewarding affiliate networks for online marketers, advertisers and product creators. Offering 5% referral commissions for the first 12 months of newly recruited marketers, MaxBounty reflects a strong list of advantages with a minor inventory of disadvantages.


  • User-friendly template
  • Offers weekly payments
  • Available in every demographic
  • Offers numerous payment methods
  • Offers numerous commission types
  • Enables access to thousands of campaigns
  • Always been known to pay affiliate marketers on time
  • Provides an abundant number of educational and marketing tools for FREE


  • Minimum withdrawal amount is $50
  • Strict registration process for those without a website
  • Can get banned easily if promoting campaigns unethically

Max Bounty is an openly transparent affiliate network that be reached through Facebook, Instagram and their Contact Us page.

Popularity & Domain Insight is one of the most popular affiliate networks and reflects a SimilarWeb global rank of 8,147 with a US rank of 2,725. Ranked 40th in the Business Services category, Max Bounty supported over 10.8 million visitors last month and is relied upon by thousands of affiliates.

According to a WHOIS domain report, Max Bounty was registered by Ajit Thomas of MaxBounty ULC on September 23rd, 2003. The disclosed registrant address is P.O. Box 17039, Ottawa, Ontario CA K4A 0Z9 while their email and telephone number is and +1.613843955.

How to Make Money with Max Bounty

There are numerous routes that one can utilize in order to supplement their income with Max Bounty commissions. Supporting advertisers, affiliates and vendor accounts, this complete affiliate network functions in a supplemental harmonious nature where every party benefits.

If you are an online blogger, own a website, YouTube channel or advertise via social media ads, there are a seemingly endless number paths that you can pursue to earn money through Max Bounty.

MaxBounty Review Conclusion

If you are an online marketer, advertiser or vendor, the incorporation of Max Bounty’s performance network will add significant value to your marketing campaigns. Possessing an extremely strong and positive community consensus, Max Bounty is used by thousands of affiliates and hundreds of advertisers on a daily basis.

If you are looking for a powerful affiliate network that provides free educational resources to take your marketing campaigns to the next level while providing a broad list of campaign offers then Max Bounty is a must. Learn how you can start supplementing your income today through Max Bounty by visiting their intuitive and innovative performance marketing platform.


  1. Neil

    MaxBounty are nothing more than spammers. They do not enforce the opt-in policy. They do not respect remove requests.

    Do not use the spammers unless you want to be known as a spammer.

    Spam sent by them is spam sent by you.

  2. Neil

    WTF!!!!!!!! MaxBounty are nothing but spammers. They do not enforce the opt-in policy. Spam sent by them is spam sent by their clients. I go after your spamvertized sites. Do not use the spammers unless you want to be known as a spammer.

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