FastUnsecured Review – Honest Lending Platform?

FastUnsecured, hosted at, is an online network that aids consumers by connecting them with personal and corporate funding lenders.

Applicants are able to receive unsecured credit cards from up to 27 different lenders for a cumulative sum equating to $250,000.

Approval time takes upwards to 2 days while funding can be received as quickly as a week with FastUnsecured lenders.

To learn whether or not offers competitive lending rates compared to other financial institutions we invite you to continue reading our unbiased review! Review renders a loan matching service for personal and corporate applicants seeking to acquire additional funding.

According to their site, approval percentages are significantly higher through their platform while lenders are willing to shell out up to $50,000 if approved.

Applicants who become approved will receive their funding via unsecured credit cards such as Capital One, American Express, BarclayCard and Navy Federal.

Unlike the vast majority of online lending networks, FastUnsecured doesn’t connect loan applicants with lenders who require taxing upfront fees while their average reflected APR is 12.1%.

Who is Behind FastUnsecured?

FastUnsecured does not openly mention their corporate entity on their site.

According to a WHOIS domain report though, was an openly registered domain that was registered by Douglas Filter of Grand Teton Professionals LLC.

According to the Better Business Bureau, Grand Teton Professionals LCC reflects a physical address of 261 S. Main St. Suite 335, Newtown, CT 06470-2746.

Functioning as a Limited Liability Company, Grand Teton Professionals is owned by Douglas Filter.

Alternate Business Names

  4. CorporateCashCredit


  • (203) 518-8071

How does Work?

FastUnsecured provides an all-encompassing service for consumers who are looking to acquire personal or corporate funding.

Applicants who apply but do not meet their eligibility criteria will be connected with FastUnsecured’s team of experts where they will provide you with information on what needs to be fixed on your credit report along with provide the insight upon how to fix those issues.

Consumers who do surpass their eligibility requirements are able to have their loan application submitted to FastUnsecured’s network of 27 lenders where you can be approved in as little as 2 days.

Applicants who are approved for loans and wish to proceed with acquiring their personal or corporate funding do not have to offer collateral or fuss with tax returns, according to their site.

Unlike other loan matching networks, does not provide direct deposit methods for loan approvals but rather unsecured credit cards such as Capital One, American Express, BarclayCard and Navy Federal.

FastUnsecured claims to connect with you 27 of the most likely lenders who will approve your application, while an additional service rendered by FastUnsecured free of charge would be aiding consumers increase their credit score.

Applicants who have completed the application process and have been approved will receive their unsecured credit card in as little as 7 days.

Consumers are able to be approved by more than one lender for an amount up to $50,000 per lender.

The maximum allotted loan approval amount caps at $250,000.

In addition to providing loan matching services, FastUnsecured also renders credit repair advice across their sister domain

Community Feedback possesses an ample supply of positive reviews across a collection of review portals such TrustPilot and SiteJabber.

“With a variety of personal and business financing methods available, the employees at Fast unsecured are ready to guide and inform you in detail about all the methods. They will show you how different funding methods work and which one you should go far.”

““It is hard to determine how a person with bad credit can think of some big, unavoidable expenses…They will help you improve your credit and then provide you the best lenders.”

While these positive reviews go on to paint a rather comforting and positive reflection of the business practices being conducted at FastUnsecured there has been some complaints filed against their platform at the Better Business Bureau.

In addition, TrustPilot which housed a good deal of positive review regarding FastUnsecured, posted the following warning above pertaining to

Domain Insight was registered on May 31st, 2014 by Douglas Filter of Grand Teton Professionals LLC.

According to the report, the disclosed contact information of FastUnsecured is as followed: 261 South Main St. Suite 335, Newtown, CT 06470 US while the telephone and email address on file are +1.203 917 9013 and has experienced a surge in popularity of the past 3 months according to market intelligence reports found at SimiliarWeb. Reflecting a global rank of 861,331 with a US rank of 186,269 supports over an estimated 50,000 monthly visitors.

Indicated in the report would be how FastUnsecured receives over 60% of their traffic from referral and e-mail based sources.

Linked Domains doesn’t appear to be the sole platform found in relation to Grand Teton Professionals LLC.

According to the business details disclosed at the Better Business Bureau, Grand Teton Professionals LLC has been linked with the following domains:


Is a Scam?

While may appear as a shady loan matching network due to possessing a multitude of copycat entities, Fast Unsecured does not appear to have broken any laws and appears to operating in accordance with the Credit Repair Organizations Act.

Combine this insight with the fact that Fast Unsecured mostly reflects positive reviews and it appears likely that may not be a scam.

However, due to their possible exposure of manipulating reviews we do not feel that FastUnsecured is the most trustworthy loan matching service provider either. Review Conclusion overall reflects a positive track record while only reflecting a few minor instances of questionable business practices such as their issue with TrustPilot.

While we do not feel that their platform is scam, we must advice potential applicants to approach their loan matching platform with caution and possibly seek more legitimate alternatives beforehand.

We invite you to share any experiences, insight or opinions you may by sharing your feedback below!


  1. Bill

    Thank you. This thorough review has been MOST helpful. I saw red flags via correspondence right away with interacting with a company “representative” who finds it hard to “talk on the phone”.
    Thanks again….

  2. Ron Burgundy

    BBB Shows this company has an “F” rating with 14 complaints in the last 12 months! While calling a “scam” may be an overstatement, “shady” and “unreliable” are much better descriptors in my opinion.

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