702-421-4763 Telephone Scam

There have been many reports from people who received a phone call from the number 702-421-4763.

This number is a Henderson, North Las Vegas, Nevada telephone number.

702-421-4763 Location

Most people who had been contacted by 702-421-4763 reported an automated call or a voice message.

Apparently, the caller has been targeting people from all over the United States, and even Canada. They are using a landline registered with YMax Communications.

Reports from People who Received a Call from 702-421-4763

One person said that the automated message he received was:

Have not heard from you for over 6 months. Now considered intentional fraud. Unspecified federal agency has filed suit in your name. Must call back at 702-421-4763.

Another person reported the following message:

We never got any response from your end, so it has been considered as an intentional fraud, and lawsuit has been filed under your name by the united states government. Call back at 702-421-4763.

Other people said that the caller left a voice mail, identified themselves as being from the IRS, instructing them to call the US government about a lawsuit filed against them.

Here is an additional complaint posted on PissedConsumer.com:

Called with threatening message and then when wife called them back spoke to her very vulgar. Complete scam please be careful I am worried about all the easily preyed upon people out there scared to death that the threat is real. The IRS will notify you in a different method than a robocall…trust me.

If you get a call or a voice message from 702-421-4763, do NOT call back.

Were you contacted from this number? Did you return a call? Please share any information you may have about the caller by commenting below.


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