401-534-5318 Telephone Scam

There have been many reports from people who received a phone call from the number 401-534-5318.

This number is a Woonsocket, Providence, Rhode Island telephone number.

401-534-5318 Location

Most people who had been contacted by 401-534-5318 reported an automated call or a voice message.

Apparently, the caller has been targeting people from all over the United States. They are using a landline registered with YMax Communications.

According to RevealName.com, the person who owns this number is Lawrenc Martins.

Reports from People who Received a Call from 401-534-5318

People reported that the caller identified themselves as being from the IRS, regarding an intentional tax fraud.

One person wrote that:

It says it was the United State Government was suing me lol. I never thought that you ll get a robotic call to tell you this. This becoming pretty common.

Other people said that IRS agents tried to contact them for the last 6 months without success and that they would fill a tax fraud lawsuit against them, asking them to call back the office at 401 534 5318.

Additional comments left by real people on FindWhoCallsYou.com:

Got 2 calls from them this morning, same script. Bogus! The gummint would not contact you this way. Blocking.

Received three messages today saying that I had committed fraud and that the goverment is filing a lawsuit against me. Blocked!

Called 3 times They have my name and address, too.

If you get a call or a message from 401-534-5318, do NOT call back. It appears to be a SCAM!

Were you contacted from this number? Did you return a call? Please share any information you may have about the caller by commenting below.


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