White Rock Loans Review

White Rock Loans (WhiteRockLoans.com) is a questionable loan service for those in need of obtaining a loan upwards to $1,000.

While the vast majority of review sites are raving about how “professional” and great of an opportunity this site is for potential loan applicants, research will reveal otherwise.

As you will discover during this review, White Rock Loans is not as sturdy of an operation as it may appear and the number of suspicious characteristics employed throughout the site certainly raise some red flags.

What Exactly is White Rock Loans?

White Rock Loans is a loan service outlet that enables applicants to apply for loans.

Once an individual has successfully completed the application process, their application will then be disbursed amongst many lenders where your pursuit of credit will be either approved or denied by the supported lenders.

While no ownership details are disclosed on the About Us section on the site, in the Terms of Use tab on the site it appears that WhiteRockLoans.com is owned and operated by a company known as Nesmetaju, LLC.

Nesmetaju LLC is allegedly operated within Saint Kitts and Nevis, however, when you search both business registers no credible search results are found.

On top of being unable to find any hint of existence of this corporate entity among business registers would be how when you search their address Springates Building, Lower Government Road, Charlestown, Nevis, Saint Kitts And Nevis in Google Maps, no location can be found.

How does White Rock Loans Operate?

The application process conducted at White Rock Loans is quite standard. Borrowers will need to provide information regarding the desired loan amount, employment information, banking details, contact details, email address, zip code along with a few other identifying elements.

It should be noted that on the site is says potential borrowers who have suffered bankruptcy, have bad credit, past due bills, and bounced checks are still eligible to complete an application.

Once you have completed your application, it will be evaluated by over 100 lenders.

If your application has been approved, you will be able to enter negotiations among competitive lenders to choose the loan service that will provide you with the most reasonable interest rates and decide which one you deem to be the best fit.

Discrepancies and Red Flags

Despite from being operated from a location that cannot be plotted on Google maps, the operational aspect behind White Rock Loans appears legitimate.

Claiming to operate within the legal parameters of the Truth in Lending Act and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act this foreign limited liability corporation appears to be legal in essence.

However, we cannot overlook how Nesmetaju, LLC does not generate any credible search results in corporate databases.

Community Feedback

Relatively few complaints related to rude customer service along with application delays have been made against White Rock Loans.

Other than that not much feedback can be found in regards to White Rock Loans besides review sites that appear to be endorsing numerous loan providers no matter their reputation.

Can I Trust White Rock Loans?

Trustworthy may not be the best word to describe White Rock Loans.

While it appears that the site has approved over 60,000 applicants for online cash advances, it brings up the question of why not much feedback can be found in regards to this operation if they have rendered services to such a vast quantity of individuals.

Furthermore, the address provided for Nesmetaju, LLC does not appear to be correct while this corporate entity has yet to be verified.


WhiteRockLoans.com displayed a global rank of 169,877, according to SimiliarWeb, as of November 19th, 2017.

Over 94% of the sites traffic originates from visitors who reside within the United States, where most of their referral traffic derives from other loan oriented sites.

White Rock Loans Review Conclusion

White Rock Loans is a peculiar service provider that connects individuals with hundred of online lenders.

While it appears that most of the research regarding White Rock Loans has generated unsatisfactory results, it doesn’t appear that this service provider is a bona-fide scam either.

While we are deeming White Rock Loans as untrustworthy, that doesn’t mean that individuals with dire need of a quick loan should not attempt to file a fast approval application in the hopes that their application will be accepted.

For the meantime, until more evidence can be provided against White Rock Loans, we are not blacklisting White Rock Loans, but we are also not condoning the usage of this service provider.

More transparent and reliable loan providers can be found on the internet and until such time we encourage all individuals to conduct thorough research before applying with any loan service.

As an alternative, we’d recommend BadCreditLoans or 24/7 Dollar Loan.


  1. Keith

    Email from “lendingsolid” and tried to unsubscribe but it was these guys collecting info so I didn’t. I will report to BBB and block. But have no way of stopping future contacts!!!!
    Scammmm!! N

  2. L.G. Shryock


  3. Debbie Andrews

    How do I contact these people. Someone applied for a loan in my name and gave my friend number as a contact. I never heard of these assholes and I don’t know how to find out if an application was taken out in my name and if the loan went through. Can anyone please help me? I never heard of these people and I’m really upset. Please Gmail me with any information. Thank uou

    • Multiple scammer texts in one day

      There’s no contact info. We have received 3 texts today from these scammers. Document everything. File a report with your local police, FBI and notify your bank.
      The phone number is just an automated survey to see if you qualify for a scam loan. File a complaint with your local police dept, the FBI and contact your bank. We have been victims of identity theft since 2014. Our social security numbers were stolen to file false tax returns. The credit bureaus are a joke, the call centers are in India. Good luck.

  4. Debbie Andrews- Aj

    Someone please help me . I was informed that someone used my information to get a loan from these people. I never heard of them and I’m really upset. I can’t find any way to contact this White Rock loan. If anyone can help me with any information on how to contact these people and find out if a loan was applied for in my name please email me as soon as possible. Thank you

  5. Lynne

    Take me off your emailing accounts. I am not interested in a loan. Don’t need a loan. Please remove me from your business

  6. Casandra Morrow

    These idiots keep texting a certain amt.of loan amts.to my phone constantly,along with 4 other ppl texting to my phone nd theirs as a group.I’m tired of these crooks,nd the fools should know by now that no one is falling for their lies.Nor are any of us stupid enough to file for a loan,something needs to be done about these thieves in crime for good.

  7. Juanita Rice

    Report them to FTC, I can’t get them to stop either, though I’ve unsubscribed numerous times. One of their message says it has been four weeks since I had a loan with them. I have never had a loan with anyone by the name “White Rock Loans”.

  8. Giselle Stitt

    I keep getting text messages to a Melissa. This is not my name. I have blocked them several times. requested them to stop texting me. I get three to four a day. I even spoke to someone a few times to say I am not Melissa and they have the wrong number. I want this to stop.

    • Juanita Rice

      I’d like to know how you “spoke” to someone. I get upwards of 5-20 confirmation a day from these people but when I follow the link it only takes me to car title loans. I don’t have a car!

  9. Jay

    I deleted my email which I have no idea how they obtained it from their mailing list and my email confirmed deleted at a time zone FIVE hours ahead of my own time, which correlated to an area covering Ghana and other parts of west Africa..hmmm..very fishy indeed.

  10. Gilbert Naranjo

    I keep getting emails saying I’m approved then I apply and denied

    • Laurie Taylor

      Hello Mr. Naranjo,
      Did you actually submit your information to this icashloans.com if you did please email me I will explain everything in an email response. Thank you, Laurie Taylor harleyt5@yahoo.com

  11. G. Castle

    I can tell you EXACTLY how they got my info….Credit Karma! This is the only place I applied for anything. Credit Karma this morning….White Rock text this afternoon. I highly doubt a coincidence!

  12. Brian

    Received a text out of the blue from them. It stated that my application was being processed and showed a bar graph at 87%. I NEVER applied. Figured was a scam. Called their ” contact number. Phone recording said line was not connected. LOL My ID theft service verified it was a cell phone from Kentucky. I sent a text saying please don’t send me any more of those farm animal porno flicks of their mother to us. LOL and still no reply. More phone scams from India. One more reason to build the wall and slow immigration from indignant persons.

  13. Dan

    I …keep trying to unsubscribe from this crap and they keep soliciting me… there’s no number to call them either…. i’m so pissed… I don’t know how they got my number

  14. Wayne Allen Walker

    Thanks 4 the info.! Kept me from making a serious mistake. Thanks again!

  15. Moreese Strong Jr

    I make sure I ask my lawyer if it’s a scam are not so he did let me know it was

  16. Kay Newman

    Remember people: Only scammers and unethical marketers use scammy/spammy methods to obtain people’s information and then refuse to stop contacting. Unfortunately, my boyfriend was going to apply for a loan and used me as a REFERENCE. But then he never submitted the information to their servers, but they had already grabbed his information while he was filling it out. So yeah. I wouldn’t trust them for anything, even if I was desperate. I’m going to change my phone number because they won’t stop calling and texting.Talk about an effing nuisance.

    • Fuck these pieces of shit

      Report them to the FTC AND FBI.It is illegal to use spoofed numbers for harm.They are obviously deceptively collecting peoples Credit information to sell and steal.
      Also the unsubscribe page is just collecting all your contact info to sell.

  17. Lisa Morris

    Oh ya,has anyone found how they get a personal #? Texted me like they knew me and asking if i was still in need of funds. Creeped me out,cuz it came at exact moment of deciding about to apply for a loan. And “STOP!” Far from works.

  18. Lisa Morris

    All i have to say is “THANK YOU” to the reviewer,and everyone else. May have stopped me from making a serious mistake! I need a loan desperately bad at this time and moment in my life,and i was willing to try everyone,but pushed the pause button and read this article and comments. Sounds like there may be a chance 9f me endinf up in a worse way then i already am. So i thank you all.

  19. Richard Saleas

    They started with unwanted text messages that linked transferdream.com which links to whiterockloans.com… the text messages refer to “karla”. Call blocking stops them for awhile but they eventually return with a whole slew of 5-digit numbers to use… Definitely an annoying SCAM!

  20. Dovey

    They just texted me this morning about a loan I got from them but that isn’t true because I didn’t take out a loan with them and sent a text back statement STOP; I tried to unsubscribe but they wanted me to put my information in the unsubscribe menu which I didn’t want to do because I didn’t want to give them any of my information.
    I am going to find a fraud loan office somewhere and report them.

    • Maggie

      That just happened to me too! If you find a way to STOP them, please post.
      Thank you, Maggie


      I got the same text and not sure how they got my number i didnt want to give any of my personal info as well because didnt want them having any of my information. I replied stop as well and googled how they would get my # at all , definitely think its a scam as well.

    • Juanita Rice

      I’d like to know how you “spoke” to someone. I get upwards of 5-20 confirmation a day from these people but when I follow the link it only takes me to car title loans. I don’t have a car!

  21. Lesley

    I’m trying to get an accurate location address to place a complaint with the Arkansas State Attorney General’s Office. Payday loans and the like are banned here, no matter if from another country or state!

    I don’t know how the hell they get my private cell phone number!! I block them and then the next day they use a different fake number!!

    I have requested they STOP and now this is HARRASSMENT!

    Gotta shut these crooks down!

  22. Alan

    Ive given up trying to find contact info on these scumbags.
    If i could find a legit addreess i would drive there in a rage listening to Ar-Ab.
    Unsubscibe real proper like
    Mofo scumbags

  23. Thelma walker

    I have begged them to STOP texting my phone.They are harassing me to apply for a loan..And I DO NOT WANT ANY LOAN.Please make them STOP texting my phone with their offers.I DID NOT APPLY FOR ANY ASSISTANCE. .

    • send me the money

      every time it texts/calls you, complaint on the internet. Enough complaints will prevent others from falling in the trap

  24. Dattatraya gangadhar walunj

    How you can transfer loan in India and how can. I return to you tell me procedure

  25. Dattatraya gangadhar walunj

    My account no 56144023111 my driving licence in India is Gujarat state

  26. Dattatraya gangadhar walunj

    I want loan in India my account is in Statebank of india

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