WestlandStorage.com Review – Ponzi Scheme Exposed!!!

Westland Storage, hosted at WestlandStorage.com, appears to be a viral HYIP at large within the cryptocurrency arena.

As with most HYIP structured campaigns, Westland Storage employed a strategic and clever marketing concept that deviates from similar investment programs available on the net.

To gather the full scoop regarding Westland Storage operations we invite you to continue reading our unbiased review.

Westland Storage Review

Westland Storage offers you to “become a share owner of real estate around the world. Buy square feet of real estate and get a daily profit from their lease.”

According to their site, they are available in 39 countries and have allegedly amassed $50.2 million in profits for their investors.

While over $50 million revenue would be impressive for any corporation, what is more impressive would be how Westland Storage has supposedly accomplished that feat within half a year.

Who is Behind Westland Storage?

WestlandStorage.com discloses Westland Storage Ltd as their corporate entity.

According to a CompaniesHouse report, Westland Storage Ltd was incorporated on February 1st, 2018 and functions as a Private Limited Company.

Their registered office address is 43 Whitfield St., London, United Kingdom, W1T 4HD.

As with most of these easily established UK corporations, the alleged office address of Westland Storage Ltd is nothing more than a virtual address used as a desperate ploy to appear more credible.

Matthew Boyd is disclosed as the CEO behind WestLand Storage although we are unable to verify the authenticity of this entity across social media platforms.

How does WestlandStorage.com Work?

WestLand Storage takes an interesting approach when it comes to providing an investment opportunity for prospective investors.

The reason why we previously mentioned that Westland Storage was functioning within the cryptocurrency arena would be because they solely accept cryptocurrencies as their payment forms.

Among the supported cryptocurrencies would be Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Ripple and Ethereum.

Which when you think about it is quite uncommon, especially as it relates to real estate.

So what exactly is Westland Storage offering?

Well according to their site, Westland Storage is offering a cryptocurrency-based investment for becoming a share owner in real estate around the world.

Stated on their site would be how investors already allegedly own upwards to 13.7 million square feet of real estate property.

However, no reference is made anywhere upon their site to disclose their real estate properties.

So how do you make money with Westland Storage?

Well according to their platform, investors who participate and invest with their platform will receive a 1% daily return for life. Sounds too good to be true, right?

We thought so too.

A further look into WestLand Storage will also go on to indicate that they offer an affiliate program where level 1 referrals will receive a 10% affiliate commission while level 2 referrals will receive a 5% commission.

So according to the information disclosed at WestlandStorage.com, investors who invest with their platform will receive a daily return of 1% for the rest of their life while allegedly becoming a share owner in a property that they know nothing about.

As we previously mentioned, Westland Storage does not disclose any information relating to their rental properties nor do they provide transparent evidence of paying their investors.

To add to the mess, Westland Storage only accepts irreversible forms of payment, which you can bet was intentional so that deceived investors would be unable to recoup their loss funds.

Domain Insight

WestlandStorage.com was originally incepted on October 21st, 2010 for an unrelated storage company that used to be based out of Michigan. Undoubtedly the domain expired at some point where the creators behind WestlandStorage acquired the domain with a privacy blocker.

According to the WHOIS report, WestlandStorage.com was last updated on June 8th, 2018 while their platform became readily available to the public on April 27th, 2018.

Westland Storage appears to be a relatively popular domain that reflects a global rank of 11,362 with a Brazil rank of 2,235.

Approximately 18.61% of their traffic originates from visitors who reside within Brazil while over 16% of their cumulative traffic derives from referral based sources.

Community Feedback

Westland Storage appears to reflect an overall positive vibe across the net but the legitimacy of some of these reviews are questionable.

Take for instance the reviews found at TrustPilot, which Westland Storages relies heavily upon as a credibility builder, most of the reviews there reflect such similarities of previously submitted “reviews” it could hardly be thought of as genuine.

While review portals such as TrustPilot have been shown to be vulnerable to fake reviews, review sites such as BehindMLM and BitcoinTalk.org have classified Westland Storage as an impending Ponzi scheme that is destined to shut their doors before long.

Is Westland Storage Legit?

Westland Storage does not appear to be a legit investment opportunity.

While some investors have reported experiencing success with this HYIP, it is only a matter of time before Westland Storage becomes a full-blown Ponzi scheme.

Promoting income assertions of daily 1% returns, investors are estimated to make a cumulative return of over 350% for the calendar year, which is an unsustainable business model at best.

As with most Ponzi schemes, the deposits executed by newly registered investors are used to pay off liabilities of previously deposited investors while of course the creators behind Westland Storage keep a fair chunk of the change for themselves.

It isn’t until the volume of newly deposited investors diminishes that the Westland Storage business model implodes and closes their doors.

To add, Westland Storage doesn’t disclose any information relating to their rental properties while the alleged physical address of their corporate entity is nothing more than a virtual address shared with 60 other bogus UK based corporations.

Given the business model employed by Westland Storage along with their utter lack of transparency we do not believe WestLand Storage to be legit.

WestlandStorage.com Review Conclusion

Westland Storage is a hybrid cryptocurrency real estate investment scheme embodying the form of a legitimate appearing HYIP.

Employing an unsustainable business model while offering investors ROIs that are too good to be true, it is only a matter of time before Westland Storage is exposed as the Ponzi scheme they are and are shut down for good.

Our advice would be to avoid Westland Storage and seek more legitimate alternatives that reflect a better business model and open transparency.

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  2. Roger Michael

    Yes I invested over $2000 and was unable to collect any daily profit even after talking to them through chat they continued to tell me they would fix the issue now I am unable to see any of my investment on there dash board Westland Storage is no good they stole our money

    • Jean

      Have you taken any steps to recover your funds?

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